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Look who's stalking

PUBLICITY IS VITAL for any show during the Edinburgh Festival. Every act realises this but none do it quite as well as Mr Jim Rose of the New Jim Rose Circus. The man is ubiquitous; his face beams from posters, papers and magazines all over the place. In fact, if you look behind your sofa right now you’ll probably find him there.

Here at List Towers, we salute this single-minded dedication but even we were staggered by this latest set of photos. Just in case you’re the last person in Edinburgh who doesn't know, here are the show's details:

I The New Jim Rose Circus (Fringe) Palladium (Venue 26) 0731 557 2700, until 30 Aug (not Mon) 7pm, £8.50


These are our favourites: on the left, Jim and Nick Cave caught at 3pm. On the right. Jim and Nick. both looking a little tired and emotional, sixteen hours later. A brave performance

‘Snakeskin Shirt' Rose meets Ski

n from Skunk Anansie

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Bribes, please

The corruption is only just beginning.

DESPITE LAST WEEK’S announce- ment of how grateful this column always is for bribes, response has been a little slow to pick up so far. Disappointingly so, in fact. However, there have been a few rays of sunshine. The marvellous Spiegeltent, a swinging den of slick-hipped talent and mouthwatering music (see how this column works?), sent the entire office a mammoth consignment of yummy muffins to help promote awareness of the corking Australian jazz singer, Madame Pat and her Orkestra. We say 'Ripper, Blueyl' Or we would if our gobs weren't crammed with cake.

14 THE lIST 15—21 Aug 1997

Still on a grub theme, Arts International Exchange kindly sent over a big box of assorted Hungarian cakes which were made by Kathleen Gati (Cheers Kathleen!) who plays Suckbane, the witch in The Merlin International Theatre's version of The Quest at the Chaplaincy Centre. 'Let the press eat cake’ said the accompanying press release. Couldn’t agree more.

Meanwhile, we’ve received a most welcome rumble from the jungle in the form of a few bottles of fortifying McEwan's 90/-. It was sent from Theatrum Botanicum, performers of the world premiere of Livingstone Quest For The Source Of The Nile at the Royal Botanic Gardens, a play which we are only too happy to recommend from the bottom of our cups.

Moving away from comestibles, those nice people at Avalon, probably the

country’s top comedy promoters and agents, sent through a party pack of branded pens and notepads. It’s a great idea and as soon as our scribes are allowed anything sharper than a crayon then the goodies will be fairly distributed.

'Crying In Public Places’ were almost on the right track when ‘hey sent a number of individually wrapped onions to the office to announce their production of Jump at the Gilded Balloon. Uh, thanks.

Anyway, that looks like it's our lot for this issue but remember, if you want your show in this column then send us some goodies. Certain factions in the office would like to see a life-size George Clooney lookalike turn up in a fireman’s outfit. If you can help, you know where to find us . . .

I Send your bribes to: Bribes Please, The List, 74 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 TTE.

The whole truth, sometimes

Rich Hall is appearing in his one- man and a donkey show, Rich Hall's Louisiana Hayride. A newspaper columnist on these shores and sometimes stand-in presenter for the Jack Docherty Show, Hall is very funny.

What have you got in your pockets? Oddly enough, my trousers, they got turned inside out somehow.

Square sausage or round sausage? I've accepted the fact we may never know in this lifetime.

When was the last time you broke the law?

Two months ago. I was actually attending a Supertramp concert and enjoyed it. Surely that's illegal?

What do you like most about yourself? My tolerance for the Portuguese.

What do you dislike most about yourself?

Uh, remember that Supertramp concert I mentioned earlier.

What's your favourite heckle?

You have to shame hecklers. I bring in a tax auditor and we go through their finances

If you could time travel anywhere, where would you go?

Back to the days when Lynyrd Skynyrd ruled man!

What song would you have played at your funeral? Freebird!

Are white socks ever acceptable past the age of sixteen?

I don’t see white and I don't see black. I see one colour only. Let’s all remember that.

What's your poison? Curare sounds pretty exotic.

on sight?

If you are talking about cleaning up the streets of Edinburgh at Fringe time, yes. Chainsaws to stilts would also help.

Is there a case for shooting jugglers i l

I Rich Hall ’5 Louisiana Hayride (Fringe) Rich Hall, The Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2757, until 30 Aug (not 72, 24) 70pm, £7.50 (£6.50).