I Funkadelica at The (.‘athouse. l0.30pm—3ant. £2 (£l ). Classic funk. new funk. funk rock and rap. offering an interesting alternative to '(iet Sorted‘ at the same venue on the same itight. Drinks promos.

I Get Sorted at The Cathouse. 10.30pm—3am. £2 (£1.50; free before ll.30pm). Indie/alternative vibe in the new (‘athouse with drinks promos.

I Ground Control at Bar to. 9pm—inidnight. l‘ree. Heavy diib and drum ‘n' bass from the irtimitahle duo. I lack ("til De Sac Bar. ‘l--l lpttt. Free. DJ Simon (‘oulson with weekending underground dance. Drinks promos.

I Lube at The 13th Note (basement). 8pm--rnidnight. Free. The excellent Lube is back again witlt drum ‘n' bass from Law. and Manu.

I Shirley's Temple at Archaos. llpm-3am. £5 (£3). A trippy mix of camp tlteatricals and hard house soundtrack from the radiant Ms Alston. Drinks rotnos.

I Sun ay Hang Suite at Trash.

llpm 3am. £5 (£3). Building on the success of the Sunday Soul Session. this ttiglit combines garage. soul and mellow house iii two rooms.

I Sunday Skool at R G‘s.

8pm midnight. Free. Kenny arid Scott playing acid ftitik. .‘vlunchie menu

opiir midnight. Drinks promos. Pre-club. I Tunnel Sundae at The Tunnel.

llpm 3am. £5. The Shy brothers change the name of their pumping house night for legal reasons. btit keep pushing the boundaries ol the weekend 9 .Attg. Anne Savage. fresh from her stiitt in Ibiza guests.

I Velvet Rooms llpnt 3am. £5 Alan Ronald tti Rooiii Two w itli an open mix front classic house to sotil and Martin IIesketh in Rootti (me playing mellow hip hop. swiiigbeat and classic soul. Drinks promos.


I Bounce at Tin I’an Alley. llpttt ~3am. £3 (£2). DJs Stella and Domenic spinning a selection of 90s club tttttes for a mixed crowd. Drinks promos

I let Lagged at Jet. llpm» 2.l5am. £3 (£2 ). D.l Norman with a decently jump about set ofdisco. ftttik and rare groove tunes. Drinks promos.

I Salsa Dance Club at I’oi'tet's.

(rpm -mitlnight. Highly popular salsa for beginners. No partner required. I’re-club. I Speedracer at The Garage.

l0.3()pin 3am. £3 (£2). Steven mixes up a few indie-dance classics arid retro tunes for a busy. tip-for-it crowd iii the main room Drinks promos


I Betty WOO at Betty ‘s Mayonnaise. llpm 3am. £2. Ilouse night with DJ Vance. Drinks promos

I Boudoir Present Jackpot at Yo Yo. Spin close l‘l't‘t'. The Boudoir Boys return with another night of listening that is easy. qllll. time and cheap beer. I Eden at The Velvet Rntillls.

llpin- 3am. £3 (£2). Alan Ronald playing Britpop in Roorti ()iie arid Scott Mckay with mellow house in Room Two. Drinks promos.

I Jo Jo at Tin l’an Alley. L 3.

llptii 3am Busy mixed night featuring Dl Stella. and handbags trailed to the wall. Drinks promos.

I Passion Por La Vida at ( )cioher (‘ale 8.30pm midnight. Free. l2 Atig only. DI .la/J with another of his hot I.alin extravagan/as. tonight highlighting Spanish nouveati tlariienco. I Salsa Dance Club at I’tit‘tcrs.

() 30pm~midnighr Intermediate and advanced session. Great to watch or join in. I’re-club.

I Shooting Stars at The Garage. llpm 3am. £3 (£2). Insane. drunken shenanigans eased along nicely by the cltai'ty choons of Gerry arid lain in the main room. Staggering (you will be) drink promos.

122 THE LIST 8 M Ant; 199/

I The Shimmy Club at Bermets.

l l.30pm—3am. £3. Party type of affair at the straight night iii this gay venue.

I The Ska Club at The Hall Bar.

