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Griffin Avenue. Phoenix Business Park. 0141 887 0011.

Info: 0141 887 0020. CC booking: 0141 887 0011. [D]. [E]. £4.25 (£3 before 6pm Mon—Fri; first show Sat/Sun & holidays). Child/OAP/Student: £3.

A 4 Batman And Robin (PG) Daily: 11.05. 1.35. 4.15. 7.05. 9.30. Fri&Sat late: 12.20. Addicted To Love (15) Daily: 11.20. 2.05 4.10. 7.25. 10.15. Fri &Sat late: 12.30. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (PG) Daily: 11.00. 11.30. noon. 1.30. 2.00. 2.30. 4.05. 4.35. 5.05. 7.00. 7.30. 8.00. 9.35. 10.05. Fri&Satlates: 10.45. 12.05. 12.35. Men In Black (PG) Daily: 11.40. 12.10. 2.10. 2.40. 4.40. 5.10, 7.10. 7.35. 9.25. 9.50. Fri &Sat lates: 11.35. midnight. Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie (PG) Daily: 11.00. noon. 1.00. 2.00. 3.00. 4.00. 5.00. 6.00. 7.00. 8.00. 9.00. 10.00. Fri&Sat1ates: 11.00. midnight. One Fine Day (PG) Daily: 12.05. 2.20. 4.40. 7.20. 9.40. Fri & Sat late: 11.50. (on Air(15) Daily: 11.15. 2.15. 4.30. 7.15. 9.55.

Fri & Sat late: 12.15. Scream (18)

Daily: 7.50. 10.10. Fri &Sat late: 12.35.

Space Jam (U)

Daily: 11.10. 1.15. 3.05.

Grosse Point Blank (15)

Daily: 12.20. 2.50. 5.15. 7.45. 10.00. Fri&Sat late: 12.10.

The Lady And The Tramp (U)

Daily: 12.15. 1.55, 3.45. 5.30.

Liar Liar (12)

Daily: 7.45. 9.40.

Fri&Sat late: 12.25.


North Street. 01334 474 902.

Info: 01334 473 509. [D]. Cinema 1: Circle £2.30. Stalls £2 (Child/OAP: £1.50); Cinema 2: all seats £2.30. Closed Sunday. except during school holidays.


Men In Black (PG)

Daily (except Sun): 6.35. 8.25.

Sat mat: 2.15.

Sun eve: 7.50.

BeanzThe Ultimate Disaster Movie (PG) Daily (except Sun): 6.30. 8.15.

Sat mat: 2.20.

Sun eve: 8.00.


28 Allanpark.

Info and CC booking: 01786 474 137. [1:] screen 1. £3.90 (£3: 4.30—6.30pm); Students/U840: £3. Child/CAP £1.80. No unaccompanied children after 7pm Family ticket available.


Men In Black (PG)

Daily: 2.05. 5.10. 8.20.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (PG) Daily: 1.45. 4.00. 8.00.


Stirling University. 01786 461 081. [D] [E] £3.50 (£2.50 concs).

FRIDAY 8 AUG The Empire Strikes Back (U) 7.30.

SATURDAY 9 AUG Box Of Moonlight (15) 7.30.


The Adventures Of Pinocchio (U) 2.30. The English Patient (15) 7.30.

THURSDAY 14 AUG The Addiction (18) 7.30.

116 THE LIST 8-14 Aug 1997



Verve of steel

Bands evoke strong emotions, few more so

than THE VERVE. Words: Fiona Shepherd

Ever get that feeling you're being kept dangling on a string? Your favourite band, right, they split up, citing among other things, a ’disappointing’ set at T in the Park. Except you saw it, and it was far from disappointing. But for this band, ’disappointing’ is when you only manage brilliance, rather than overtaking brilliance and zooming off into orbit.

So anyway, it’s all over and you’re sitting there thinking, ’where did things go wrong, I can’t believe it’s really happened, I might have to listen to Sleeper now, tell me it’s not so’ and other equally morbid thoughts. Then - get this the band only go and get back together again, with just one casualty, the guitarist. He’s replaced briefly by Bernard Butler. John Squire is approached, but he's too busy doing his own thing. You think: that's the way to do it, only the best for my fave band.

Then it turns out that only the original guitarist will do. So he rejoins. But instead of being back to square one, The Verve have passed Go and collected their £200. Like the Prodigal Son, there was more rejoicing on their return than on the continued existence of a number of bands just as deserving. Canny.

The truth of The Verve’s eighteen months in the wilderness is not as flippant. Splitting and reforming without guitarist Nick McCabe looked like a cynical move to get rid of an inconvenient liability. The fact was McCabe had been sinking into debilitating depression

The Verve: back from the brink

for some time, and only unswerving commitment will do for The Verve. A vital relationship was being eroded.

Speaking to NME at the beginning of June, McCabe had explained the break-up of the group was down to 'too many drugs and not enough communication.’ The next Verve single is called 'Drugs Don't Work’.

In the time he spent chilling out, away from The Verve, not a single word passed between him and singer Richard Ashcroft, a man who views his band like a spiritual compulsion.

'1 ain't a solo artist,’ Ashcroft told NME. ’l was put on this earth to be part of The Verve and make sure I can take it as far as I possibly can.

’You can’t deny your instinct, and my instinct told me to split the band up, so 1 did. But then my instinct started niggling me. I needed the secret element. i needed Nick McCabe.’

Ashcroft also needed treatment for the viral infection which led to the postponement of their much- anticipated summer tour. Presumably he got the right medicine. Now he's going to give some back to us.

I The Verve play Barrow/and on Sun 10 Aug.



Glasgow: King Tut's, Sat 9 Aug.

The Vodka story so far: mainmouth Kit and his brother Des spent the early 90s being boilt up and let down in saidflorence, an odd electro-pop band who had a Single called ’Definitely Maybe’ before Noel had even forced his

way into his brother's band. One of the final casualties of the ’Sign 'em up, drop ’em before they've had a chance' epidemic which swept Scotland in the late 80$, you'd be forgiven for thinking Kit would forsake mUSIC for good. Which he kind of did. getting into film instead, before eventually combining it With music.

Now Vodka are pOised to release a seven-inch single ’Right Or Wrong',


Vodka: make mine a double

accompanied by a free video entitled ’Super Mario Lanza’ which features the song and forms the first part of a trilogy.

'We started this just for fun,’ says Kit. ’It was based on the people. That’s why we’ve got two drummers and two bass players we didn't consCiously think of getting a band that w0uld fit together. We just thought, "we like that guy; let's play together".

We always wanted two drummers. In the 90s, music is Quite rhythm-based. So why not adopt a sampling mentality, but not use technology, just use real people?’

Warning: we are now entering Control Zone technical territory.

‘We've only got one drum kit. We turn it sideways and put a beater on either Side of the bass drum and they have a torn each, They keep left as they're playing, like they're drivmg We've got

two hi-hats but they’re cheap, tinny

ones so we’re not hi-hat intensive on one side! But we like it. if anything, we're gomg to minimize. I've got this dream of everything fitting into a suitcase. Miniature amps, miniature aluminium kit -- you press a button and it folds out

Take two drum kits onto the stage? Vodka just fold and go. (Fiona Shepherd)