1 vou

V I saw you driving into the night. you may not be Michelle Pfeiffer or have her cowboy boots. but I still love you! Love the Cowboy Boot Collector. Box No U/311/1.

V I saw you on the Cam. Me in shorts. you in shorter. 1 got wet. you did too. We did a BBQ. I could've ate more. titne ran out. Your place next woosh. Box No U/311/2.

V I saw you Good Music Taste in the audience. watching Pigpen at the Cas Rock. 11/06. Did you say yes or ‘1 don't thing so?'. Next gig 02/06 please. I‘m waiting for the day. Box No U/3 1 1/3.

V I saw you Friday night at Frog Cafe. Hunky blond frog boy. you smiled. l melted. Are you available? Lets make tadpoles together in anticipation.jt. Box No

U/3 1 1/4.

V I saw you at Carwash and

. you left me in quite a spin. Why don‘t we make it a party of live i and share a Bailey's sometime.


Box No U/3I 1/5.

V I saw you St Ninians.

Falkland. Fife. 1968-1971. How

many of us are now like-

minded. Clydebank and Stirling

get in touch. Box No U/311/6.

V I saw you and you saw me.

Steve of S & N. durittg and after

Cafe Graffiti on 5/7/97. We

arranged to meet at Indigo Yard.

6pm. 9/7/97. Did you loose your bottle or was it just your

Courage?!! Box No U/311/7.

; V I saw you rugged mart! At

the Edinburgh Greenpeace

Campaign Group. I was the one

1 who waxed lyrical about the

state of Waveland. Remember?

let‘s discuss! Box No 11/311/8.

l V I saw you in the Doric. you

served rue with a smile. the man

with stylist tie. Me. Irish with friend. Join me for dinner next

time. Box No 11/31 1/9.

V I saw you Romeo and Juliet

last night. Filmhouse. front row.

summersault then ‘Harry 0'!

I My first time your second. Fancy doing Richard [11 together? After all Shakespeare's only soap. Box No U/3l 1/10.

V I saw you regularly downstairs at American Express. You: short dark hair. gorgeous-eyed man behind the counter. Me: the American gtty who regularly needs a cheque cashed. Care to meet for a drink? Box No 11/31 1/1 1.

V I saw you Helen. ex-babe story. I still think yott are gorgeous. but where have you gone? Sorry bill I was lost for works at the circus. Get in touch now! Box No Isl/31 1/12.

V I saw you on Queen Street. just before dawn of a Sunday morning. Guess what? You aked me the time. Did I imagine lengthy pauses. Yott girl. me boy. ()k? Thirty words up. Box No 1.1/311/13.

V I saw you only fleetineg near the top of Ben Vorlich (20/7). but your nice brown legs. lovely smile and reddish 1?) hair have stuck in my mind. Fancy leaving the crowd one Sunday? Box No 11/311/14.

V I saw you at the Sunday Jazz. You remind me of my favourite drink - Sauza and lemonade - it is refreshingly smooth and it grips your tongue like it is almost alive - I think we should meet to

explore this further.

Box No U/3l 1/50.

V I saw you for the second time. but didn't know your name. Elaine. in the T.C.ll. and your unique tattoo afterwards iii the R.(). several weeks ago. When and where will you pop up next? l’d quite like to be there! Box No 1J/3I l/2l.

V I saw you petite Audrey Hepburn lookalike. Me: pointy hairstyle. Iivening went like a dream because I fell asleep. Want to wake me tip sometime with breakfast at Ti ffan y's ? Box No Ll/3l 1/22.

V I saw you yott shopping at Tesco. the vegetable counter. last week. You are an older woman attd l ain a young teacher with 3 weeks left of holiday. Fancy a summer of daytime love? Box No

U/31 1/23.

V I saw you HM. the art teacher. in class 6 years ago. 1 wish we could talk some more. I miss you still. GA. Box No U/3l 1/24.

. The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the CCA

Edinburgh EH1 ITE



and we will forward it. Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER.

Replies Will be forwarded Once a week If yOu send several replies, send them in one large envelope. DOn't stamp the replies. but do wnte the appropriate 80x Number on each envelope

350 Sauchiehall St GLASGOW GI ZJZ

I beds. in bars and my dreams.

V I saw you Kenny the designer on Judi’s big day. Saturday 26 July? We looked but didn‘t speak. Was it me you I liked. orjust the cut of my clothes? Box No U/311/25. V I saw you on beaches attd

You make me pine. whitnper

and scream! Hand-in-hand g

towards the sunset? Fou Lou -— you know you got me! Box No | 11/31 1/26. I

; V I saw you Zoe. the I ' radiographer with kitten and .

thought you were totally cool. bttt decided to llatshare elsewhere. Share a drink with

I to tickle. keen on you big time.

pink room in Haytuarket. 1

rue instead? Jim. Box No 11/31 [/27 V I saw you keen to slap. keen

Your little wortder. l x. Box No 1.1/31 1/28.