8-~l lpm. Free. The sound of young Jamaica.

I T.I.T at Trash. llptn 3am. £2. Student night featuring DJ Rory (formerly of Cop aitd Chopper) with house classics and future anthems in Rooiti ()ne. Grahame with student faves in Room Two arid extra beats in Room Three. Drinks promos.

I Tanked Up at Jet. lti.3()pni-~2. I 5am. Commercial house from a selection of Glasgow l)Js. Drinks promos.


I Bennets l 1.30pm 3am. £2.50. DJ Sara with upbeat dance. Drinks promos. I Betty's at Betty's Mayonnaise.

l lpm- 3am. Free. (‘omniercial dance with DJ Geoff. Drinks promos.

I Chopper at Betty's Mayonnaise. 10.30pm3.30am. £3.50 (£2). Garage. house aitd 90s disco and pop from (‘J (Archaos Thttrsdays). Note venue change. Drum 'n' bass night .liiice iii Room Two. Drittks promos.

I Cul De Sac ('ul De Sac Bar. ‘) llpm. Free. Richard Brown of Glasgow 's‘ Soma Records guesting every week with a huge pile of white labels. Drinks promos.

I Depth Charge at Bar Booshka. Spin-midnight. Free. Deep and funky American house from the Jackal.

I Disco Wonderland at The (‘athouse llpin--3am. £2 l .50; free before

I l.30pm ). Super sotitids from the 70s with drinks promos.

I Fab at Reds. llpiti 3am. £3 (£2). Groovy garage and club classics. Drinks promos.

I Flex ill The \Ic‘l\c‘l Rtitillls. l0.30pm--3am. £3 (£2). New regular Wednesday night from DJ Tchico playing Sottl. ragga. ftiitk reggae. swing and hip hop in Rooiti ()ne plus happy house. garage and classic dattce iii Rooiii Two.

I GO West at Cleopatra's. r l0.30pm~2.30am. £2 (£l with ticket ). A mainly student-orietttated hill of fare.

I Ground Control at Jet. llpm-2.15am. Keviti Dillon and Nordeii of the Ground Control sound system take tip residency here every week for the finest hip hop and drum ‘n' bass night in the west end. Drinks promos.

I Jengaheads at The Living Room. 9pm-—midnight. Free. I.a/.yass liip hop sound track from the Jengaheads (Paradise Islattd) with a special .lenga league every week. Drinks promos.

I Relax at Bar l0. Spin close. Free Downbeat dance itiglit \v illi Julia and Romeo. I’re-club.

I Sticky Fingers at The Attic. l0.30pni~3am. £2 (£l ). Gerry w itlt indie and retro sounds. Drinks promos.

I Wednesday Night Fever at Lime. llpm 3am. £3 (£2 with malric card i. Fresh ‘n' funky 7()s and 90s disco with DJ Ray Davren. Drinks promos.


I Ztst Century Leisure Lounge at C'CA (‘afe Bar. ‘)pm midnight. Free. 7 Aug and fortnightly Moog riiotlulating. breezy bossa pop. electi'o lounge lo-fi slea/e and c'\()llL‘ cocktail (all from your host 1)] (\Iittgo-go.

I 4th Dimension at Brcl. S30 llptti. Free. Andy Young plays (an. Bra/than. soul. fusion and funk. Drinks promos. I Big Karn's Party Night at Bettnets. ll.30pm-—3ani. £3 (£2). Karti Dunbar with S0s. 90s arid loads of camp nonsense. Drinks promos.

I Bloomers at ('Ieopatt'a's.

l0.30pm ~230ain. £3 (£2 with ticket). Mainstream.

I Casino at Blackfi'iars l'tidei‘grotind. Spin—midnight. £l before 9pm: £2 after. Northern soul pre-cltih.

I Chief at Trash. llpttt 3am £3 (£2). New night featuring DJ Rory (formerly of Cop and Chopper) iii Rooiti (me with classic house aitd future anthems and

Graham in Room Two with his indie/party mix. Drinks promos.

