Glasgow listings

Drama is listed al habetically by venue. Shows wil be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten da 5 before publication. Drama 8: dance istings compiled by Ellie Carr. For Edinburgh events see Festival coverage pages 2—84


Access: I’ = Parking Facilities. l’l’A : Parking to be Pic-Arranged. l. 2 l.ey'el Access. R = Raiiiped Access. S'l~ 2 Steps to nevotiate.

Facilities: WC 2 Adapted 'l‘oileti si. WS 2 Wheelchair Spaces. AS 2: Adjacent Seats. H = Induction Loop System. (i : Guide Dogs Allowed. R 2 Restaurant Accessible. (' : Catering Accessible. 'l‘ 7- Adapted Telephone.

Help: A 2 Assistance Ay'ailable. -\ A :— Adyise \'entie in :\tl\'£lllC‘L‘.


Tickets I-Ul‘ iiiaior yeiities iii (ilasgow .ii'c ayailable hour the Ticket Centre. C‘andleriggs. .‘ylon Sat I030arii tiiitil ()..‘\0pni in person or tiiitil 0pm by phone on 0l4l 227 55 l l. Stiiiday opening Is noon--5piir. Any ’l‘icket l.iiik bo\ ol'l'ice can sell tickets for other yeiiiies.



Buchanan Street. 333 3333. [Accessi S'l‘. I‘acilities: \\'S. II. (i. Help: A. AA] Into The Woods t'ntil Sat 0 Aug. {(i (£3 t. Scottish Youth 'l'heati‘e presents a laii'ytale that‘s not _|tist tor the kids. Illi'r' Ii'it lliuu/y takes the well ketit tales ol ('fiii/ei'e/lii. lair/e Rei/ Kit/rite Horn! ;iii.l others on a iiitisical iivaiiiey beyond the state ol' ‘Iiappy ey er alter" It‘ the sor row s. ioys and responsibilities ol' real lite. ('hildreii will eitioy the show. btit part tits are warned that some things iii the woods are a bit (iiiiiiiii lc-r tiiidei-Ss.


QUEEN'S PARK RECREATION GROUND Hooking: lII il 4‘7 S323 iii‘ cii'cis ticket ol'lice (ll-ll 423 ll72.

II Florilegio \Ved l3 Sun ‘il Atig snot .\Iott lls'i. 'I‘tie Stiii .S’piii; \Ved t\’ I'l'l 5pm. Sat tk Stiii llairi tk 4pm; Mon :5 Aug llaiii & 4pm t\' Spin. l’t'evshow /oo Wait: till \lll‘\‘. time each day. Lb {I ‘50. Please note all llairi shows are one hour only w itli a special kids" price ol L5 It yotr like your circus old-tashioiietl.

complete w rtli Iioii trainers. stioiigiiieii and pretty girls banging l‘i'oiii ropes by their teeth. this show could be the one for you. Massiyely poptilar in its ll;lll\‘L‘ Italy. it is full by a Iiilith—geiieratiori circus family who still tray e! with haiid-cary'ed wooden caray aiis and an incredible Italian opeialiotise-sty Ie top. A word of warning though. Anyone who l'eels strongly about aiiiniallree cii'ctises should prepare tor the lact that ballot // IVIiirilt ei'o employees are big hairy beasts. And we don't mean the stroiigriien t‘illtc‘l‘


(i3 'l'i'oiigate. 553 4307 [Access1 I’I’A. S'I'. R. l.. l-acilities: \‘.('. \VS. ll. (‘. Help: AA].

From Both Hips l'iitil Stiii l0 .-\tig. Spin. £8 (£4 i; lirst night £3. Dublin-based theatre company I-isliaiiible t l‘oi'irierly I’igsback 'l‘heatre (‘oi present rising new-generation Irish w ritcr Mark (I'Rowe's dark comedy or y iolatioii and yeiigeaiice set in iiiodei'n litiblin.



Comedy is listed by date. Shows will be listed, providing that details reach our offices at least ten days in advance of publication. Comedy listin 5 com iled by Ellie Carr. For detai s of E inburgh events, see our Festival coverage on pages 2—84.


Cosy Comedy Cafe laya Iiilei‘iiet (ale. I53 I’.iik Road. (ilasgoyy. 55- bb‘ I4.

