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Over 100 events (mostly free): performances, fashion show,

lrish ‘Pub Night’, 100-musician new inter-cultural composition,

bazaar, workshops, African and oriental foods, sport.

Meadowbank Centre, London Road Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 August

from 12.00 noon, including

Abhinaya Darpan in Heer-Ranjha

Musical drama - Punjabi love story - the Romeo and Juliet theme in an eastern setting. Saturday 8.00 pm. 23(1)

stereo nation Chart-toppin bhangra-ragga mixers to be seen wortd-wide on BBC TV's 16 August Anniversary celebrations of India and Pakistan. Double Bill with Bombay Talkie. Saturday 11.11) pm. £611).

Parampara Theatre in NAGWANTI

Musical dance drama - tragic story of two lovers striving against society's constrictions. In English, with original music and beautiful compositions by the masters of the past. Sunday 3.03 pm. 124(1)

Waves dance 00. in (War with Winds)

Eastern and western music, richly creative dance theatre created in Sylthet, Bangladesh. Vibrant costumes, vivid patterns and colour all combine in a memorable dance experience. Sunday 5.00 pm. £341)

ATTA ULLAH KHAN in Concert Pakistan's internationally acclaimed singer with his passionate vibrant music and song combining traditional and modern influences, accompanied by virtuoso musicians. Sunday 8Q) p.m. £7“) Ticketline (0131) 220 4349 Inform ation (0131) 668 2256

46 THE usr 8 H m in»


Remember, Remember

A Political Thriller, 2005 AD

by Andrew Gough

Bonfire Night, 2005: A young man is found dead at home, a lone assassin waits patiently by an open window, and a young journalist returns

home to find herself involved in a conspiracy that

shatters her world.

Mon 11 - Sat 16 August 1419""9126 17:00 - 18:30 ,..,,_,S~}€-JOHN S HALL

*Przmces STREET Tickets £5 concs- £4

Credit card bookings-

contact Fringe Box Office 0131 220 5138

' 1997 t'c‘s Choice - Edinburgh Festival t.

The Guardian Cfl

' presents


Fringe Box Office 0131 t. 5138

Tickets £8.50 (£6.50 concs) includes FREE entry to Fringe Club

Winner Best Actor Award - Edinburgh Festival 1996