Will Smith in Men In Black


5 Glasgow rent boys The furore behind TV’s expose of the city’s sex trade.

6 Men In Black

The formidable star of Independence Day Will Smith upstages an army of illegal aliens.

8 Gary Oldman

Britain’s toughest actor on the truth behind the alcoholism, the violence, his London childhood and Ni/ By Mouth.

10 Famespotting The Glasgow fashion designers determined to rescue rubber from the fetishists.

12 Primal Scream

lvlani on life and liberty with the Scream Team after the Stone Roses.

15 Edinburgh Festival preview

A whopping great taster of the world’s biggest arts feast: the main attractions, the controversies and the vital statistics.

52 Edinburgh Jazz 8r Blues Festival Toe-tappin’, hip swingin’ guide to the hottest sounds


Angus McFadyen on Warriors Of Virtue (33); David Byrne discusses his feelings (59); Dinosaur Jr return from the lost world (60); T in the Park reviewed (61);

Hotshot Irish playwright Mark O’Rowe (72); Fortysomething DJ Kris Needs (77); Scotland's football season previewed (95)


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