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By Stephen Koyworth

"Gripping, page-turning stuff" -- - Manchester Evening News ezaiugusunom) .,

225 5105 12.30pm, £5/£4 f

'i want to fight, I wont to sing, I want to shout... I want to do something....'

‘Sell out success’ Manchester Evening News


adapted by Steven Berkoff . KENZO PAL ZILER] C 6TH-30TH AUGUST- 1 \ (nor 9ru.28m)9.00PM

H ‘Someonc must be lying about loseph K for he was arrested for doing nothing wrong. D&G VERSACE JEANS .486

Life’s a Gatecrash F Presents: By Terry Hughes

I «A tense and “inner - Manchester Student Handling Competition 1997.

Shortlisted - Comm Theatre Young Playwright Award. compemng manner-up - Manchester Evening News. New Play of tin your.

. Manchester 6-30 August (Not 14, 28) Cvcnuo19

12.30am £4.50 / £3.50 WW“ "0w

EVemng News (including free whiskey) 225 sios

IZJ Rn};|l \lilc. [Edinburgh l4- l6 chl‘icld Street. Glasgow

Credit Card Bookings available from the Fringe Box Office on 226 5138

Great Jones theatre CO (US) presentsxz.

Stephen Rappal) art’s The Pulitzer-nominated comedy about three American men toying with adulthood The museum 0f ...wh/'/e trying to get laid.

Contemporary Art


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1 I ' by howard kordcr



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a». " I .9 ii . . . ii lite dreamest sexnest scariest date that never ha ened. . . ' '— Tm; Kl’l‘Sll.AN() NILWS Pp “Powerful, actlng 0n ange.

it is so refreshing to come across a company like this.” : MORRIS l’AY'l‘oN. BBC Scotland

“Hilarious...undeniably brilliant...don't miss it."

-—- Tm: VAN(‘()U\'lZR (‘OURILR

“Shared by a level ol cralt seldom seen on American stages"


The Pleasance Assembly ROOMS] AUG 1:45PM [\L'G 2:35PM

38 THE lIST 8-14 Aug 1997 O