I Cop at Archaos. l0pm -3am. £4 (£2.50). Busy student house tiigltl ftoiii DJ CJ and Vance. ‘Turn up. get dowrt. cop off.‘ Drinks promos. Tam ('ov'le‘

The i-‘uu‘ (ltic‘s his indie/pop/kilsch stuff

iii Betty's Mayonnaise. part of the Archaos complex.

I Cul De Sac (‘ul De Sac Bar. ‘) llpm. Free. Mark Ryal from Aquaplanet and Redcell with an underground dance warmer before he heads down to the Stibbie. Drinks promos.

I Dee Jays In Disguise at \kuieiy. Spin close. Free. llatclt and .lilkes of the Knucklehead with a dtibby llll.\ of new dartce aitd techno. l’i'e-club.

I Donkey at The (‘alhouse llpiii 3am £2 l'. free before I l.30pm). Indie/grunge rock iii the new (‘athouse with drinks promos.

I Easy Life at The Tunnel l0piii 3am. £4 (£2 with inati'ic card). Student iiigltt featuring Kev in and Scott (Tunnel weekends) and Lisa playing a house/indie/disco mix pltis sonic freebie giveaways of real cash. Thursday s revamped and redone so they 're bigger and better than ever before. Drinks promos.

I Flashback at l-idtllers (‘ouit

9pm < tttidtiiglil. Free. Deep house and drum ‘n' bass from JP and the l‘llllll‘L‘ aniiieets.

I Free Flow at (ilasgtiw School ( )f .-\ri (downstairs). 9pm 2.30am. l'ree. .la// fttrik night. ()ui/ before. from 7pm. Drinks promos.

I Fromage at The Hive i( ilasgow l'niversity Student l'nion). lllpttt 2am Free. Students arid guests. DJ .‘vltisty piayirig the very best and worst of classic student tunes.

I Harder at King Trils.

S30pin midnight lice llaitlest reggae and dtib tit tow n. weekly

I Hi Karate :it Tiii I’an .-\llc_v


Glasgow venues

I The Note bl) ( iIJSSIHItI Sltv't‘l 55.3 HRS.

I The Apartment 2t ls’oyal I'.\clt.ilige Square. 22l 70M).

I Archaos 25 Queen Street. lot 11st) I The Arches \litllaua Street ion .lanialca Strcct i. 22l “730

I The Arena IS 27 ( l\\\.ll(l Street.

22! 30h)

I Atlantis Bar 22 (thlibiitlgc Street. 333 I374

I The Attic (enter through The (iaiage i. -1‘)()Satlclttc|iali Street. 332 I I2”

I Baby Grand (iaitlens.

248 4042

I Bar 10 Ill \Itlcltcll I am (till Mitchell Street i. 221 (S353

I Bargo .'\ll)l()ll Street. 552 just).

I Bar Miro 3’) Kclv ingrove Street.

353 (L175

IThe Bedsit I I’atk lune. s w (it t.‘

I Bennet's so (ilttssli‘ltl Street. *5). 52M

I Betty's Mayonnaise 22l 5034.

I Blackfriars Underground it». lost Blacklt'lais). 30 Bell Sticcl. 552 .“L‘I

I Brel 3‘) Ashton I ane. 3-12 -l‘l(i(\

I The Cathouse l5 l'nion Street

248 ()()(l()

I Caledonian University Student Union (Asylum) “in ( 'ovvcatltleus Road. 332 ()(its'l

I CCA Cafe Bar 350 Saucliieliall Street. .32 7X(i4

I Cleopatra's 50S (ilcat \\'t slt‘ll! Roar). Kclv inbrulge. 33-1 ()5(v()

I Cottiers 0.3 llyndland Sticet.

3.57 5S25.

I Cul De Sac '\\l)ttiti I an.. (r-l‘l I"! "

I lex 5D bllllc‘l’ Silt'v'l. I R().\

I Fury Murry’s ‘Io .‘vla\wcll Street.

22I (5| I.

I The Garage two Satit‘litcliall Sltcet.

1-fl‘)liv‘i.‘ll Street.

I lpm—3ain. £3 (£2). New regular slot for the big beat Hi Karate collective of Neil McMillan.Andrew Divine. Crawford Tait and Bob Peck. Drinks promos.

