THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDINBURGH FESTIVAL began officially last Sunday, and already the streets are full of audiences, performers, admin- istrators, publicists, critics and general-purpose liggers, plus a few people who must be wondering what the hell’s going on. Whichever category you fall into, you’ll be needing some guidance so you can find the soaraway successes and avoid the earthbound turkeys. That’s exactly why we’re here.

HERE AT THE L/ST we have twelve years’ experi— ence of covering the Edinburgh Festival in depth. A new issue of The List comes out every week during the Festival, filled with details about where to go, what to do, who to see and who not to see.

IN OUR THIS ISSUE and the next one (out on

Thursday 21 August), we’ll be doing everything we can to make this your best Festival ever . . .


The List's Guide to the 1997 EdinburghFestival

Using The List

TOP TWENTY: On page II we give our twenty tips for the very best Festival events taking place this week. If you can only take in a few, choose them from here.

THEATRE, DANCE, COMEDY AND KIDS: To help you plan your daily Festival diary, our coverage of Theatre, Dance Comedy and Kids is divided into six time bands, from 9am until late at night. Each section covers what we think will be the most interesting shows in that time band.

FILM, MUSIC, CLUBS, BOOKS AND ART: Each of these is covered in a separate section, which you can find following on from the time band sections.

HIT LISTS: Details of the most exciting events in each section are given in the Hit list, on the first page of that section. STAR RATINGS: Events that we’ve reviewed are assessed for quality and given one to five stars, according to how good we think they are. Our previews highlight events which we have not been able to review before the Festival, but which we think are worth seeing. Previews are not given star ratings.

FREE TICKET OFFERS: Through our special contacts with Festival and Fringe promoters, we’ve secured some free tickets just for our readers. See pages 5 and 7 for full details.

Also included with this issue . . .

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Complete listings for all Festival events

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