V I saw you leaving my room. 16/7/97. You: stoic and sensible. not lingering. left fora taxi. You: helpless. speechless. useless. Please come back soon I miss you. Box No U/311/29. V I saw you Parcel Force . delivery man. You delivered to me Ill l’artick on Tuesday 29 July at about 9.30am. I. in my bath robe with a wee barking

dog. really wanted to inspect

your package . . . Box No

1.1/31 1/30.

V I saw you and keep seeing

you outside work. at disco. at GI‘T and yott drive a very posh . car. Are we both shy women?

Go on get in touch. Box No

U/3 1 1/31.


V I saw you one year ago one night at the New Town Bar. One year of the Bye Bye Bar and

now 1 see you all the time.

Touch Down at Planet Us -- yoti make things so good for me.

attd 1 love you for it. Yout'stSl. Box No 1.1/311/32.

V I saw you in the Bank ()1 Scotland. Sauchiehall Street on 4/7/97. I was the bored photocopier and you had long blondish hair and a grey T—sllirt. Loved the stomach by the way. let's get together sometime so maybe I cart see more. maybe even your tattoo!! Box No U/311/33.

V I saw you on the lidin/ Birmingham flight. 27th June. f You: long dark hair. denim ,

jacket. navy jeans. beautiful.

.\Ie: two rows in front. Can 1 see you again? Box No 1.1/311/15.

V I saw you Carl. 1 found you attractive. you said you found

me attractive. Also saw you Kudos 24/07/97. then next door. Do you fancy a date? Box No [7311/16. V I saw you Brian. in Our 3 Price. Dunfermline. then Kirkcaldy. Could we be like- minded'.’ There‘s only one way

to find out get iit touch. Discretion assured. Box No

LY/Rl l/l7.

i saw you GLASSIFIED


Until further notice, I SAW YOU adverts are FREE of charge (Up to 30 words).

Just fill in the Classified form and send it off.

V I saw you in the Polo Lounge on Wednesday evening. 23rd July. You were smoking roll ups attd reading a very important German novel. 1 was with a nosy friend. l.et's meet minus novel and friend. Box No 1.7/311/18.

V I saw you Catherine from lslay. You couldn‘t finish your song in Molly Malone's. Get in tottch with the astronaut. I'm missing you already. Box No 11/311/19.

V I saw you you sensory fiend at Tribal Function you were wearing amber trousers and drinking Sauza and lemonade. 1 would like to blindfold you and test the rest of your senses - interested? Box No

U/31 1/51.

V I saw you Tamlin at Prince Armanis. 26/7/97 and what a lovely gtty you are! Bob Dylan. Brussel sprouts and bongo drumsI! You‘re off to Australia. Always be laughing. Jan xx. Box .\'o 1'/.‘il 1/20.

V I saw you but did we see each other? You reading this already know. 1 writing it. ant in the dark. What sort of enigmatic

jigsaw is this? Not cress. that‘s

for sure. Box No U/31 1/34.

V I saw you in your shop ‘Who's Who' and ljust wartt to snog ya! Do to me what you did in my dream. you saucy bugger! Box No 11/311/35.

V I saw you CCA chef. stt'ipy waistcoat. Me with my pink hair. Will you cook my breakfast sotttetime? tArt School). Box No 13/31 1/36.

V I saw you and the ice melted all over you first Miss Wax? For some hot love. let's tie the knot. I'll btty the earrings. Love. honour and obey?! 1 won the bet. Box No 1'/3l 1/37.

V I saw you crossroads Bytes Road on bike and again (‘ul-l)e- Sac. You thirtysometlting. balding. Me lost sottl. heart beating. pupil dilating. Think your names .\londo. Me Cleopatra. let's make perfect peaks. Box l\'o1'/311/38.

V I saw you (iat'age. (ilztsgow. We had disastrous dates. Need to know if were serious now or inst together. been over a year without saying ‘love'? To autottiatic. six-pack. MSA 4001’. Box Ntl1l/3ll/3‘).

V I saw you tall. nice. wearing a hat. You had my legs in a knot in the (iurc. Me a bit yellow altd full ofbeans. l.et‘s eat foliage together (sortietiltles no hall. Bo\ No [7311/40.

V I saw you smile as we passed one another on an almost empty Wilson St. 5pm-tsh. 28/7/97. The man lying on the pavement beside asked us for change. we walked away. Bo\ .‘\’o1'/.‘~ll/-ll.

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