V I saw you two b-somethings. that pole climbing event at Highland Show. Sun 22/6/97. You two in hard hats and blue jackets. Us. one blonde in leatherjacket. one dark blonde in denim jacket. You know who we are. Box No U/309/I.

V I saw you Pride. 2 l/6/97. You serving Blue Moon Cafe. beautiful woman with white T- shirt. gorgeous eyes me straight guy. didn‘t get to talk to you Would love to over coffee. drink. dinner. Box No U/309/2.

V I did not see you muscle- clad Anglo-Celtic. 24-yr-old and gorgeous. Scandinavian beauty. in my kitchen this morning. I‘ll miss your hair in sieve. See you soon. Rene. Box No U/309/3.

V I saw you La Grande Cafetiere. Bruntsfield. 14/6/97. 2pm-ish. You and your French friend shared a table with me while 1 read. 1 wish I'd stayed for another coffee. Box No 11/309/4.

V I saw you at Fire Island on stage wearing baseball cap. dancing in a dream with two girl (friendts)?). 1 lost my heart to you! Dance with me? Box No U/3()9/5.

V I saw you at Scottish Pride. You dark hair woman. red Berghaus jacket. Me rainbow top. pink Fife flag. We smiled. Can we smile over again? Box No U/309/6.

V I saw you Euan Fleming. in 'Kiss Me Kate'. I couldn't take my eyes off you. Petruchio. you definitely have an admirer. 1'11 kiss you any day. (iet in touch. Box No U/3()9/7.

V I saw you Julian. at Pride Scotland. dance tent. Can 1 unzip your orange cardigan'.’ Lorenzo. Box No 11/309/8.

V I saw you Neil. a sexy Scot at Subway. Tue 2-1/6. A bloke who sure knows how to co- ordinate hips and lips! l'm Juliet. the Somerset lass. How about another water fight? Box No 11/309/9.

i g l

V I saw you a while back in front of Raphael‘s Holy Family. You —- stunning in olive green suit. Me falling. Apple and tea followed. Will I ever excite you again? Box No U/309/10.

0 We saw you on the West Highland Way. Brian and Uncle Charles. The Devil‘s Staircase was capped by your smiles. Pleasure to have met you. See you on Wicklow Way? Box No U/3()9/l 1.

V I saw you Martin at Fury Murray's again (on 28/6/97) and still want you only in the purely spiritual sense of course. Love. your Pollockshields babe. Box No U/309/12.

V I touched your hand

as 1 went to the bar. It

was electric. You were slamming Tequila - Let me teach you to savour the flavour - Meet for a long. tall Sauza in The Basement. Box U/308/50

V I saw you black-haired. bolshy babe. Cafe Graffiti. 21/6/97. 1 was long haired ‘beautiful'( !) victim of your hit and run snog. Let's finish what you started. Box No U/309/13. 0 I saw you 10/5/97. Bent 100%. just before closing. We were both at bar. 1st floor. exchanging glances. You dark hair. T-shirt. with tattoo on upper left arm. Wish I‘d said hello. Box No [1/309/14.

V I saw you Blair of Air UK. You always give me a drink or two and smiles. Buy you a drink? lidinburgh. Paris. Amsterdam. wherever? Drop tne a line please. An old friend! Box No U/3(l9/15.

V I saw you Cleopatra's. Friday 27 June. Me gorgeous SNP with attitude. you Waterfoot stallion with suspect allegiance to Jordanhill Tory candidate. Park your car with me. Box No U/309/16.

V I saw you in my kitchen. Sunday 29/6. When you told junior doc about your heart. mine skipped a beat! Say it again —- and more!!! Box No 11/309/17.

V I saw you outside Mackays. 1)unfermline High Street. on a wet Ttlesday morning. 1 July cute. blond guy. We smiled. I was with my nephew. You will

remember. Box No U/3()9/18.

Edinburgh EH1 ITE



The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the CCA

and we will forward it. Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the TOP [EFT-HAND CORNER.

Replies wull be forwarded Once a week If you send several replleS, send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

350 Sauchiehall St GLASGOW G1 212

V I saw you sexy guy. mudlarking at Scottish Pride. Me: tall. good-looking. 28-year- old guy. I wanted to join you. How about a re-match? Box No U/309/I9.

V I saw you Frazers Bar. Friday 27 June. You. black dress. green cardigan. beautiful auburn hair. Me. light blue shirt. navy jacket. both with friends. Couldn‘t stop looking at each other. Box No U/309/20.

