CLASSIFIED i saw you



V I saw you drrvittg into the night. you may not be Michelle Pfeiffer or have lter cow boy boots. but I still love you! Love the Cowboy Boot Collector. Box No 15/311/1.

V I saw you on the Cam. Me in shorts. yott in shorter. I got wet. you did too. We did a BBQ. I could've ate more. time ran otit. Yotit place next woosli. Box .\'o 1.1/311/2.

V I saw you Good Music Taste in the audience. watching Pigpen at the Cas Rock. 11/06. Did you say yes or ‘1 don't think so?’. Next gig 02/06 please. I‘m waiting for the day. Box No U/31 1/3.

V I saw you Friday nigltt at Frog C'afc. Hunky blond frog boy. you smiled. l melted. Are you av ailable? lets make tadpoles together in anticipation. jt. Box No

U/3l 1/4.

V I saw you at ("at'wash attd you left rue iii quite a spin. Why don't we make it a party of five and share a Bailey's sonietittie. Box No 13/311/5.

V I saw you St \itnans. Falkland. Life. 1968-— 1971 many of us are now like- minded. (‘lydebank and Stirling get iii touch. Box No 11/311/6. V I saw you and you saw me.

Steve of S ry N. (luring and after

Cafe (iraffiti on 5/7/‘17. We arranged to meet at Indigo Yard.

6pm. 9/7/97. Did you loose your

bottle or was it just your Courage!!! Box No 1.1/311/7. V I saw you rugged titan! At the Edinburgh Greenpeace Campaign Group. 1 was the one who w axed lyrical abotit the state of Waveland. RemettiKer',’ Let‘s discuss! “(H No l"/3l l/h’. V I saw you in the Dorie. you served me with a smile. the man with stylish tie. .‘yle. lrish with friend. .loin the for dinner next time. Box No1F/311/9.

V I saw you Romeo and .ltlllel last night. l‘ilnihouse. front row. summersault then ‘llarry 0‘! My first time your second. Fancy doing Richard III together? .-\fter all Shakespeare's only soap. Box No l.’/3l l/lll.


l V I saw you regularly

downstairs at American

1 l-prress. You: short dark hair.

1 gorgeous-eyed man behind the

g counter. Me: the American guy

i who regularly needs a cheque

; cashed. Care to meet for a drink? Box No U/311/11.

V I saw you Helen. ex-babe

' story. 1 still think you are

; gorgeous. but where have you

i gone? Sorry but I was lost for

words at the circus. Get in touch

now! Box No U/31 l/l2.

: V I saw you on Queen Street.

' just before dawn of a Sunday

: morning. Guess what? You aked

3 rue the time. Did I imagine

- lengthy pauses? You girl. tne

boy. ()k'.’ Thirty words tip. Box No l'/3l 1/13.

; V I saw you only fleetineg near the top of Ben Vorlich

3 (20/7). but your nice brown

' legs. lovely smile and reddish

' 1?) hair have stuck in my mind.

! Fancy leaving the crowd one

; Sunday‘.’ Box No U/3l l/I4.

; V I saw you on the Iidin/

3 Birmingham flight. 27th June.

You: long dark hair. denim jacket. navy jeans. beautiful. :‘yle: two rows in front. Can 1 see you again? Box No U/3 1 1/15.

! V I saw you Carl. 1 found you

' attractive. you said you found me attractive. Also saw you

Kudos 24/07/97. then next door. Do you fancy a date? Box No li/311/16.

V I saw you but I recognised your smell alone! The spicy yet smooth aroma of Sauza. The refreshing touch of lemonade. It reawakened my senses. True most people choose to drink Sauza and lemonade . . . but hey I like girls who are different. Box No U/312/50

V I saw you Briatt. in Our Price. Dunfet'tnline. then ls'irkcaltly. Could we be like- minded? There‘s only one way

- to find out get in touch.

Discretion assured. Box No


V I saw you in the Polo Lounge on \\'ednesday evening. 23rd .luly. You were stnoking

roll ups and reading a very important German novel. 1 was with a nosy friend. Let's meet initius novel and friend. Box No 17/31 l/18.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE



The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the CCA

and we wrll toward it, Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the TOP [EFT-HAND CORNER.

