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The List is currently looking for motivated people to join our street selling team this Festival.

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enthusiasm to sell The List

new moves international produces

new moves (new territories) during the scotland's annual festival of new dance . . . and the national review of live art : Fesnval, write Frlday JUIy, New Moves seeks a dynamic arts management professional ! gIVIng a daytlme IEIephOne with a multi-disciplined background. The successful candidate number to.

should be familiar with artist and personnel management. book- keeping. be computer literate (preferably mac) and have good

interpersonal skills. Ideally the candidate should have a working FeSt'val sales Team

knowledge of funding agencies as well as some marketing and The “St communications disciplines. The general manager will work 14 High Street under the direction of the Artistic Director and the Board of -

Directors. Edinburgh EH1 1TE

Salary dependant upon experience. An initial contract from Ist September I997 to 30th April I998 is offered.


Job description available on application by telephone.

Completed applications enclosing CV must be received ' by IStAUgUSt I997. . £13,977_£]5,375

nikki milican artistic director

new moves international ltd . . . . . Clo CCA 350 sauchieha” street enthusiastic Visual Arts Oihcer to [Dirt 0 small but

motivated team with a demonstrated track record within

East Ayrshire Council are seeking an experienced and

glasgow. scotland (32 3JD tel: +44 (0)|4| 333 l600 fax: +44 (0)l4l 333 I700 the Scottish Visuol Arts scene email: dWits@nethtOWES-CO-Uk The successful candidate will be responsible for the

management and development at. the visual arts

programme which spans temporary exhibitions, artist's placements, community proiects and the development of

BOX OFFICE MANAGER : “mm 5::“3.232022:szaims:21:3?guts:

managing budgets and Iinance, within either on

W independent or local authority Gallery Based at the Dick lnstitute in Kilmarnock, the post will W

0 Required for busy west-end o . publisher_ The ideal person involve a five day week with alternate Saturday working scouand,s [host exc'tmg Arts Centre has a rare W°Uld have desk)" and layout for which an appropriate enhancement Will be paid. vacancy in its marketing and sales team. experience. using Apple Macs With Quark. Freehand and Further details and application forms, quoting Ref If you know your way around a computerised Box Office Ph0l05h09~ Shou'd 3'50 have EA/OA/i ] ‘| bl [ ~ ~ experience of scanning. print are (“0' 0 8 rom‘ system, can manage a team of expenenccd staff and are . . r I th .asfi bout th ans u h f I 3"? pmdUC‘lon and exce'w‘“ The Department of Personnel Servuces tuge y CUP US! C C. , WC wan 0 mm :voi'cteerpngrltegtl:::t.t:end CV and Council Headquaners, ASS expenence desrrable, but not essential. Rum Simpson. Edmons I lgndon Road, E a“ A y r S h i re For further particulars call (01786) 467155. For an : 24 Alva Street. Edinburgh. : K'Immmd‘ KA3 7BU' ———-—_—""'~ 5"” Some relocation expenses may be available. Fax 01563 576067- “mm” mm hm m I R

. . _ . H.” H , v {'1 \|)|)|_\ \\lIIli \ and um i Iii_ Ii Hit I») III thiil) _ Completed app'icationsto be returned by4pm on “way

In IIH‘ \Izli'RHIN'I'I \i'is ( 'mtlrv. l niwi'sil} iil'SliI'liuu. Stirling Fix") -il. \ I August 1997.


at THE an 11—24 Jul 1997