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Graham Duff’s show, Vinyl Anorak, is an homage to the fan’s fan. Here, he submits his eight Desert Island Discs.

I IGGY POP 8r THE STOOGES, ’RAW POWER’ 1973 (Columbia)

Not the ’I've cleaned up my act and hanker after mung beans' Iggy of ’Lust for Life'; but the ’l inject alphabetti spaghetti into my veins and spell out my name’ model of four years earlier.

I THE APHEX TWIN, BALSAM' 1995 (Warp) Top dance tune, blending electronic bleeps and steel drums with what sounds like a septic tank pushed cross a marble floor. (I may be wrong).

I THE SLITS, ’VINDICTIVE' 1977 (Strange Fruit)

Three Pistols fans master the rudiments of their instruments and let a fourteen-year-old German schoolgirl loose on the microphone. I would pogo to this while lobbing coconuts at basking sharks.

I CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, 'BIG EYED BEANS FROM VENUS' 1972 (Warners) 'A man or a woman without a big eyed bean from Venus is suffering from one of the worstest of curses,’


H It list Vinyl Anorak See preview, left. Vinyl Anorak (Fringe) Graham Duff, Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, 9-30 Aug (not 12, 26), noon, £8/£ 7 7/£6). Think No Evil of Us . . . My Life with Kenneth Williams David Benson returns with last year’s Fringe First winner, at turns deeply moving and hilarious. See preview on following page. Think No Evil of Us . . . My Life with Kenneth Williams (Fringe) David Benson, Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, 9—30 Aug (not 12, 26) 1 1.45am, £8.50/£ 7. 50 (£7. 50/£6. 50). The Corridor Always on the edge, controversial and power-packed with emotional energy, this Edinburgh-based company never seems to tire of finding ways of pushing audiences to the limit. See preview on following pages. The Corridor (Fringe) Bench tours, Traverse (Venue 15) 228 1404, 7—17Aug (not 11), times vary, £8 (£5).

explains the good Captain, in a voice Vinyl Anorak's Graham Duff survives Sue Lawley's bulldog questioning that’s been pebble-dashed.

I PSYCHIC TV, 'THE ORCHIDS' 1983 (CBS) Recorded using 30 Holophonic sound, a technique which spurned the conventional microphone in favour of a perspex head!


New Wave energy meets feminist sensibilities and

I THE ANTI GROUP, ’BIG SEX' 1987 (Sweat Box)

Funky bass, soaring saxophone and lyrics about micro sex and macro sex. (No, me neither.) Dominated by a loop of a moaning, groaning orgy. Another great dance track, also suitable for other activities. Sadly, I’d be dancing to it.


discovers mutant jazz! Vocalist Linder is unfortunately better known as the one time muse of The Incredible

Sulk himself, Morrissey.

I LEE PERRY 8r THE UPSETTERS, 'PATIENT’ 1976 (Island) The outer limits of dub reggae. Perry would later fall from favour with Island after claiming Chris Blackwell was a vampire who had cursed Bob Marley with cancer. I'd spin this while tending my herb garden.


for hours.



Jerry Sadowitz thinks he’s best known as a nobody, The Observer thinks he’s better known as a never- WiII-be If people know him at all, then it's more for his Vicious, up- y0ur-nose, stand-Lit) r'tnnedy, rather than his sleight of hand magic However, Sadowit/s magic shows a real reverence for the old masters, the legendary DI Vernan, and Alex Elmsley and Roy Walton, whom Sadownz desCribes as the Lennon and lvicCartney of card magiCians because of their respective innovation and lyTICISm (Yeah, me neither.) A card practitioner Since he

was eleven, Sadowrtz takes his magic very seriously ’The tricks go back to past centuries and they deserve respect.’

A room at the Gilded Balloon became available while he was domg a stand-up double act there last year. He was able to llll the gap With an impromptu close-up rnatiit show, which forms the basis of his act

'lvlagic's not on the map yet, but I emphasise yet There's about four or five magic shows :n Edinburgh this year, and I believe it's gorng to be the next big thing. And I’m damn certain I’m gomg to miss it as usual '

(Gabe Stewart) I See Hit list, right, for details See also Freeloaders, pages 29—31

Tina’s brain teasers have me gnawing at my pencil end

I BIBLE: As a non-Christian, I'd request a swap for my own personal bible, ’FLAKY PASTRY THE DEPECHE

I LUXURY ITEM: A hat that gives me special powers. I See Hit list, right, for details

Jerry Sadowitz shows reverence for past masters of magic

This Morning With Richard Not Judy ll Lee and Herring return with the sequel of 1994's hit show, which also forms the prequel of a new BBCZ series due out next year. This is described as ad lib daytime TV as it should be . . . This Morning with Richard not Judy l/ (Fringe) Lee 81 Herring, Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 30 Aug (not 12,. 26), 12.30pm,

£8. 50/138 (£8/f 7). Preview show 7 Aug, 12.30pm, £4.

The Suicide Award-winning Communicado's production of the death defying 1932 play should have audiences in tears . . . of laughter. Check out this savage, Soviet satire. The Suicide_(Fringe) Communicado, Traverse (Venue 15) 228 1404, 12-30 Aug (not 18, 25), times vary, £10 (£6).

Jerry Sadowitz See preview, left. Jerry Sadowitz (Fringe) Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, 8—30 Aug (not Tues) noon & 8.55pm,

£ 8/£ 9 (£7/£8).

8—14 Aug 1997 THE usr 55