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. s y 1 3 ' ' .‘ n ' . TEATR LUDQWY (POLAND) I; I corgc Squarc lhntrt \euuc 37 ' ' 8—18 August 1997

18.15 (19.30) a N t I O N ( Tickets f.8.5o/£7.5o Groups 10 or more [17 By Sophocles

l’rrronncd in Polish. English and Antimi (Jrrcli

Their sell-out production of Macbeth stunned audiences in ’96. They return with a visual and dynamic production of the monumental classic, bringing contemporary force to an epic.

highlight of this year’s Fringe! "

I'm-2 Sk‘U'l‘SMAN 0N MAt‘Bi-‘jrii

'. 'l‘h- - ' k. - 'c WIERSZALIN TEATR (POLAND) 2 I sat“ “or shop Vumcz 151:2; August 1997‘ 21.15 (22.30)

Haulilc Fringe l-‘irst \\'lllllt‘l’5 rcturn


By All-Sky

Tickets [18/ £6

Performed in English

.l)ybbuk resonates with love, loss. betrayal, revenge

and death. Superbly performed With a masterful blend of haunting imagery and outstanding theatricality.

’l‘heatre Workshop Venue 2::

{,DoctOR ~{€le

n‘ One of Poland’s greatest folk fables,

11-23 August 1997 (not 17th)

14cc (154:0) , l

brimming with magic and the mysterious '

Tickets £7/C4

I’rriormcd in (English '

power of a lost culture.