The fresh prince

Independence Day star WILL SMITH is about to blow us and an army of illegal aliens - away in Men In Black. There is no stopping the man, it seems. Words: Hannah Fries

GREAT. A WONDERFUL kid. I love that guy. Very. very funny. A good actor. Kind. generous. Good leader. Wonderful young man.‘

This is how Tommy Lee Jones has described his Mm In Black co-star Will Smith. Jones is about as prone to gushing as a pebble in a drought. and so his enthusiasm for Smith is powerful indeed. If not surprising. Everyone who meets Will Smith seems to come away impressed.

I catch my first glimpse of Smith as I emerge from the Ladies‘ in the screening theatre. He is wearing a black suit. carrying a preposterous gun and assaulting me with the words: ‘Put down your weapon and move away from your vehicle.‘ The real. rather than the cardboard. item strides in a little later. He is wearing smart but casual Tommy Hilfiger gear. an easy-going demeanour. and his trademark cheeky. sneaky grin. Smith is the Fresh Prince: cocky. cute and cool without using an iota of effort. He sits down next to MM [/1 Black director Barry Sonnenfeld and enters the limelight with no further ado.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones: dressed to impress

6 IHELIST 2') Jul— 5 Aug 199}