Sir Henry Raeburn

The Edinburgh-born portrait artist is best known for his bold brushstrokes and his wintery painting of Reverend Robert Walker. Much admired by George IV, he was knighted in 1822 and appointed court painter in 1823, the year he died. Raeburn’s paintings of prominent figures of his time (including himself) are on display at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh as the gallery’s big summer show the first major exhibition of his work since 1956. Bring on the skating minister.

Raeburn is at the Royal Scottish Academy,

the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Meg Ryan

Look, we know it’s impossible for that icon of cuteness Meg Ryan to be nasty, but here she is in Addicted To Love, planning revenge on the lover who dumped her and shacked up with another woman. Proving hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, this cynical harpie is ready to spy on and sabotage her ex's love life. Ah, but then along comes the romantic Matthew Broderick, and maybe there will be a happy ending after all. Mind you, after watching Ryan’s more sadistic shots at the man who left her, there's no doubting that beauty and the beast can exist in the same blue-eyed package.

Addicted To Love, on general release from Fri 7 Aug. See review, page 37.

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Edinburgh, Fri 7 Aug—Sun 5 Oct,“ then tours to

The Saw Doctors

Formed ten years ago in Tuam, County Galway, The Saw Doctors have become one of Ireland's most popular bands, with a worldwide following. After being spotted by Mike Scott, the band got their first break supporting The Waterboys on tour, and have gone on to develop a reputation as a solid, unpretentious band who deal in simple songs about real life. Not for them the giant olives, 30ft video screens and silver trousers of their megastar compatriots - but then, there can only be one U2 per universe.

The Saw Doctors play Glasgow Barrow/and on Fri 25 Jul. A new album is due out next February on the band’s own Sham Town Records.