The Big Spree's Malcolm 5th

As Rory Campbell, Deaf Shepherd and Caledon piper and whistler explains, this new band - called after a famous old pibroch. the classical music of the Highland pipes - 'came out of an idea of Fred's (Fred Morrison, Capercaillie's piper), just when l was looking for much the same thing - Highland, rhythmic contemporary music with a strong Gaelic feel. Then the other players became obvious, people we knew and enjoyed playing with. So we've the Pearlfishers's keyboard man Brian MacAlpine, Donald Hay from Mystery Juice on drums, Seelyhoo’s Aaron Jones playing bass and Neil

Summerville on percussion.’

Campbell's Deaf Shepherd colleague Malcolm Stitt handles rhythm on guitar and bouzouki, and, as a bonus, can play the bagpipes, giving this all- instrumental ensemble an occasional frontline of three Highland pipes. But just when you're getting worried about an aural assault, Campbell lays the fear: 'People expect us to whack into reels and jigs, and there will be some of that, but we're not about high-energy, up-tempo but rather much more about phrasing, expression and melody.’ (Norman Chalmers)

l The Big Spree (Fringe) The Famous Grouse House (Venue 34) 220 5606, 15

Aug, 9.45. [8 (£6).

CAJUN REVIEW Psycho Zydeco

* i *

Psycho Zydeco warmed up for then debut FrInge resIdency mm a return vIsIt to the Jazz festIval, although they seemed a lIttle Incongruous III that settrng, The AustralIan quartet's prInpral focus Is on LouisIana’s Calm and Zydeco musIc, but they throw In a variety of other forms as well, IncludIng blues, gospel, 30s swrng and a touch of swamp rock. TheIr vocals are no great shakes, but they generate a fan head of exhuberant Instrumental steam, and should be great late-nIght fun espeCIaIly If Bertre's allows room for dancing. (Kenny Mathieson)

I Psycho Zydeco (Fringe) Bertie '5 (Venue 80) 226 5257, 72—22 Aug, 70.30pm (76 Aug, 9pm) £5 ([4).

MUSIC PREVIEW Lajko Felix and Lorinszky Attila

Budapest's avant-garde cafe sooety, wrthout the cream cakes, can be sampled WIth Hungarzan Overtures who are presentIng the highly talented percussion quartet Amadinda, and the uanue sound of LaJko FeIIx and Lonnszky AttIIa, VIrtuoso performers of a new musIc for vrolrn and double bass. WhIle LaIko’s formidable, and unusual fIddle techanue, ImpaSSIoned playIng, and charIsmatic stage presence has seen him dubbed 'the Hungarian PaganIni’, It Is the genius of the latter on acoustIc double bass that hits this duo above all others. A masters degree In musIc from the Bela Bartok Conservatory ObVIOUSIy reveals an understanding of 'folk’ IdIoms


within a rigorous classical training, but elements of contemporary rock sit with Stravinsky, while adventurous jazzy dissonance, and explosive bowrng conjure up an original repertoire. (Norman Chalmers)

I Lajko Felix and Lorinszky Attila (Fringe) Hungarian Overtures, Fringe Club (Venue 2) 226 5738, 72— 74 Aug, 8.30pm, £6.50 (£5.50) and The Famous Spiege/tent (Venue 87) 558 8070, 75---l6 Aug, 7pm, £6.50 (£5.50).

Can't argue with that. Nip along and watch Dominic and his cohorts redefine the word idiosyncratic. (Jonathan Trew)

I Dominic Waxing Lyrical (Fringe) Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, 77—74 Aug, midnight, £6 ([5). Also part of None Of The Above at The Bongo Club, New Street, Sun 77


Dominic Waxing Lyrical Although DominIc Waxing Lyrical appear regularly on Edinburgh’s music scene, it never gets any easier explaInIng exactly what it Is that they do. There are four InusICIans and a dancer Involved along with a cello, some verses in Middle EngIIsh and a lot of cross-dressing. Mix it together and you end up with a hybrid that Is part theatre performance, part rock gig and all entertainment.

SaInts and angels are the theme behind this particular set of shows. 'It will explore how legends arise and how the public become publIc property,’ explarns frontman DomInic Harris before addIng, 'The real reason is that this WI“ allow us to dress up In gorgeous frocks and wear halos on . Dominic Waxing Lyrical: your flexible Our heads.’ friend

tzo'o'o'l 0'! 0:60:51

8—14 Aug I997 TllE usre'r