Seizer Scottish actor Tam Dean Burn stars as a rabid Rikki Lake-type holding court from a motorised chariot in this latest blast from the Boilerhouse engine. No Irvine Welsh connection this time. but this lot are radge enough by themselves. Fringe. Scottish International, 9—25 Aug (not /5, lo, 23) I 0pm. Shopping And Fucking The title has had as much publicity as the show. But Mark Ravenhill's chilling. cynical drama is as strong as its language. and covers two of our favourite themes . . . Fringe. Assembly Rooms, 9—30 Aug, 7. 30pm. Measure For Measure A spot of Shakespeare to give your Festival cultural cred. with this new production of the bard's tale directed by French hotshot Stephane Braunschweig for Nottingham Playhouse. International Festival, Royal Lyceum Theatre, 11—26 Aug (not Sun) 7.30pm; mats Thu. Sat, Tue 26. 2.30pm. Swan Song Not as kinky as it sounds. Jonathan Harvey's tale of an east London comprehensive teacher who dresses tip in a sheep costume. is the long-awaited follow up to his hit West End show and movie. Beautiful Thing. Fringe. Pleasanee. N—Rl) Aug (not [2, [8. 26) 8.25pm. Earthquake Weather The dynamic Scottish/American company returns with a new show exploring love. and danger in modern America. Expect the earth to move. Fringe, 'l'rai'erse Theatre. until 30 Aug (not ll, [8, 25) times vary. Cegada De Amor It's crazy. loud and Latin and in its native Spain. it‘s considered the hottest thing ever to have set foot on stage. Here on its UK premiere. La Cubana's technicolour dreamboat centres round a~1()-year-old child prodigy still in search of stardom. International Festival, Iii/inhiog/i International Conference Centre, I 2—23 Aug (not lh’) 8pm.

La spice girl: Spanish extravaganza Cegada De Amor


20 bets for a good festival experience

Musical pairs: Divine Comedy popster Neil Hannon plays with modern composer Michael Nyman at Flux


Rich Hall's Louisiana Hayride The shaggy-haired. craggy-faced [PS humorist returns with more of the sharp-wilted. surreal btit smart crack [htth won him newspaper columns. TV scripts and acclaim aplenty. l-‘ringe. (ii/(lei/ Balloon. h’-_i‘()Aug (not ll, 24/ [0pm.

Murray Lachlan Young His-i he took London. then New York. And now the posh performance poet visits lidinburgh to prove why liMl paid 5; l .l million for his sharp scathing rhymes. l-‘ringe. Assembly Rooms, 8—30 Aug (not Sun}

8. 25pm.

Dylan Moran The so—laid—hack he's virtually horizontal lrish comic returns with his unique and captivating brand of blethering to prove some Perrier princes never die. Fringe. l’leasanee. 5's 24 Aug (not 2/) 9..i’()/mr. l’rei'ieiv show, 7 Aug, 9. 30pm.


Tharp! The original queen of the hip New York contemporary dance scene returns. with a new company and a diverse progr‘aiiirrie of new works danced to all from Shaker hymns to Philip Glass. International [Vex/ital. [admiring/I Play/rouse. // lislug. 7. ill/mi. Stung Breathtaking acrohatic conteiiiporai‘y dance of the how- do-tliey-do‘that variety from Moirietitary l‘tision. \\ hose t exquisite choreography is performed on trape/e '1 without it stilcly ttet. fringe, .X't Brit/(’3 a. // .i‘l) Aug lllr'l l7. 2-!) 4pm.



The Fall Mark Ii. Smith‘s legendary post- punk hand drops in at the Cats Rock‘s Planet Pop festival for a rare one-off gig. Not so much a case of the mighty having fallen. as a coup for Planet Pop. Cas- Roe/t. 9 A ug. 8pm.

Michael Nyman and Divine Comedy Britain’s whiz/kid contemporary composer (The Piano) gets into a groove with pure popster Neil Hannon of Divine Corriedy. at the opening night of the exciting Hus new music festival. lit/fa ('ake. 2 d‘ /.i’ Aug. 8pm.


Surrealism And After The big cheeses of Surrealism Duchamp. Magritte. Dali and Max lirnst - are displayed in all their brightly-coloiired glory with the first public showing of the Keiller Collection. National (iallerv (2/11101/(771 Art. until 9 Nor; Mon—Sat /()am-5pm.‘ Sun //»—5pm. A New Look At 47 l‘l'tl‘k 'n' roll from the house of Christian Dior. the fashion revolutionary who caused a storm with his New Look iii 1947. Check out the cropped hemlines and waspish waists that w ere his signature. and gals. thank God for your wide-waisted hipsters. 'Ialhot

Rii e (ial/erv. until 2/ Sep, 'Iiie Sat

Illa/ii 5pm; Sun 3 5pm.


Lost Highway Top director David Lynch drives home another dose of those dark. psychological thrills his fans love so much. in this tourney into the depths of the Airier'iean psyche. Film Festival.

A li’(', .llon // A ug. (rill/rm.

Shooting Fish Kate Beckinsale stars as a sassy lass who's not as daft as her corimeii employers think in this gem of a new British comedy. Film l‘t'Vlll‘tll. ABC ll'ester Hai/es. Thu /4 Aug. 8pm.


Iain Banks ( )ur Banksie was writing hooks while Irvine Welsh was still in hahygros. Catch the launch of Son (2/ Stone. the latest from the brilliant Scottish novelist behind the recent BBC

adaptation The Crow Road at this year's Book Festival. Book Festival Post Office 'I‘heatre. Sat 9 Aug, 5pm.

Che Guevara Is Dead: Long Live Guevara! The legend of the man whose face is still a must for many student T- shirts. is examined by biographer John Lee Anderson. and publisher of Che Guevara's Book Festival, Motonjvle Diaries. Rohin Blackburn. Book Festival, Post Office Theatre, Sun 10 Aug, 7pm.


Salsa Celtica Scottish-Latin fusion groovsters Salsa Celtica play live at the vihing Lizzard Lounge to celebrate the release of their debut alburri on Eclectic Records. The usual top-notch Lizzard Dis will appear and the night goes on till 3am. An'ive early as the place will be

jumping. Cafe (i‘raf/iti. «8' Aug. midnight.

For full details of all shows listed here see Festival index on page 2.

Fop cat: performance poet Murray Lachlan Young

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