V I saw you at Tackno Costa Del Sol. You were the pretty Irish girl I was dancing with. I was the blonde with the tan. Dance with tne at Tackno again. Box No U/3lO/1.

V I saw you in Fopp Records. My friend says you’re called Frank Du Void. is this true? You big bear. me lil’ bear! Be my baby. you swede on a stick. Box No U/310/2.

V I saw you blonde waitress in Nicolson’s. My mate told you I fancied you. I certainly do. sweetheart. Wanna be served by me? Say yes. please. Box No U/3 10/3.

V I saw you at CC. Bloom‘s. Gorgeous Spanish guy with tasty bottom. Me tall. dark. slim man. age 29. If you teach me Spanish. I’ll tnake you breakfast. Ring tne! Box No U/310/4.

V I see you every time I eat

your African boerewors. Wanna '

share your secret sometime. my Ndebele lekker girl. The sun now shines in Tollcross!!!!! Box No U/3 10/5.

V I saw you Tanya. I sold you Todd Ferry CD without CD in it! Let me DJ for you. Box No U/3 10/6.

V I saw you in Fopp in Byres Road. You were an Italian stallion. l was busty Czech. lacy black bra. You didn't give me your number. Can we meet for your famous pasta? Box No U/3 10/7.

V I saw you Air UK‘s Blair. You serve me drinks so often. can I buy you dinner anywhere. Please get in touch and hope to see your smile soon! Box No U/3 10/8.

V I saw you Andrew (Australian) oilrigger. We met at The Daytripper in Edinburgh on 28/6/97 and shared a far out night together. It would be a groove to find you! Get in touch. Box No U/3 10/9.

V I saw you You're a wee. speccy. ginger guy and you work in my local record store. 'Are you da boss man? Me. I‘m the blonde American who asked about sizeable discount. Mmm! Box No U/3 l()/l().

V I saw you Stirling to Glasgow train trying to hide your copy of the Kama Smra behind your Rangers News. It didn‘t work. do you!! Box No U/3 10/1 1.

V I saw you 3/4/97 and fell for you but then behaved like an idiot until you hated me. I‘ve tried hating you. I can‘t. Please let‘s still be friends. x. Box No U/3 10/12.

V I saw you Joanne in dance tent at the Park. A wild half- hour before your pal dragged you away. You started it. now finish it! Could you handle a whole evening? Interested? Mike. Box No U/3IO/I3.

V I touched your arm as you passed me on the stair. I knocked your Sauza out of your hand Sorry. Can I buy you another? U/3 10/50

V I saw you Pauline from Dunoon at The Griffany on 5/7/97. You study mechanical engineering at Strathclyde. l atn Rick. just left St Andrews. went to Trash. you went to The Garage to celebrate friend's birthday. Get in touch? Box No U/3 10/14.

V I saw you first a year ago. arms full. hair wet. coming back late from the garden centre. Flowers eh? Hyacinths. Neat gift. Thanks. Regards to Mrs Porter and her daughter. Yours. Sweeney. Box No U/3 10/15.

V I saw you sitting opposite on underground. Saturday 5 July. You: dark hair. glasses. grey/blue eyes. Me: auburn hair. white jacket. black dress. shopping bags. alighted Hillhead. Wished I'd smiled. Box No U/31()/16.

V I saw you Davie at the Def l.eppard concert last November. You were from Coatbridge. l was the Tcn‘orvision fan who was scared to talk to Mark. l.et‘s meet up! Box No

U/3 10/17.

V I saw you Minus ()ne. horny little devil. light tip my life. small Ted. Rogerina rabbit. hitching a lift very late at night. The streets are not safe with you on them. Love. the taxi owner.

; __Box No__L_Jfl()/l8.

Edinburgh EH1 1TB



The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the CCA

and we will forward it. Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the IOP lEFT-HAND CORNER.

Replies WIII be Ion~arded once a week If you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies, but do wnte the appropriate 80x Number on each envelope.

350 Sauchiehall St GLASGOW G1 212

V You saw me Sub Club. 12/7. You. short. dark. Me. tall redhead. I couldn’t hear a word! Don‘t leave tne wondering. Please try again. Box No U/310/19.

V I saw you mother of Cassandra. you wouldn’t accept December 15 as an anniversary. How about 29 July? A proper year. and 1 love you. Box No U/310/20.

