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The index lists every Festival show appearing in this week's List alphabetically, by title. Where the title of a show includes the artist's name, this is also listed alphabetically by first name. The page number(s) opposite indicate where the show is covered.

ART Dalziel And Scullion National Gallery Of Modern Art 97 Gerhard Richter Fruitmarket Gallery 97, 98 A Life Of Lorca City Art Centre 98

Mirrorball - Stephane Sednaoui Edinburgh College OfArt 29, 98 A New Look At 1947 Talbot Rice Gallery 97 Precious Cargo Royal Museum Of

Scodand 98 Pseudologica Fantastica Calum

Colvin 9, 97 Raeburn Royal Scottish Academy 97

Ralph Steadman - Etchings 8r Lithographs Rogues‘ Gallery 8 Reading Room Edinburgh (‘ollege Of An 98 Surrealism And After National Gallery

Of Modern Art 11, 97, 98 Theories Of The Decorative Royal Botanic Gardens 97


Absolutely Now! Lynne Franks 92 Anne Frank Today Post Office Theatre 11, 87 Bernard Mac Laverty ISSPC‘ Studio

Theatre 87 Children Of Albion Rovers Gordon Legge and Laura Hird

Feng Shui Simon Brown 90 Hugh Collins liSPC Studio Theatre 88 Joe Simpson With Andrew Greig Post Office Theatre 92 Kate Atkinson Post Office Theatre 87 Last Orders Graham Swift 87 laugh Yourself Silly Arabella Weir. Susie Maguire and David Jackson-Young 91 Pat Barker Post Office Theatre 87 0 International Cafe 9

Rohinton Mistry Post Office Theatre 87

Sean Hughes Post Office Theatre 23, 87 Will Self Post Office Theatre 16 A-Z Of Taboo Porrlter and Duff 68

The Act lid Byrne And Brendan Burns 48

Alibis For Life Sean Httghes 11, 23, 67 Alistair McGowan Moving The

Goalposts Pleasance

All Classical Music Explained:

The Masterclass Rainer Hersch 48 Al Murray The Pub Landlord - The King

Of Beers Pleasance 13 Ari Barker"s Letter To America

Pleasance 76 Bea Love At Midnight The Garage

Theatre 80 Best Of Scottish Gilded Balloon 75 The Big Squeeze Pleasance 49 Bill Bailey George Square Theatre 67 Bruce Morton Famous Grouse House 68 Chloe Poems In Universal Rentboy Pantomime Prods 70 Club Seals Pleasance 80 Count Arthur Strong's Acting

Masterclass Larry Trafalgar Presents 60 Dave Gorman - In The Pleasance With

A Microphone Pleasance 70 David Baddiel The Palladium 67 DIY - The Musical KC Productions Ltd. 70 Donna McPhail Gilded Balloon 68 Glub, Glub! Yllana 39 Glynn Nicholas Crossing The Line Assembly Rooms 80 Greg Proops Pleasance 11, 51, 52

Greg Fleet's Underwater World

Gilded Ballooit 73 Hello - We're The Nualas Gilded Balloon 73 Hung Lee - Now And Zen 'I‘Iie

Honeycortrb 82 Ian Stone - A Bit Of Didley Squat

Gilded Balloon 76

nucusr rs-zi Aug 1997

l Beg Your Pardon? Charlie Cheese 78 Jerry Sadowitz Assembly Rooms 12, 33, 37 Jimeoin Queen's Hall 80 John Gillick: Gender Is A Mandatory

Field Christie‘s 76 John Hegley Traverse Theatre 80 The Jonny Vegas Show Gilded

Balloon 77, 82 Kevin Gildea Pleasance 80 Leonardo Was Right Stephen Frost 48

A Little Flight Music Pellew lntemational 46 The League Of Gentlemen Pleasance 45

Marcus Brigstocke The Honeycomb 58 Marion Pashley Pulls It Off Gilded

Balloon 48 Miss ttchy's Bastard Breakfast Show Gilded Balloon 55 Not Tonight. Josephine Enright

Jo Enright 52 Owen O'Neill - Off My Face Assembly Rooms 78 The Paramount Comedy Channel

Assembly Rooms 77 Paul Capsis Returns In Cabaret

Gilded Balloon 78 Paul Zenon Spiegeltent 12

Phil Kay Feels...Like Playing With His Friends The Playhouse 11, 77 Posh Spice Nude The r 'immo Twins 43 Random Abstract Memory Hattie

Hayridge 39 Rich Hall's Louisiana Hayride

Gilded Balloon 14, 77 Scared Weird Little Guys Assembly

Rooms 56 Scarlet Harlots Christie‘s 68 Shane St James Spiegeltent 68

Simon Lipson In Pieces Gilded Balloon 56 Sir Bernard Chumley's Grand Tour

Pleasance 75 Smiley In Confessions Of A Catholic Buddhist La Belle Angele 73 Stand Up Straight Southside 55 A Supercollider For The Family

Ben Moor 46

Talkin' Vagabond Jazz Franklyn Ajaye 70 This Morning With Richard Not Judy II

Lee and Herring 34 Three Cafe Royal 58 Tommy Tiernan And Janson Byrne

Gilded Balloon 11, 67, 73 The Umbilical Brothers Are Back With Don't Explain George Square Theatre 67, 73 Uncle Ron Explains It All Gilded

