The Street. it seems, has a new stud. But don’t be rushing down to the Rovers too soon. beefy Jim McDonald is not everyone’s cup of Bovril.

There’s something funny going on in Weatherfield. Few inhabitants of Coronation Street have ever troubled Mensa for application forms, but in the last few weeks, some Street-dwellers have taken complete leave of their senses.

What on earth is hairdresser Fiona playing at, getting off with Big Jim McDonald, the beefy, moustachioed builder? And more to the point, what are the scriptwriters on? After his recent flirtatious encounters with sexy Samantha, they seem to be trying to build Jim up as The Street's new stud. It is so not going to work, isn’t it? Viewers nationwide must have been hiding behind their sofas as the lovebirds grappled in the salon. It took the ill-matched pair several goes to have a snog, as poor Fiona attempted to dodge his bristling ’tache. It was horrible and even more unlikely than Brookside's yucky couplings of Mike and Bel, or Ron and anyone.

Thankfully though, despite all the furore over The Street’s new explicitness, a veil was drawn at that point, and by the next episode, they were fully dressed and awkward. Wracked with guilt, Fiona ran back to the copper boyfriend whose caddish behaviour drove her to it in the first place. Doubtless this won't be the end of it, but can you bear to see any more?

Equally as misguided is Judy Mallett, who looks set to make a big mistake in trying to buy teenage tearaway Zoe’s baby. She may only be asking for £2000 at the moment, but you can bet your booties that there will be sudden inflation in the price of ankle biters, and then she'll probably want to keep it anyway - I mean, doesn't Judy watch soaps?

EastEnders featured a far sweeter love story last week, as Robbie was reunited with Well 'Ard, in a sort of Cockney Lassie Come Home. If they carry on like this, we could start hearing: 'What's that Well 'Ard? Nigel's fallen in the canal?’ as the wonder dog starts saving lives and having extraordinary adventures. Unlikely? Clearly anything can happen in soaps these days. (Andrea Mullaney)

Odd couple: Fiona and Big Jim grapple with their love in Corrie

on "IE usr 25 Jul—7 Aug 1997




BBC2, Fri 25 Jul, 7.30pm.

Clive Anderson makes his debut as a moderator in the new series of Hypothetica/s, the show that puts influential professionals on the spot over thorny ethical issues. In the first episode, Making Advances, the chat- show host looks at the politics of hiring and firing, managing to get some business people to admit that, hypothetically of course, they’d rather break the law than employ a pregnant woman.

The Dynasty: The Nehru-Gandhi Story BBC2, Sat 26 Jul, 8.10pm.

Four-part documentary series celebrating the 50th anniversary of Indian independence through the story of its legendary elective dynasty the Nehru-Gandhis. The series charts the family's rise to power through years of imprisonment, assassmation, family feuds and glittering power politics to the famously passive resistance movement of Mahatma Gandhi.

Cool Britannia Channel 4, Sat 26 Jul, 11.25pm.

Ever since Liam and Patsy posed on the front of Vanity Fair, Britain has been deemed officially cool again. Celebrating the first hint of UK grooviness since Carnaby Street was truly a fashion thoroughfare, is this evening of programmes singling out Brit movers and shakers including Dis, musicians, artists and dancers. The first programme goes behind the scenes of the Givenchy catwalk with fashion designer Alexander McQueen and cutting edge milliner Philip Treacy.

Changing Rooms BBCZ, Mon 28 Jul, 9pm.

Ubiquitous Scottish presenter Carol Smillie dices in the new series of the 'interior design’ (ie DIY) challenge show when she invites two sets of neighbours to redecorate a room in next door's house. The assumption is you'll be so cosy with your neebs that they'll know whether you're a floral borders or a minimalist chic kind of family. So how will the two teams feel when their brand-new room is unveiled. Ecstatic? Suicidal? Ready to string Smillie up from the Swiss blinds?

Inside Story: Molls BBCl,Wed 30 Jul, 10pm.

The documentary strand returns fora new five-part series, with this powerful film about gangsters and their gals. Moi/s ain't set in Chicago, Naples or New York though. Its patch is gangland Britain, where eight women are interviewed about their lives with some of the country's major criminals.

