As Scotland holds its breath in anticipation of PRIMAL SCREAM's summer gig on Glasgow Green, the band's new boy MANI knows it is make or break. Words: Damien Love

12 musr 25 Jul :2 Aug 1997

GARY MOUNFIELD IS a happy man. The summer sun is shining down on Manchester and he has spent the morning in his house with his girlfriend. ‘dossing around. reading the papers and that. Having a few brews'. In a little while. he‘ll have a shower and venture out into town for a bit of a mooch around. Before that. though. he‘s up for a chat about work. in particular. his old job and his new company‘s forthcoming office outing to Glasgow Green. to which we‘re all invited.

Mounfield. of course. is better known to one and all as Mani. formerly the garrulous bass player with the epoch-defining Mancunian combo he refers to as "l‘he Stoned Bozos’, and now the motor-mouthed bassist with Primal Scream.

The sort-3am team

For Mani. the transfer from the Stone Roses’ camp to Bobby Gillespie's travelling dub—circus has been all he could have had hoped for. ‘I think I‘ve come out on top with the deal.‘ he says. ‘I couldn’t have asked for a better move. For me. it was either them. the Beastie Boys or The Jesus And Mary Chain. It just feels natural. I feel as if I've been doing it for about ten years or something. It‘s like . . . I‘ve found me gang again now. I'd lost my way a bit. but now l’m back with me gang. And you need that. 'cos we‘re all there fighting for each other.‘

Roses fans. though. were. to say the least. fanatical about the band. one of those rare groups who seemed to capture a chunk of a generation to a life-changing degree. No