Replies \NIII be forwarded (we a week If you send several replies. send them in one large envelope OOri't stamp the replies. but do wnte the appropriate 80x Number on each envelope

350 Sauchiehall St GLASGOW G1 212


V I saw you Catherine from lslay. You couldn't finish your song in Molly Malone‘s. Get in touch with the astronaut. l’m tnissing you already. Box No U/3l [/19

V I saw you Tamlin at Prince Armanis. 26/7/97 and what a lovely guy you are! Bob Dylan. Brussel sprouts and bongo drumsl! You‘re off to Australia. Always be laughing. .lan xx. Box No U/3l [/20

V I saw you for the second time. but didn‘t know your name. Elaine. in the T.C.H. and your unique tattoo afterwards in the R.O. several weeks ago. When and where will you pop up next? I’d quite like to be there! Box No U/3l 1/21.

V I saw you petite Audrey Hepburn lookalike. Me: pointy hairstyle. Evening went like a dream because I fell asleep. Want to wake tne tip sometime with breakfast at Tiffany‘s ? Box No U/311/22.

V I saw you you shopping at Tesco. the vegetable counter. last week. You are an older woman and 1 am a young teacher with 3 weeks left of holiday. Fancy a sumnter of daytime love? Box No

U/31 1/23.


V I saw you H.M. the art teacher. in class 6 years ago. I wish we could talk some more. I miss you still. G.A. Box No U/31 1/24.

V I saw you Kenny the designer on Judi's big day.

;; Saturday 26 July? We looked . btit didn't speak. Was it me you

liked. orjust the cut of my clothes? Box No U/311/25.

' V I saw you on beaches and

beds. in bars and my dreams. You make me pine. whirnper and scream! Hand-in-hand towards the sunset? Fou Lou you know you got me! Box No U/3l 1/26.

V I saw you Zoe. the radiographer with kitten and pink room in Haymarket. I thought you were totally cool. but decided to flatshare elsewhere. Share a drink with rne instead“? Jim. Box No

U/31 1/27.

V I saw you keen to slap. keen to tickle. keen on you big time. Your little wonder. I x. Box No U/3l 1/28.

V I saw you leaving my room. 16/7/97. You: stoic and sensible. not lingering. left for a taxi. Me: helpless. speechless. useless. Please come back soon I miss yott. Box No U/3l 1/29.

V I saw you Parcel Force delivery man. You delivered to me in Partick on Tuesday 29 July at about 9.30am. l. in my bath robe with a wee barking dog. really wanted to inspect your package . . . Box No

11/31 1/30.


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V I saw you and keep seeing you outside work. at disco. at GFT and you drive a very posh car. Are we both shy women? Go on get in touch. Box No U/3l 1/31.

V I see you daily. strawberry blonde beauty. catching 08.05 bus to Cornely Bank/West End. reading 'Iimex. lfl nibble your neck. will you stop biting your nails? RSVP: Mr Shy and smiley. Box No U/312/1.

V I saw you Blue Kangol. sexy eyes. gorgeous smile. lovely lips. You can bounce into my pouch anytime. Am 1 too late or is it early. early? Box No U/3 12/2.

V I saw you 2/8/97 Route 66. Blonde woman in black leather

jacket. Were you looking too?

Did you come back for me? I'm shy. life's cotnplex. You‘re too stunning to tniss. Let's talk. Box No U/312/3.

V I saw you Livingstone Place. white car. wee beard. green door. I crossed road to get better look. carrying bag. Let's move on froin staring at each other. Box No U/312/4.

V I saw you in Ryan's then weeks later in Shawlands C.C. You know who I atn! I thought I'd said sorry? Hoped you‘d be in tottch. Let's be friends. Sxx. Box No U/3 1 2/5.

0 I saw you Gary Gilday. let's meet tip in Rogano like old times... You set a time. I'll be there. Freaky. eh? Box No U/312/6.

l l l i l l l

V I saw you young Asian woman leaving Bruntsfield Links for Spottiswoode Street. Friday 1 August. You: blue T- shirt. Me: light blue shirt. fair hair and cupid's arrow through my heart. U/312/7.

V I saw you then savoured your flavour after we snogged at Tackno. The mix of premium oak aged Sauza and lemonade provided a long smooth refreshing kiss. If you fancy reawakening your senses then get in touch. Box No U/312/57.

V I saw you Meredith (DC/LA). We met. I left. when 1 came back you were away. Sure to meet again but these words just in case. Got the tickets for Animation festival. David. U/312/8.

V You saw me left a note on my bike. 1 was in London that Sunday night returned to discover a note froin a lover? Me: guy with the sexy hair? You: girl with the legs so fair! Contact me. and then we can see what will be will be. Box No 312/9.

V I saw you blue eyed and good-looking. You‘ve only been here a week but I love your smile. Stay around longer so 1 can get to know you better. Ken at M.D’s. Box No U/312/10.

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