.\ 30 ll 1tlpiii £4. It‘l'llllg‘lllly. laughs or: .i I't‘l'llllt'ILlil. basis w ah .I bring your-itwii- beers policy it- sllli‘t‘illl the path el your enioy iiieiit. ()ii tonight‘s bill. 'I‘\' superstar I’hil lsay t'eels cosy with help t‘r'otii .laiiey' (iodley. I’addy .'\Ic(iiiit\. I)otigie( airns and compete Hill} lioiikei's.

The Comic Club til.iel.i'i;;as l‘iidetground. lilackt'iiais. lb lit-ll Street. (iiasgow. 5.53 “’34 'I lie t'oiittc ('itib is taking a i‘r'eak. Back on a weekly bisis 1! Aug. Watch this space toi details.

Clutha Comedy Nights ( ‘Iuilia \Iuilis. SIHL'Is“ Sll't't‘l. (ililsgtl‘~‘-. T53“. S45piii I-ree I‘ortiiightly. Still in its eiiibryoiiic sl.i__'es btit lighting l I. this iiiglit ol' stand up itid general iiiadcappeiy It‘.lltllt‘\ \ai'iotis local

Triggering a response: Fishamble in From Both Hips


Glasgow listings

Exhibitions are listed by cit and category, then alphabetical y by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art Listings compiled by Helen Mona han. See pages 101-106 for details 0 Edinburgh art.



l‘) l’arnie Street. 552 7 i 7‘). Mon Sat

l lani--(ipiii.

The Summer Show Until The In Aug. Annual mixed exhibition featuring landscapes by new and regular esliibitors. work by recent graduates and much more.


Regent House. ll} West Regent Street. 220 5413. .‘ylon—I-‘ri |0am~~5pni.

Glasgow Style l'iitil Tue 30 Sep. A mixed show featuring work by (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh. Toiiiie M. King and Norman Kirkhani.


I34 Bly'tliswood Street. 353 4037. Mon --I"ri t).30ain~530pinz Sat 10am lpiii. Contemporary Applied Arts Summer Exhibition L'nti! mid Aug. Paintings. drawings and w atercolotirs by various artists. all priced under £500. Also ceramics. ~iewellery and glass by gallery artists.

COLLINS GALLERY l’iiiyei'sity of Strathclyde. 32 Richmond Street. 552 4400 en 3(183. :‘yloii I’ii

|0ain 5pm: Sat noon 4pm. [Ill

The Language Of Touch t'ntil Sat 23 Aug. An exhibition ol' work by the (i2 (iroup. whose pi‘ol‘essioiial and international membership aims to raise the profile (it 'IL‘\IIIL‘ Art through challenging and

dy naiiiic work.


I78 West Regent Street. Ill M?!)

.\Ioii Sat l0ani 5.30pm.

New Generation Artists t'niil Sun ‘sl Atig. A selection it work tioiii this year 's graduates Item the yai'iotis Scottish Art ('olleges in (ilasgow. l~diiiburgli. Dundee. Aberdeen and (’aiilonald College.


533 Duke Street. 55l bhlll 'I‘tie I‘i'i l0aiii bpiii: Sat Stiii Illaiii 4pm.

Fly I l'iitil Ill 3 Aug. A iiiiyedaiiedia eyliibition iii this new artist-led gallery. l'ealuring site-specific based work by Rory Donaldson. iiillatable sculptures by Ian Kettle and Susie Hunter and paintings by Richard Wright.


Queen Street. 32‘) two. Mon Sat

ltlaiii -5pin iclosed 'l'tiei'. Stiii liaiii 5pm (ilasgow ‘s’ new gallery. with tour thematic tloors based on the elements: Iitlflll. Air. I'll'.‘ and Water. I't‘JItllL‘tI artists include How son. Hockney. (.'airipbe|l. Bellaiiy and lit. me as well as iiitei'actiy e exhibits and a sw isii cale decorated by Adrian

\Vi s/lllc‘yy'SkI.

The Process Of Animation t‘niii l‘tie Ib’ ()ct. An eyhibrtt ‘ll tracing the production of an £lllllll;tli'.l iiaii tioiii story ideas through to draw lliL'. IlillllllL'. sound tracking and rural pirating. Also on loan from the Aniiiiaiioii \rt Aichiy es iii ('alil'ornia. the origizial st.‘i'yb.t.iids .lIItI artwork troiii the new Il\ e actiin trliii litiiiirtili .IIi./ Rubi/i.

