Summer At St Bride's Centre Throughout Jul. St Bride‘s Centre.l() Orwell Terrace. 3-16 1405. Advance booking necessary. The month ofJuly is dedicated to children aged between 3 and 14 years old. with lots of exciting activities on offer. including the following.

Kathak Dance Fri 1 1 Jul. 10am—noon. £2 (£1). Ages 8—l4.

Forest Exploration Mon 14 Jul. 9.30am—4.30pm. £5 (£3). Ages 8—14. An expedition to the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. looking at all types of flora and fauna native to Scotland.

Model Making Mon 14 Jul.

10am ~noon for ages 5- 8. and l ~3pm for ages 9— l4. £2 (£1). Using different types of media. be creative and imaginative with Kerrie McGibbon. Foods Of The World Mon 14 Jul. 10.30am—l2.30pm. £5 (£3). Ages 8—l2. A chance to make a different dish from around the world. including Italian and Indian food.

Drama Workshop Tue 15 Jul. l0am—noon. £2 (£l ). Ages 5—8. Kathak Dance Tue l5 Jul. 10am—noon. £2 (£1). Ages 8—14.

Foods Of The World Tue 15 Jul. 10.30am—l2.30pm. £5 (£3). Ages 8-—l2. See Mon 14.

Kathak Dance Wed to Jul. 10am—noon. £2 (£1). Ages 68

Foods Of The World Wed 16 Jttl. l0.3()am--12.30pm. £5 (£3). Ages 8-12. See Mon 14.

Junior Drama Fri 18 Jul. 10am noon. £2 (£1). A yes 5—8.

Mask Making Fri 18 .ltil. l0ani---noon. £2 (£l ). Ages 8-—l2.

Space - The Final Frontier Mon 2l-—Thu 24 Jul. |0anr4pnr £20 (£15). Ang 6—9. A four-day workshop on a space theme which will include dance. drama. art. music and performance. Dance Workshop Fri 11 Jul. l().30atn—2.30pm. £10. Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. 225 5525. Ages 12-16. As part of Scotland/Africa

THE SINGING KETTLE THE BUSY ROAD SHOW Mon 14—Sat 19 Jul. Mon 2pm: Tue—Fri 11am & 2pm; Sat 2pm & 6pm. £6-£7 (ES-£6). Edinburgh

listings KIDS

2pm; Wed 23. 2pm. The terrible twosome search to find out who the toothfair is.

Crooke Jack's Summer Holiday Thu 17. 1.30pm. £4 (£2.50). Rothes Halls. Rothes Square. Glenrothes. 01592 612121. A show for all the family with songs and comedy as Crooked Jack takes Sam the Cat on holiday with disastrous consequences.


Magnificent Machines Mon leiri 18 Jul, llam. lpm & 3pm. £2.20 (£1.10). Almond Valley Heritage Centre. Millfteld. Livingston Village. West Lothian. 01506 283981. With a bit of paper. glue and a rubber band I- make your own flying machine. Kaleidoscope Mon 21--l"ri 25 Jul. l()atn—3.30pm. £16 (£8). llowden Park Centre. Livingston. l‘l506 777585. Ages 8 -l2. Try your hand at arts and crafts. music or drama with the emphasis definitely on fun.




Festival Theatre, 13/29 Nicolson Street, 529 6000. The stars of the popular children’s television show invite ou to come and see the show dressed up as a traffic warden, police or ollipop person to help them embark on a !

97. an excellent opportunity for children to learn African Dance with the renowned Ad/ido Pan-African Dance

Ensemble. new adventure. The road safety conscious Cilla, Artie, Gary and Jane are ‘;

! going on an imaginary car journey, with the emphasis clearl on giving g 0013"“ THE (“"53 out strong road safety messages, but the show IS packed fu l of songs I erspace

_ , , ; and audience participation. i

Actrvrties And Fun i

l . Children's Dog Show Sun 13 Jul. 2.30pm. Visitor Centre. Dean Castle | Park. 01655 76026‘). A week of events

l for children organised by the National

! Trust for Scotland. including natural

I history otttings. net at newt. conservation tasks and wildlife games.

Country Park. 01 563 522702. Annual pooch parade.

Children's Week Mon 14 Jul.

l0ain- 3pm. ('ul/ean Castle 62 Country


THE HAPPY GANG IN HYPERSPACE Tue 15—Thu 17 Jul, 11am & 2pm. £4 (£1). Paisley Arts Centre, New Street, 887 1010. The year is 2054 and the cosmos has run out of gunk an amazing substance you can eat, build with and use as fuel. But, never fear, help is at hand with The Happy Gang who can surely save the day. Follow Beth, Spatz and Mr P on their interstellar adventures as they meet strange aliens and visit lost planets, with songs a-plenty and interplanetary participation along the way.

the final fun tier! F or ages 3 9

Tue 15 - Thu 17 July 11am & 2pm £1/£4


The International Purves Puppets , Biggar Little Theatre. Broughton Road. 1 01899 22063 l. £4.40 adults; £3.30 1 children (reductions for parties over 10). I Two shows on offer over the coming : fortnight are as follows. I The Magical Princess Fri 1 l -'1‘hu 24 l Jul. l’ri ll. 2pm18un l3- 'l’ue l5. 2pm; l Wed 16. llam; Fri 18. 2pm; Sat 1‘), : l lam; Mon 2l--Tue 22. 2pm: Thu 24. . l lam. :‘xtltlplilllnll of a Ukrainian folktale with all the usual goodies and baddies.

Pips And Panda Meet The Toothfairy Sat 12. llam; Thu 17. 2pm; Sun 20.

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Beat the summer holidays boredom impact arts W/A presents the summer arts 8: crafts camp! /

at Jordanhill Campus, Strathclyde University

7 July - 1 August 1997, mornings, Monday - Friday 6 - 15 years Cost - £45 (inc. all materials) For further into tel: Susan - 0141 341 0024

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