V I saw you at T in the Park. George from East Kilbride. My valentine was 5ft IOin. tne in dungarees and size twos. You stopped tne from taking a mudbath. Box No U/310/2l.

V I saw you girl in green skim through windows of the Fringe Box Office. Your face was a ray of sunshine. Let me smatter my pollen in your direction and aid my growth spirit. Box No

U/3 10/22.

V I saw you did you draw me a glance. architect(?) with sideburns on 15/7/97 in St Vincent C res. or was it in The Griffin on 6/6/97? Make a right angle towards tne. Box No

UH l()/23.

V I saw you Richard. mein deutscher Sexgott. in JFK. Manhattan kann sexy sein. aber ich denke. dass ich sexier bin. so komm bitte zurueck in November. Viel Spass. aber vergiss mich nicht. Box No U/310/24.

V I saw you Jo from Edinburgh (Australian accent) in The Lounge. Glasgow 1/7/97. We downed Kamakaze shots 3 and made a toast to cufflinks and Calvin Klein underwear. 1 Would like to meet you again sober. Box No U/310/25.


V I saw you I was the jay- 1 walking and spectacled f pedestrain you swore at and just ; missed running over on l.eith Walk. Saturday pin 28 June.

You were driving a very cool Morris Minor surf van and look

a little like Nana Mouskouri. l

was blinded by your beauty and shocked by your language. 1 Sorry you missed me. I'd love i to be your bonnet mascot. Box No U/3 10/26.

V I saw you Hope Street. Glasgow on 15/7/97. You have long dark hair and a smile to die for. Me tall. short-haired guy. stunned by your beauty. 1 could not speak. Would like more than a fading memory. Box No U/310/27.

V I saw you two b-somethings. ; that pole climbing event at ' Highland Show. Sun 22/6/97.

You two irt hard hats and bltte g jackets. Us. one blonde in ; leatherjacket. one dark blonde ! in denim jacket. You know who we are. Box No U/309/l. I |


Until further notice, I SAW YOU adverts are FREE of charge (Up to 30 words).

Just fill in the Classified form and send it off.

i saw you GUSSFEII

V I saw you at Fire Island on stage wearing baseball cap. dancing in a dream with two girl (friend(s)?). I lost tny heart to you! Dance with me? Box No U/309/5.

V I saw you at Scottish Pride. You dark hair woman. red Berghaus jacket. Me rainbow top. pink Fife flag. We smiled. Can we smile over again? Box No U/309/6.

V I saw you Etian Fleming. in ‘Kiss Me Kate‘. I couldn‘t take my eyes off you. Petruchio. you definitely have an admirer. I‘ll kiss you arty day. Get in touch. Box No U/309/7.

V I saw you Neil. a sexy Scot at Subway. Tue 24/6. A bloke who sure knows how to co- ordinate hips and lips! l'm Juliet. the Somerset lass. How about another water fight? Box No U/309/9.

V I saw you Martin at Fury Murray‘s again (on 28/6/97) and

i still want you only in the

purely spiritual sense ol‘course. Love. your Pollockshields babe.

i Box No U/309/12.

V I saw you big black lunatic with ridiculous specs on our coochieversary. Me Deadtree Yinwoman with every ailment under sun. You Aloebiotic Yangman with short brown Italian cure! Shee you shoon coochie woochie. x. Box No U/3(19/24.

V I saw you Gate. Glasgow 27 June. Vivien. dentist from East Kilbride with five-year~old daughter. We arranged to meet but you didn‘t show. I would like to try again. Robbie. Box No U/3()9/28.

0 I heard you were back in town New start? New lover? New drink? Meet me for a Sauza and lemonade. I can arrange all three! . . . U/310/51

V I saw you Ryans. Edinburgh. 21/6/97. You had long dark hair. a beautiful smile and were sitting with two friends. 1 was tall. dark and rather drunk. We had halfa dance. Fancy the rest. Box No U/309/3 l.

V I saw you Subway. Edinburgh. Monday 23 June. You blue T-shirt and 'big' hair. Me grey T-shirt and hyper. Get in touch. you look too nice not to know. Box No U/309/32.

V I saw you and I keep seeing you Jane of Safeway. Morningside. My ABC card is wearing out. Let's compare bar codes sometime. Box No U/309/33.

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