The right way to eat eggs: Barry Sorts It Out

THEATRE REVIEW Barry Sorts It Out *ir a.

This tawdry monologue, written and directed by Pat Condell, with Andy Linden as the eponymous anti-hero, provides some authentic and genuinely comic insight into the life of a waster from Essex estate-land. With a lyrically ambivalent cry of ’you fucked that June', Barry's wife leaves him, and he tells us how he gets her back. On the way, we’re treated to reflections upon fried-egg sandwiches which should be consumed out of habit rather than epicurean appreCIation punch-ups, at which he has no ability, and his alter ego Danny, who demonstrates Barry's dim awareness that he’s a twat (Steve Cramer)

I Barry Sorts it Out (Fringe) Bound and Gagged, Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) until 30 Aug (not 73, 28) 7.45pm, £7.50 (£6.50).

COMEDY REVIEW Kamikaze Freak Show * if

Like the maggot crawling over my cousin's sweater in the bar afterwards, this show stays with you.

Audiences should be prepared for having live maggots thrown at them (to prove they are real). ‘The Prince Of

6 -3] Aug 97 (not Mondays) Leith Links, Edinburgh


antrlii ,t’s’


so riIELisr is-zi Aug i997


Pain' is paid to eat the things, but did we ask for this?

Well that‘s the point, really. As the man puts it, 'we're doing all this for you.’ Introspection comes abruptly when you are made to feel responsible for a man who ends up bleeding In several places, from atrocities inflicted on him by himself and others.

The star-rating is an average between one because you really shouldn’t go and five for value for money If you do. (Stephen Naysmith)

I Kamikaze Freak Show (Fringe) Kamikaze Freak Show, Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, until 30 Aug (not 79, 26) 6.45pm, £7 (£6).

COMEDY REVIEW Simon Lipson In Pieces Hr

Scared Weird Little Guys: not scared, not weird. just fun

. _ . , , COMEDY REVIEW Simon Lipson is familiar With radio's padded environment, so the sharp end Scared Weird Little Guys of comedy must leave him with nasty * ***

psychological scarring. Either that or he sports an incredibly thick hide.

Hailed as a 'genius' yes, another! - Lipson offers an itty-bitty sketch routine relying on impersonation and a big- hearted audience.

The impersonation is a deluge of easy targets like Bruno, Saville and Sting, boosted now and again by Quality —- oor Billy and Brendan Foster.

His vocal parodies rarely miss but far too often the writing is desperate. When the punchlines arrive, it’s time to cue the sympathetic shuffle and mouth tweak routine. (Paul Welsh)

I Simon Lipson In Pieces, Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2 75 7, until 30 Aug, 745pm, £6.50 (£5.50)

Neither scared nor particularly weird, John and Rusty are two men who can hold a note. Good with guitars, they’ll proudly display their comic wares with uniquely appealing comedy tunes including the doubtless-destined-to- become-a-classic ‘I Am Volvo Man’.

Yeah, so comedy songs may not sound like the ideal way to spend your early evening, but the show is carried off with brave charisma and an immediate, immediately friendly rapport that makes any doubts dissolve into something a lot sweeter. The timing is great; jokes very rarely fail to hit the target, and the audience bonding is of the nicest possible kind.

Whether this is the show that'll launch the boys in the UK remains to be seen. Their comedy blends clever-clever wit with childish idiocy, something which has a proven track record for doing very well over here (stand up Lee and Herring . . .).

The Scared Weird Little Guys manage to stand on their own merits as a hidden gem of the Fringe - an endlessly endearing double act with a lot to say and an hour to say it in. And while it doesn't quite make it to five-star status, it certainly brushes very heavily against it. (Danny Wallace)

I Scared Weird Little Guys (Fringe) Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, until 30

THEATRE REVIEW Aug, 7.30pm, f7.50/£8.50 (£6.50/£7.50).



must account for the Intenser passionate perfomances from the lead actors

With minimalist, monochromatic staging and design, and an inventive

; 2007, until 78 Aug, 6. 75pm, [8.50 ([7 50)

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Followmg their sell-out success With Macbeth at the Fringe last year, this young Polish company have returned with a highly profeSSIonal production


of Sophocles' famous tragedy. ' use of sound running through the play, caused.

Antigone’s battle against Creon's this is a smoothly stylised ~ though I

blind tyranny is resonant With political sometimes monotonous « production, I STAR RATINGS allusions, both to the repressive I which spares the audience none of the * * * * * Unmissable dictatorships of the communist era, weight of its tragedy. (Tanya Stephan) Vwegt Osgging and to the current political dilemmas : I Antigone (Fringe) Teatr Ludowy, h, Below average faCIng Poland's new democracy. This L George Square Theatre (Venue 37) 650 it You've been warned

One of the most creative. the most deeply moving. shows of the season. ' Panscope

An apocalyptic whirlwind..a bright yellow sail, a black Frock coat. a profusion of situations. charivari of images. Liberation

Full of new ideas. grace, rhythm. perfectly executed by impeccable professionals. Le Monde

i Dynamite! L'Express r

Tickets: (0131) 477 7200 F10 \

F70 lamIIy ticket: l adult 8 2 children

Box Office on site open From midday until show starts.

luessllmrs only: £8 concs

(U840s. students. kids. OAPs)