orchestra (Aarhus SO), synths and drums, and the accompanied by three other diverse works. ’Jackdaw' boasts a Virtuoso performance from the great bass clarinet maestro Harry Sparnaay, 'Eclipse’ utilises the voices of Singcircle in classic overlapping repeating patterns, while ’Tracking' features the Smith Quartet and computer. Worth checking out. (KM)

Elvin Jones Special


Live at Pit Inn, Tokyo (Columbia)

* * it

One of the regular complaints aimed at jazz's current fascination with its own history is that the re-creative process, however technically impressive, too often lacks the spirit of the originals. Sadly, that has to be the Judgement on this 1992 set, which could have been monumental, but ends up jUSl interesting. Elvm Jones links up with Wynton Marsalis (in scintillating form), an under-recorded Marcus Roberts (piano), and Reginald Veal (bass) to pay tribute to Coltrane, but they miss the spiritual intensity which fired ’A Love Supreme' and 'Dear Lord' the first time around. The live sound is also a little flat, adding to a sense of not quite reaching the fulfilment which the disc engenders. (KM)

D.D. Jackson

Paired Down Vol 1 (Justin Time) ****

Pianist D.D. Jackson's work With David Murray has marked him out as one of the most exoting new musicians on the American iazz scene, and this album confirms that suspicion. A series of duets With six partners (Murray himself, James Carter, Hamlet Bluiett, Hugh Ragin, Billy Bang and Santo Debriano), it is extremely varied in idiom, instrumentation and approach, and brimful of eXCIting and original playing which is rooted in jazz traditions, but never limited by them. Roll on Volume 2. (KM)

Geneva Best Regrets (Nude) t ‘k 1: *

Spikier than previous efforts, ’Best Regrets' is more Sonic the Hedgehog than sonic cathedrals. Nevertheless, this latest release continues to showcase Andrew Montgomery's Aled Jones with angst voice, which is always a good thing. Nice string break too, if that’s your cup of tea. (PR)

Hurricane #1

Chain Reaction (Creation) r: H

Full of sound and fury signifying nuffink, which is just as well for such a cool slab of dumb-ass rawk. Still, Andy Bell’s mob are nowhere near as hard as they like to think. One day 60ft Dolls are going to come back and this lot will wet their pants. (PR)


Romance (Fluffy Freako) at

Candlelit dinners, red roses and secret trysts do not feature heavily Sadly, jagged guitars, tinpot drumming and Joe Average vocals do in this feeble two-minute romp. What’s love got to do with it? (PR)

Fat Lip

The Sound of Music i ‘k * ti Incredible widescreen slow- burner which kicks off with scary chanting and builds around a crackly string sample and a huge funk riff. Big beats and cool siren synth noises make up the fix. Absolutely stunning and not a lonely goat herd in sight. Available mail order from 4 Belhaven Terrace, Dowanhill, Glasgow, (312 priced £2.95. (PR)

Super Furry Animals

The International Language of Screaming (Creation) H sir ir Despite the title and hairy blue creatures sleeve, this is less insane than recent releases, favouring such old- fashioned concepts as harmony and

Geneva: more Sonic the Hedgehog than sonic cathedrals

record reviews MUSIC}

Belle and Sebastian: beautiful tunes, wilfully obscure publicity shots

melody over the usual unhinged psychedelic voyaging. Just goes to show that even acid-crazed Welsh sound pioneers like a tune you can whistle. (PR)


Julia (Polydor) it t at

In which the entire Beach Boys oeuvre is disrespectfully seized by the scruff of its sun-tanned neck and stuffed into one big glorious buzzpop gem complete with ba-ba-ba-ba chorus. Brian Wilson must be turning in his sandpit. (PR)

Belle And Sebastian

The Lazy Line Painter Jane EP (Jeepster) * r: t * 1k

Outstandingly good follow-up to top

75 not-quite-smasheroonie ‘Dog on Wheels'. Thrum’s Monica Queen contributes vocals to this immaculately crafted single. Mark Radcliffe is making 'Lazy Line' the soundtrack to ten million bowls of cornflakes; when will the nation succumb to their obvious charms? (PR)


Jim Byers, Eddie Gibb, Kenny Mathieson, Fiona Shepherd, Peter Ross, Jonathan Trew.

STAR RATINGS . _ ***** Outstanding; **** Recommended 3 Hr: Worthatry ' 9 ** So-so * Poor




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