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Tina and Jackie: Diva fever

COMEDY INSIDER Tina C In Rhinestone Cowgirl/Chicks With Flicks

Who is the queen diva? Tina C has her country choice while Jackie Clune “yes all disco.

’A true country diva has the following A) hair bigger the better B) The Voice C) Suffering - remember the old Nashville saying - no pain no financial gain D) Death not neccessarily her own, but it helps - E) an lmy of adoring fans.

Patsy Cline scores points in all categories. Dolly Parton rates pretty highly but WAY too happy, darlin'l Tammy Wynette gets points on everything, except the hair - bigger wigs Tammyl Tina C - hair . . . huge; Voice . . . like an angel nourished on Jack Daniels; Suffering - by talk show; Death - tragic loss of entire band in a plane crash -— and fans . . . ahhh modestyl

Patsy and Tina - true country divas.’ (Tina C)

‘Disco diva-ship is about the look. The frosted eyeshadow, the spandex and the industrial strength hairspray. A true diva doesn't actually get to boogie On down - too much weight about the barnet. Very restrictive. The ultimate disco diva has GOT to be Tina Charles' boyfriend. A funny choice, I know, but Tina. bless her, was all frisky and loved to love. Was matey boy interested? Was he buffalo! All he was interested in was perfecting his Hussle. The man was obsessed. Morning, noon and night . . . shimmy, bitch and turn . . . I can’t imagine the relationship lasted.’ (Jackie Clune)

I Tina C In Rhinestone Cowgirl (Fringe) Tina C, Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2151, 8-30 Aug, midnight, £6.50 ([5 50,).

I Chicks With Flicks (Fringe) Jackie C lurie, Assembly Rooms (Venue 3,) 226 2428, 8—30 Aug (not 72, 26) 70.25pm, £8.50/f750 (USO/£6.50).

auilient e With a beret and goatee (Brian Donaldson) I The Kerouac Triangle (Fringe) City

THEATRE REVIEW The Kerouac Triangle

Seen at Cafe Graffiti, Sat 2Aug. * H The Kerouac Triangle is not a thriller based on a ii‘iysterious land zone where Beat Poets disappear \.‘.lllll(,lllt trace but the story of the Cassadys Neal and Carolyn - and their turbulent friendship With On The Road authoi, and inspiration for a generation of beatniks and songwriters, Jat l. Kerouac

Told through the bourbonglazed eyes of the trio and eflet tively aided by Video prolection and the Jazz Vibes of the day, the story (rat ks on through the era, although the Viewer may ultimately be left a little (old And, yes, there was a bloke in the

84 THE Lisr 8—14 Aug 1997

Light Productions, Cale Graffiti ("rent/e 90‘ 55.7 8330, until 30 Aug trio! 8, l 7. 78, 23, 25) IO 40pm, [6 (15> 7AM},

7 30pm, [6 ([5) See ft‘ii‘ituri't, page 25

(. 0M E DY P R E Vl Kevin Gildea

ll Ken/iii Gildea ‘.‘."t‘li‘ to out h.s fingers tt: l~i'~. time, he would surely <ense the aroma of many different pies With lather Ted at the top of his writing tierlits as well as an impressive appearant e in the last episode

a onfessing his love for another piiest, unsafe in the knowledge that he is about to die in a plane crash he has

turned his hand to big-screen acting. 'The character is a lot like myself, actually,’ remarks Gildea. 'An idealist at odds with the world and a poignant sort of a chap. And in the middle of being dumped by his girlfriend.’

And relationships play a substantial part in Gildea’s stand-up routine. 'There's some stuff about them which maybe turns off people who are just out for a night of comedy. I could be wrong.’ To be sure. (Brian Donaldson) I Kevin Gildea (Fringe) The P/easance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 30 Aug, 70.30pm, £8.50/f8 (USO/[7). Preview show, 7 Aug, 70.30pm, £5,


Scott Capurro

'One of the funniest things I ever heard,’ declares Scott Capurro, ’was in Paisley nice pattern, shitty town. A guy was heckling me With all these euphemisms for queer. I thought "turd burglar" was a character in Batman.’

After last year's comedy play, Capurro is back to straight stand—up, so to speak. ’More cock-sucking Jokes,’ he promises. Audiences can look forward to a tirade against the Dutch, an appreCiation of game shows, and the happy ending story of his ’career threatening illness'

Does the San Franciscan with the reputation of a master audience-barter ever regret his verbal brick bats? ’Robin Williams told me that 60% of the time he's embarrassed by what he says on stage . . I said to an old woman at my show "You’re here by yourself? Are all your friends dead?" She said “yes.” I felt bad about that.’ Mr Foot meets Mr Mouth. (Rodger Evans)

I Scott Capurro (Fringe) The Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 30 Aug (not (I, 78, 28) 70.30pm, [8.50/[8 ([7 50/f7). Preview show, 7 Aug, 70.30pm, £5.

COMEDY REVIEW Kissing The Goldfish

Seen at Battersea Arts Centre, London, Tue 29 Jul. **

This musical cabaret act has an enthusiastic following but their charms mostly eluded me. Charlotte Bicknell This Life’s Delilah ~ writer-performer Sebastian Michael and opera diva Caz Weller string together a selection of songs, from campy covers of Bond themes and Queen to an unholy marriage of the Bee Gees and Mozart. The problem is not material, but delivery. Bicknell a mannered honey— blonde mangles the blues while MK hael is less forced but rather dull- voiced. Weller lends an arch sparkle to a performance led by pianist David Harrod's fine direction of a three-piece ensemble. (Donald Hutera) I Kissing The Goldfish (Fringe) The Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, 74—30 Aug (not 78, 28) 77.45pm, [7 50/f650 (£6/f5). Preview show, 74 Aug, 77.45pm, £4.

STAR RATINGS * it * * tr Unmissable * t i it Very ood i ii i Wort seeing it t Below average ii You’ve been warned

Kissing The Goldfish: Bond on blonde