I In Tone at Bar 10. Spin—close. Free. Paul (‘avvley froin Phar ()tit with a weird underground pre-club experience.

I Loveshack at Fury Murry's. it).30pm--3.l5am. £5 (£3). Fine indie house and disco sounds iii two roonts. Drinks protnos.

I Lure at R.G.'s. Spin midnight. Free. DJs Ziggy and Bob get housey' fora crowd heading off to Archaos and Sub ('lub. I’ie cltrb.

I Natural Selection at little (formerly

' The ('otlon Club). llpm-3am. £3 (£2).

laitt Fitzpatrick with funky dance and indie. Drinks promos.

I Neon at .let. llpitt 2. l 5am. £4 (£3). Kevin McKay and Richard Howie iii the glitter ball of a club playing deep and disco house. Drink promos.

I Passion at The Velvet Rooms.

llptii 3am. £3 (£2). DJ Skttd playing soulful groov es. mellow hip hop arid sevy sw iiig front Busta Rhymes to

Mary in Gaye. A groovy alternative to student nights. Drinks promos.

I Red Cell at Sub (‘lub. llpm-3am. £3. Newly accessible music policy btit still as deep as you like. Mark Ry'al. Kelvin Bridge.'.s and Dominic every week. Drinks promos on a Mexican vibe.

I Reds llpiii iani. £3 (£2). DJ Graeme with a night of classic disco. peppered with the best contemporary house and garage. Drinks promos.

I Rumble at The Garage. l lpm 3am. £3 (£2 ). (‘artlovv and Ross with an evceptionally busy night of chai'ty' dance faves. cheap drinks arid drunk students. Snogtaslicl

I Snap, Crackle And Pop at (‘ai'e ()ndos (Queen Margaret Student Union). S30pm 2am. £2.50 ( £2). DJ Toast with the best in cheese products.

3 =2 I I2”

I Glasgow School of Art I(»7 Renfrevv Sll't'c‘l. 3.3: (INJI

I Glasgow University Union 32 l‘rnvei'srty Avenue. 33‘) So‘fl.

I Ironhorse Bar west .‘s‘ile Street.

I Jet I5 Iictlaltlc'l Sllc‘cl. 2‘37 .3777.

I King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut St Vincent Street. 22l 527‘).

I Lime (formerly ’l he ('otton ('lub) 5 Scott Street. 332 ()7l2.

I Media 8r Press Club tit west Regent Slt'c‘c‘l. JIM) Illi3.

I Mojo’s Batli Street. so 2257.

I Nice 'n’ Sleazy 421 Sauchiehall Street. 3.33 ‘)(i_37.

I Nico’s 32.5 Saticliieltall Street.

332 57%

I October Cafe Top floor. I’rinccs‘ Stitiaic toll Buchanan Street ). 22l 0303. I Polo Lounge at wilson Street.

553 l22l.

I Queen Margaret Student Union 22 l'ni\eisity Gardens. 3 3‘) 9784.

I RAF Club 2'7 Ashley Street. 332 I Rat Trap ‘) littiwll Silt‘t'l. 22I 7 I Reds 32‘) Saucliieliall Street. 33l l(i35. I R.G.'s 73 Queen Street. 221 2200.

I Rocksy's Basement 40 .\'evv Snetltlon Sllt‘t‘l. l).ll\lt'_\. 57‘”

I Rooftops ‘)2 Saucliieliall Street.

332 5553.

I Sadie Frost's .s' It) west George Street. :3: sons

I Strathclyde University Student Union (ll) .lttllll Street. .552 IS‘)5.

I Sub Club 22 .Iattialt‘a Street. 248 4600. I Tin Pan Alley Mitchell Street. Glasgow, 21S SS32

I Times Square Si launch Square.

22! (i570

I Trash 1‘)“ Pitt Street. 572 3372.

I The Tunnel st Shit-hell Street.

20.) I()()()

I Variety -l(llSaucIiicIiall Slrccl. 3324-1-10.

I The Velvet Rooms Sauchiehall Street. 332 ()755.

I Y0 Y0 ii ()llt‘k'll .Sltv'c‘l. 243 3-134.