Out Of The Blue l‘ntil Sun 21 Sep. An exhibition of sculpture and installations giy mg a personal insight into the way three artists‘ work has been iiilitienced by dilleieiit Muslim gioiips 'l‘he It'dllllt'tl artists are Sher Raiah. Faisal Abtltr Allah and Zineb Sedira. I’art oI~ the city wide .Sii/tiiim I'estiy‘al.

l l

listings GLASGOW ART


4 Parnie Street. 552 4585. Tue-Sat l0am—5 m; Stiii noon~4piii

The Dal ousie Pottery Retrospective Until Sat '10 Aug. (‘eraiiiics by potters who have worked at this pottery since its establishment in the early 80s.

CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 148 west Regent Street. 22l 3095. Mort-Sat 9.30am" 5.30pm.

Recent Acquisitions tintil mid Aug. (in display are new works by Iiardlcy’. l‘er‘gtissoii. Lesley Banks. Knox. Vaughan and others

GLASGOW BOTANIC GARDENS Kibble Palace. 710 Great Western Road. 334 2422. Daily l()airi~«l.45pm. Elements Of Grace Until Sun 24 Aug. An exhibition oi~ work by Dorel Raymond inspired by the gardens looking at the natural aspects of the botanic flora. GLASGOW 1999 CENTRE The 'I‘errace. Princes Square. 48 Buchanan Street. 227 199‘). Mon-Sat l0aiii 7pm: Sun iioori--5pm.

Land Arch lintil Sat 23 Aug. Recent projects by internationally renowned architect Massimiliano l‘uksas. featuring paintings. models. yideo material and original drawings


32 King Street. 553 0704. Mon Sat l0aiii- 5 30pm.

Dreaming Of Jerusalem Sat 9 Aug «Sat (i Sep. Rich and y’elyety menotints by Stuart DUIIIII inspired by his travels to .lerusaleiii.

Barbara Rae Sat 9 Aug -Sat (i Sep. An exhibition ol- new work which has embed from her recent yisits to South Africa. Ireland and the Highlands ol~ Scotland.


lo7 Renliew Street. 353 4500. Mon -l‘ri 9.10am 5pm; Sat 10am noon.

Sutra: The Thread That Binds t'ntil S-ai l3 Sep. A three-part exhibition celebrating 50 years of independence in India. which pays tribute to the lb million te.\ttle master craftsmen and w'oiiien. Kalanrkurr.‘ For The (int/y Aiii/ .lliiiiiiiinii l‘octises on the ey'olution ol' Kaiaiiikai'is tl’ersian word for cotton painted with vegetable dyes); Xtt'l't/(L'II IIIt/iii '\ (VIII/ix ()f (Iii/J looks at the grandeur of royal Indian testiies; and A ‘IIIH'HHUlt/ “HI/rt [V /II Stile/Icy} [xiii/'i/rIri/ei'ithi I’m”: Hie Ain‘t/inert Quin/run! I'eaiiiies Nomadic costume and shows a range ol' historical and contemporary pieces. lioiri adult and children's costtiiiies to household furnishings and accessories. Contemporary Indian Painting ltntil Sat 30 Aug. Abstract paintings by Stiiiil (iawde.

Sandra Petrillo: India 1993—1996 t'niil Sat 10 Aug. I’etr‘illo‘s photographs reflect her rich and y ai‘ied espei‘ience ol' the Iiast

Peter Bevan: Sculpture 1989—1997, Between Visits To India t'iiiil Sat 30 Aug. Sculpture and drawings influenced by architectonic aixd religious I'oi'iiis espeiieiiced during his \isits to India. HILLHEAD LIBRARY HS Hyres Road. 33‘) 7323. Mon. l'ue & 'I‘hii I laiii 7pm; Wed. l‘ri & Sat‘) 5pm lch Dien l'iitii Mon IS Atig. Photographs and paintings by The 100 (iroiip


.\it l.o\ ers‘ (Kile. Hellahotiston Park. It) l)tiiribieck Road. 353 444‘). Cafe and design shop. .‘yloii Stiii l0airi 5pm. William Johnstone Centenary Exhibition (1897—1981) lintil Stin l-l .Scp. An eyhibitton ot~ work presented by Duncan R Miller line Arts. which looks at the work of ‘the lather of Scottish Modernisin'. The display includes striking carry asses as well as calligraphic works on paper. See (ilasgow Museums for permanent Mackintosh exhibition opening times.

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