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Minimum cost is £6 for up to 30 words plus 25p per extra word. Personal ads in this style include ." cost from £10.

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I Good-looking gay guy, 34 works at sea. home on leave soon and wishing to widen my circle of active friends. seeks adventurous guys. singles/ Couples. with whom to spend time with when home and write to when away. ()wn place. Edinburgh. Travel/ accommixlate. ALA. Box No 307/52.

GAY, LATE 30$ MALE (not l930s) n/s. professional. very straightforward. but sensitive. masculine and very confident. btit sexually passive. fairly inexperienced. intellectual. generous spirited. with attractive lifestyle. slim. not at all bad-looking. WLTM gay/bisexual man. n/sc. n/sm. 23—40.

Box No 307/53.

I Anybody ’out' there 2 QT 2 B STR8. a dreamer. too romantic for this life. thinks life is too short to hate It. 'Anybody' out there'.’ Communicate. ALA. Box No 308/54.

I Edinburgh gay guy, 28 straight-acting. good-looking. fun-loving. into cinema. music. eating out and having a good time. looking for similar guy

( lit-35) for friendship. hopefully more. Photo appreciated. Box No 309/50.

I Edinburgh warm. compassionate. genuine. caring. fun-loving. creative. spiritual. sensual guy (4 l ) WLTM new gay male friends. 21+. with view to nurturing possible l-2- l. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box No 309/5 l.

I Film freak, Edinburgh sccks cinephiles for serious scopophilia. Must be gay friendly. Box No 309/52.

I Carl Jung Douglas Coupland: Peter (ireenaway; Shakyamuni; Laurie Anderson: Itotttoscxuality‘. Tilda Swinton: Dead Can Dance; Ewan McGregor; (jorecki; Eila Brazillia; Italy; London; equanimity; intensity; understatement. Rosencrantz and (luildenstern Are Dead. Box No 309/53.

I Edinburgh gay male, 39 6ft. slim. n/s. s/a. Likes hillwalking. cycling. music. pubs. nights in/out. Would like to meet genuine. friendly guy for sporty/hillwalking pursuits. Poss l-2-l would be nice. Box No 309/54.

I Shy, gay Edinburgh male 30. ()K looks. into early music. cinema. good food. seeks similar for quiet nights in and out. Box No 309/55.

I Edinburgh male, 305 bisexual. married. seeks similar for friendship and support.

Usual List-type interests. hillwalking. good food. music. Box No 309/56.

I Edinburgh guy. late 305 professional. sa/l. non-smoker. clean shaven. WLTM similar. 30s. for friendship. Interests include film. theatre. music. walking. eating out. Photo appreciated (returned). Box No 309/57. I Glasgow gay guy. 35 GSOH. professional. intelligent. into Li'st things. Tired of same old . . . game for anything! Seeks similar. regular guy. Glasgow/Edinburgh. for fun. friendship and more? Photo appreciated. Box No 309/58. I Airdrie Italian male 25- years-old. inexperienced with gay scene. likes shopping. good food. understanding conversation. romance. wrestling. seeks masculine. tall. blond. muscley. s/a. passionate Scotsman who knows the scene. for friendship. good fun and possible l-2-l. ALAWP. Box No 309/59. I Livingston area 27 Bored with sitting in on your own at night; or n/s‘.’ Seeking friends. Ill—35. for company and poss l- 2- I. Have own place. Photo ensures reply. Box No 309/60.

I Edinburgh professional gay female. 32. feminine. wants to know if there's anyone out there. or am I on the wrong planet? Came out last year and thinks life is too short and wants to live it to the full. Loves cinema. theatre. foreign travel. eating out. GSOH. etc. WLTM similar. Photo appreciated. Box No 309/6 I.

I Attractive. down-to-earth Edinburgh man. 23 yrs. tired of scene. WLTM genuine ‘sorted' 25--30 yrs. for nights in. nights out and general good times. All letters with photos answered. Box No 309/62.

I 8i female, slim. n/s VGSOH. WLTM petite. feminine. gay/bi female. 25—30. Likes include cinema. eating out. comedy. No couples please. Edinburgh. Box No 309/63.

I Glasgow gay guy (29) straight-acting/ltmking. Into gym. food. music. would like to meet similar guy for friendship. Photo appreciated. Discretion assured and expected. Down-to- earth. quite shy. Box No 309/64. I Glasgow gay man (35) attractive. decent and sincere. I like keeping fit. music. films and socialising. looking for someone similar. Photo appreciated. Box No 309/65.

I Glasgow/Lanarkshire gay male. 29. non-smoker. med build. 6ft. easy-going and sincere. WLTM. 28—35. for possible relationship. Enjoys evenings in or out. cinema. racquet sports. Photo appreciated. Box No 309/66.