Daniela Nardini

The Scottish actress whose family is big in the west-coast ice cream trade has iust announced her shock decision to leave the hip television soap This Life. One of five central cast members leaVing the programme Widely described as Britain's answer to Friends Ms Nardini has allegedly been deluged With offers of other work. Maybe she’s gone off In search of a cameraman who can fit two people in the frame at once.

This Life series two is on BBC2, Thursdays, concluding on Thu 7 Aug. A third series is planned when a new cast has been found.

Away From The Skies - Gie's Peace!

Poems by AA. Milne, Siegfried Sassoon and Maya Angelou, an appearance by Holocaust survivor Ernest Levi, music from opera singer Frances Morrison and Moroccan singers Malika and Khaled, trapeze action from Suzie Lundy and Philippa Lasorazzi, extracts from plays and stories. . All this and more are on the menu for a special fundraising night for the children’s charity Unicef. Centring on the idea that conflict is the greatest threat to children today, the show produced by Buddhist actress Harley Loudon focuses on peace, war and inspiration. Among the numerous performers Will be Katy Murphy (pictured), Eileen McCallum, Barbara Rafferty, Alison Peebles and Royal Lyceum director Kenny Ireland. The night climaxes with a fiesta of live salsa music in the foyer and tequila Will be on hand to ensure no one gets down in the mouth.

The Unicef Gala Night is at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 3 Aug.

All the best

A final few rays of light before the Festival juggernaut crushes all in its path.


Musician And Blues Festival The Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues Festival launches a ten-day frolic of big, international names and local heroes. From the politically- aware Jazz-funk of Gil Scott-Heron (pictured above) to the crooning of Craig McMurdo vra the vibrant sound of The South African Gospel Singers, every nuance of the Jazz and blues forms is explored. See preview section and listings. Edinburgh; various venues, Fri 7 —Sun 70 Aug.

Theatre: From Both Hips New play by hot shot, young Irish writer Mark O’Rowe whose work has never been seen in this country before. A politico—sexual black comedy, the play revolves around a young man who has been shot in the hip and is performed by Dublin-based Fishamble, formerly known as Pigsback Theatre Company. See

3 preview Glasgow; Tron Theatre,

Wed 30 Jul—Sun 70 Aug.

Film: Men In Black Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith protect the Earth from :llegal aliens of a literal kind in a sci-fi black comedy from the director of The Addams Family and Get Shorty. It's the film you hoped Mars Attacks would have been. See feature and reView. General release

; from Fri 7 Aug

: Music: David Byrne Former Talking 7 Heasz frontman promotes his latest solo album, Feelings, which includes

(‘ollal‘ior‘ations ‘.‘."lIll Moicheeba,

Devo and The Blat k (at Orchestra.

The last time he played Scotland was at the Playhouse in Edinburgh and it was a S( ()l( her, there's no reason

why this gig should be any different.

See prewew. Glasgow Royal Concert

Hall, Sun 27 Jul

Music: Early Music The Glasgow International Early Music Festival dives into its seventh year With

aplornb Ten days of early mUSIC from 3

around the world Will make this a remarkable event American a cappella group, Anonymous 4, are likely to be one of the highlights of the festival. See preView and classical listings. Glasgow: various venues, Fri 1 Aug-Sun 70 Aug.

lie-24 Jul 1997 THE LISTS