V I saw you at the Fruitmarket Gallery. 2 July. afternoon. You (denim jacket/white top) sat next to me (brown jacket/pale green shirt) in the video room. Please get in touch. Box No U/309/2 l.

V I saw you working Bar Miro. Fridays. You. dark hair. the smile of an angel. Me. the thoughts of a devil. Let me kiss that beauty spot/cigarette burn better. Box No U/309/22.

'0 I saw you looking at the floor. I stood in front of you by the door. You looked like an angel frotn France in your melancholy stance. I touched your hair. but wanted to touch your heart. 1 don‘t want us ever to be apart. Box No U/309/23.

V I saw you big black lunatic with ridiculous specs on our I coochieversary. Me Deadtree I Yinwoman with every ailment

under sun. You Aloebiotic Yangman with short brown Italian cure! Shee you shoon coochie woochie. x. Box No U/309/24.


V I saw you Gillian at Pride. as I tend to do whenever I leave my house. however this time was different. We actually did the talking thing. Can we do it again please? Box No U/309/25. '

V I saw you lover at Pride. : looking wet and wonderful with your whistle. Bearded babe ~

you‘re lush. Write me soon. Box I No U/3()9/26.

V I saw you Saturday. 28/6/97. 1 in The Polo Lounge. You. grey waistcoat with ‘friend‘? Me.

navy T-shirt in front of the bar. You caught my eye. Fancy a . beer? Box No U/309/27. '

V I saw you Gate. Glasgow 27 June. Vivien. dentist from East

Kilbride with five-year-old daughter. We arranged to meet 1 but you didn‘t show. I would like to try again. Robbie. Box No 11/309/28.

V I saw you my sleeping 3 beauty. I miss you when 1 don't f get to see you. Do you forgive me? I'm sorry! Tell me how 1 cart make it up to you. Box No U/309/29.

V I saw you '1.a Renarde'. first winning at G.1).1. (in style) and then lurking around Rose Street looking for work. Glad you’re back. PF. Box No U/309/30.

i saw you CLASSIFIED


Until further notice, I SAW YOU adverts I are FREE of charge (Up to 30 words). 5

Just fill in the Classified form and send it off.

V I saw you Ryans. Edinburgh. 21/6/97. You had long dark hair. a beautiful smile and were sitting with two friends. 1 was tall. dark and rather drunk. We had half a dance. Fancy the rest. Box No U/309/31.

v I saw you Subway. Edinburgh. Monday 23 June. You blue T-shirt and ‘big‘ hair. Me grey T-shirt and hyper. Get in touch. you look too nice not to know. Box No U/3()9/32.

V I saw you and I keep seeing you Jane of Safeway. Morningside. My ABC card is wearing out. 1.et‘s compare bar codes sometime. Box No U/309/33.

V I saw you James we had an alien encounter on Route 66 in 1995 and met again on Friday 27/6/97 in CC. Bloom's. but had a connnunications breakdown. I'd really like to see you again. please get in touch! Box No U/309/34.

V I saw you Danny from Kendal (as in mint cake) about two years ago in Shandwick Place. Me. ‘shy. retiring type'. introduced to you by a mutual friend. Still thinking about

you . . . Box No 1.1/309/35.

V I saw you before and after Johns. yesterday. that was Monday. now it‘s Tuesday and 1 can't find your funky trousers anywhere. I'll get lost in Ireland alone. need your expertise . . . Box No U/3()9/36.

O I saw you 29/6/96: ‘1‘” get you into as much trouble as you're willing to get yourself into!‘ Kisses! More? Cheeky monkey! Box No U/3()9/37.

V I saw you Alison? You sexy. little kitten. Will you be my barista. Let’s meet at Kaffe Politik. From your squaddie Box No U/309/38.

V I saw your long, tall Sauza and knew you were a man of good taste - If you want to taste more than your drink call me... Box U/308/51

V I saw you in litlinburgh University Library at the computers. Me: dark-haired woman sitting behind you in need of luck for her CVs. You: stunning man with heavenly voice and appallineg badly ironed blue shirt. totally baffled by line spacing. Tell me yott read these too and don't spend your whole life in the library'.’ Box No 11/3119/39.

V I saw you gorgeous brunette at Negociants. Friday 13th: unlucky for some -— but not for you! Me - tall. dark. handsome airline pilot. You said fly me to the moon. Sex'.’ Box .No l.‘/3(l9/~l().

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