Game MD“ (PlayStation/PC CD-ROM) tt' Could that be Murder Death Kill? 5 I n 9 Considering your role as an assassin in

. this glossy and innovative 30 shoot Move over movre 'em up, it‘s a possibility. With blockbusters, This summer's intelligent aliens, zoom sights and sizzling hits are at a games serious technical ambition, MDK is one

store near you. Words: John 0‘ "‘9 best games this Year.

Henderson Duke Nukem 30 (Saturn)

Starfox 64 The Duke is about to make his

(N'ntendo 64) politically incorrect appearance on

Starfox 64, the follow-up to the SNES Saturn, complete with his dubious classic, is currently outgrossing some of attitudes and weaponry. Frenetic first

Hollywood's summer blockbusters in person blasting has rarely been so the States. Although the gameplay still good, and Sega must hope the Duke runs on rails, the added depth and will counteract ailing sales. su erb ra hics more than make u - fofit' 9 p p Castlevania (PlayStation) The I'QSt world' What? An old fashioned two- JuraSSIC Park 2 dimenSional platformer. ’Fraid so, but A. (Coin-o ) this updated Dracula hunter has the o. The Lost World features dinosaurs gameplay and size to make it a N a, ' - almost as realistic as in the film. Akin worthwhile investment. More Help Abe save his reptilian race in Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee to Virtua Cop in terms of style, this is dimensions than are necessary don’t your best-looking chance to send the always make a good game, and Grand Auto compilation offers compelling reasons critters back to where they belong Castevania is t e not so livmg proof (PlayStanon/PC (O’ROM) as to why the spiky blue creature

became such an icon Worth buying if Now for something completely Violent. you missed out first time round.

This top-down crime spree of a game , :

sees you trying to enhance your Abe 5 position with the mob by slaughtering Oddysee innocent ciVilians and cops. The funky (Mai/Station)

soundtrack and dodgy content Will Abe, an enslaved alien factory worker,

make GTA a surefire hit. must save his reptilian race in this fresh - - , new platform adventurer. Luscious

Jed' Kn'ght' Dark looks (Abe apart), a quuky storyline

Forces 2 and considerable freedom of gameplay

(pC CDROM) make helping the little guy in his

This sequel comes with the light sabre labours a pleasure.

and multi-player options misSing in the

original. A new game engine enhances the Visuals, and you can even take to the dark side if you’re that way inclined. The force is strong in this

(PlayStation) At last the PlayStation gets a decent answer to Sega Rally Although it can

one. be tricky to get to grips With, erring as - it does towards simulation, there are sonlc Jam more than enough cars and tracks to (satuml keep any budding Col:n Macrae happy. To remind people of his heritage g I All titles due for release over Ju/y/ before a brand new game is released August Prices not available at time of

Starfox 64: superb graphics Close to Christmas, this Sonic going to press.

Electric Thistle Eifltfléts'iily‘tt'fléi‘JSaO.inf... Ju'Y-SAugust

Edinburgh International Jazz & Blues

u swmg' Festival

p e Angus MacFadyen City-wide celebrations of jazz,

E’m‘ mm“: "’9 “5"5 “line 9W.“e The S.Ic°.tt'§h Star Of gravehea." plays. featuring Courtney Pine and other

:zs’vzgtzctcmgz:u:hiccgilmocgn '3: '“ new aCt'O” mov'e Wamors international stars, plus local acts.

Network. Coverage for the next two 23:?” at My“ Sam‘s" Academy'

. , n urg

who?” '5 as fouom’ Major exhibition celebrating the life

Until 29 July and work of Scottish master painter Sir

0n the wriistiy Trail “9”” Raebum

Put on your walking boots and tak aff Dinosaur W at The Garage.

your dram. Glasgow/The Gyres at The Lemon Tree. Aberdeen

Boy George at The Tunnel, Glasgow Good karma at last, as the pop chameleon 015 at Cream in Glasgow.

Double Trouble Weekend at the lemon Tree, Aberdeen Urban Species and Gil Scott-Heron play

American slackers Dinosaur Jnr fly the flag for sleepy grunge, while Scots rockers The Gyres knock the north-east dead.

From Both Hips at the Tron Theatre.

. Glas w V " a funky weekend 'n the nonh'east' Britisfpremiere of dark comedy from “(Ring "is" than”: PM" not“ "in David Byrne at Glasgow Royal Irish hotshot Mark 0' Rowe . as an outdoor ceilidh, torchlight

Concert Hall The former Talking Heads frontman returns to his Scottish roots.

procession and fireworks. l Electric Thistle can be found at h ttp.-//inout. uk. msn. com

Royal Burgh of Pittenweem Arts

David Byrne returns to his Scottish Ffliival roots at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Music, dance and arts events, as well

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