Dinosaur Cops

Channel 4, Thu 31 Jul, 9pm.

One-off documentary looking at the Jurassic madness hitting America, where scientists and law enforcers do battle with the Spielberg-inspired new wave of fossil poachers seeking dinosaur relics. Small-town Wyoming sergeant Steve Rogers is determined to win his crusade against the poachers.

s \' Team

Pub crawl: DVB’s prize-winning film, Enter Achilles. a physical theatre tale of lager-fuelled superlads behaving badly. gets a second airing in the new series of BBCZ's flagship dance series. Summer Dance. Kicking in with DV8's in-yer-face short. the season continues with Smoke, starring Sylvie Guillem, a sizzling Carmen from Culberg Ballet and a rare screening of Rudolf Nureyev’s Romeo And Juliet, shot just two and a half years before

his death.

Summer Dance, BBCZ, from Thu 31 Jul.

going to any lengths to stop them getting their pesky paws on them thar dinosaurs.

Rab C Nesbitt BBCZ, Fri 1 Aug, 9.30pm.

Scotland's favourite pisshead returns for a sixth series in which the Nesbitts leave behind the delights of Govan for the more exotic vistas of Amsterdam. Meanwhile, in the first episode Rab takes a job as a walking burger for a new fast food chain, and son Gash and nephew Screech opt for a career in Crime, enabling Mery Doll to serve breakfast in Patrick Cox shoes.

Citizen's Arrest: Anorexra Channel 4, Mon 4 Aug, 8pm.

A young woman with anorexia died after doctors said the law prevented them from force-feeding her. But did the health authorities get the law wrong? In this specially extended opening programme in the new series of Citizen’s Arrest, presenter Joe Layburn joms members of Nikki Hughes's family to find out why more was not done to save the 23-yearvold’s life.



The Monday Play: The Lime Tree Bower Radio 4, Mon 28 Jul, 7.45pm.

In three dead-pan monologues, Joe, Ray and Frank tell the story of one unlikely off-season weekend in an Irish seaside town Written by 25-year-old Dublin writer Conor McPherson, the play has won a Guinness Ingenuity Award and features The Young Poisoner’s Handbook star Hugh O'Conor.

Inside Track: Looking At Father

Radio 4, Thu 31 Jul, 8.208m. Adam Fowler chronicles t e

reconciliation taking place between himself and his father after 21 years apart. A freelance jOurnalist who penned a column for the Evening Citizen, Fowler senior walked out on

the family when his son was just founeen years old. Having followed in his absent father‘s journalistic footsteps, Fowler now walks the Glasgow streets with him, charting the changing face of the city as reflected in those Citizen columns of so long ago.

The Tailor Of Panama Radio 2, Fri 1 Aug, 9.15pm.

Veteran spy novelist John Le Carre reads his latest book, The Tailor Of Panama over the next ten weeks. Set in the present day, the story has echoes of the current Hong Kong situation. The Panama canal is due to be handed back to the Panamanians at the end of the century with important implications for world trade and the balance of global power.

Art Goes Pop, Pop Goes Art

Radio 2, Sun 3Aug, llpm. The explosion of musical talent that

emerged from the British art school scene in the 605 and 705 is the subject . of this one-off documentary. Featured are exclusive interviews with veteran art-school rockers Brian Eno and The Animals' Eric Burdon, with comments from journalist Caroline Coon and George Melly. Last but not least, Ian Dury presents.

Club Nation: Master's On Wax

Radio 1, Sun 3Aug, 9pm.

Remember when DJs used to be your best mate's big brother with a couple of lights and Top Of The Pops albums, who did requests and made you do the conga? Masters On Wax turns back the clock to investigate how DJs became superstars. Danny Rampling, Dave Clarke, Dave Dorrell, CJ Mackintosh, Sasha and Roni Size are just some of the bigwigs on the decks telling their side of the story.

In Concert: Massive Attack Radio 1, Sun 3Aug, 10pm.

Bristolian trip-hoppers, Massive Attack take their stoned, deep 'n' dubby

' sound to London's Finsbury Park for a

live gig. Catch ’em on your tranny and avoid paying full fare. (Ellie Carr)