Frankie ’The Mad Axe Man’ Mitchell was not so-called because of his virtuosity with the electric guitar. His story is one of the strangest of those surrounding the Kray Twins. Frankie was sprung from Dartmoor Prison in 1966 by the Twins and hid for fourteen days in a flat in Barking. Now his adventures are to be dramatised in a Fringe show. ’lt’s a bizarre love story of three misfits the axe man, the minder and the hostess,’ explains writer- producer Gill Adams.

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What became of Frankie and his flatmates after they incurred the Krays' displeasure is unknown, but there are some gruesome rumours. ’They sent a van to pick him up on Christmas Eve,’ says Adams. ’He had a little carrier bag with his radio in and he was wearing a hat that was too small . . . It made me really sad. If he is going to turn up, let's hope he does it in August!’

(Rodger Evans)

I Jump To Cow Heaven (Fringe) Big Fish Productions, Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, 8—30 Aug, 6.35pm, £7. 50/f8. 50 (£6. 50/f7. 50).


After a powerful interpretation of Macbeth last year, Poland’s Teatr Ludowy returns to the Fringe with another humdinger, Sophocles's tragedy Antigone. Under the direction of Wlodzimierz Nurkowski, a veteran of the Polish theatre scene, the Krakow-based company Wlll be taking a characteristically intense look at the Theban classic.

’They have created something between “normal” theatre and a "happening",’ explains Tomek Bork, the show’s Polish, Edinburgh-based producer. ’lt’s very psychologically acute, and very vivid. The whole ensemble is continually on stage working to create a sense of ritual and mystery.

’Antigone is the classic statement on the tensions between an individual and the state,’ he adds. ’It will always be relevant.’

Performed in a combination of English, Polish and AnCIent Greek, Antigone can expect healthy audiences. ’Last year's success was reported back in Poland,’ says Bork enthusiastically. ’lt consolidated the company, helped them find a sponsor, and gave them all a real boost!’ (Marc Lambert)

l Tea tr Ludowy (Fringe) George Square Theatre (Venue 37) 650 200 7, 8—78 Aug, 7.30pm, £8.50 (£7.50).


(not Mondays) Leith Links. Edinburgh


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Grip of a tyrant: Theatr Ludowy in Antigone


Sex on the Internet, if you believe the hype, is something teenage boys or dirty old men indulge in when they can’t get the real thing. Not according to Lisa Goldman, artistic director of The Red Room theatre company, whose latest production follows two heterosexual women who hook up through the Net and conduct an erotic affair.

It may sound like a dirty old man’s wet dream, but according to Goldman, Surfing is a tender exploration of female identity and modern relationships.

’What interested me was the contrast between the cold technology of the Net and old-fashioned romance,’ she explains.

Vicky, who begins the affair posing as a man, is a coarse Northerner, while her lover is a shy convent girl.

So what happens when true identities are revealed? E-mail barneys? ’No,’ says Goldman. ’Both characters find real liberation through the affair both creatively and sexually. By the end you feel there’s nothing they can’t do.’ (Ellie Carr)

I Surfing (Fringe) The Red Room, Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2468, 77-30 Aug, 7.35pm, £8.50/£7.50 (USO/£6.50).

One of the most creative, the most deeply moving. shows of the season.


An apocalyptic whirlwind..a bright yellow sail. a black Frock coat. a profusion of situations. charivari of images. Liberation


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