Balloon ll 55 Vice And Verse: The Poetry Of Murray Lachlan Young Assembly Rooms 21

Young, Gifted And Green Gilded Balloon 78

Club Latino Assembly Rooms 11, 104 Going Places Masonic Halls 104 Manga La Belle Angele 103 New Scottish Parliament The Venue 104 Northern Soul All-Nighter Quayside 104 Urbansole La Belle Angele 103

Kosh Kabaret Present Three-Point Turn George Square Theatre 51 Nukanya Dreaming NND Ngarindjeri 75 San Francisco Ballet Edinburgh

Playhouse 11, 12, 51 Stung Momentary Fusion 45 The Tibetan Book Of The Dead Shakri 12 Tbilisi Ballet Assembly Rooms 38 Végétal Ballet Atlantique Regine 24, 51

4 little Girls Filmhouse I & Gl-T 2 86 Adam 8 Eva GI-‘I‘ l 84 Buck Henry Scene By Scene Filnihouse I 83 Bumping The Odds I‘ilrnhouse l 85 Chasing Amy (‘ameo I 84 Colours Straight Up Filmhouse I 86 East Side Story Cameo l 85 Event Horizon ()deon l 83 Everyone’s Child Cameo 3 85

Face ABC 2 19, 84 Fast. Cheap 8r Out Of Control

Filmhouse i 85 The Full Monty UCI 19. 86 Gaelic Shorts Cameo I 83 Gus Gus Gi-‘I‘ I 30 House Of America Filmhouse 2 84 How I Learned To Overcome My Fear

And Love Arik Sharon Filmhouse 2 86 The James Gang ABC Wester HaiIes 8, 85 John Hodge Filmhouse l 83 Junk Mail Cameo I 86 Kitchen Cameo I 86 Loud Minority Filmhouse 3 30 Love And Death On Long Island

Filmhouse I 35 Mrs Brown Dominion 85 Mushrooms Cameo I 85 My Son The Fanatic Cameo I 84 New Work Filmhouse I & 3 30 Office Killer Filmhouse I 84 People On Sunday Filmhouse l 83 Pusher Cameo I 83, 84

Sick: The Life And Death Of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist Filmhouse 2 83

Stephane Sednaoui Filmhouse I 11, 29, 83 Surface Tension GT-T I 30 The Sweet Hereafter Cameo l 11, 83 The River Filmhouse I 84 Tartan Shorts/Prime Cuts Cameo I 83 Wednesday 19.7.61 Filmhouse l 84 The Well Cameo I 85 Wild Angel Cameo 3 85

AA. Milne's Winnie The Pooh Richard

Medrington's Puppets 34 it Came From Planet Rimelle Fox Youth

Theatre 37 The Little Mermaid C Venue 34

The New Jim Rose Circus Palladium 14, 60 Kamikaze Freak Show Assembly Rooms 56 Mika Assembly Rooms 13

Andy Sheppard And Jazz Jamaica

Jaffa Cake 93 Ariadne Auf Naxos Scottish Opera 96 Babybird Jaffa Cake 9 Brian McNeill - The New Tradition

Tron Ceilidh House 96 Bryn Terfel Usher Hall 11, 26, 93 Carver At Greyfriar's Kirk Taverner

Consort 95 Faust Jaffa Cake 94 Jennifer Larmore Queen‘s Hall 27

Loyko Assembly Rooms 11, 93 Mad Pudding Famous Grouse House 96 Mela Meadowbank Centre And

Stadium 93, 95 My Friend The Chocolate Cake Spiegeltent 93

Neil Stacey's Kimbara Brothers Graffiti 95 Ray Davies: The Storyteller Assembly

Rooms 93

Rhonda Movement Spiegeltent 12

TinderSticks Jaffa Cake 93, 95 THEATRE

Acid Reign Z Theatre Company 46

After Penny Graeme iidler 46

Along Came A Spider Max Fisher 60

Ana'r's Anagram Demarco [European Art Foundation Anna Weiss Traverse Theatre

Company 11, 51, 58 Antigone Teatr Ludowy 56 The Ballad Of Jimmy Costello

Tim Balme 37 Barry Sorts It Out Bound And Gagged 56 The Beaux' Stratagem Strut & Fret 40

Behind The Aquarium At The Last Pizza Show Bradford Playhouse 'l‘ouring Company

Bill Bailey George Square Theatre

33, 34

Bite Me Angel Fish Theatre

Blue Heart OutOf Joint/Royal Court Theatre

Bob Downe - Jazzy Queen‘s Hall Boy's Life Great Jones Theatre Co. Bring Me Sunshine Rapscallion Productions

Bye Bye Blackbird Guy Masterson Productions

Celle-La Theatre Cryptic

Cleo Nyeusi

A Clockwork Orange Northern Theatre Company

The Coat Credo Theatre 11 The Corridor Benchtours

The Cub JFK (UK)

75 33 52 39 40 33. 38 67. 70 34


, 77, 82

37 55

Danny And The Deep Blue Sea Oxygen


Disco Pigs Corcadorca 11 Disintegration - Dze-Ya? Belarus State Theatre

Dusty Fruit Reject‘s Revenge Dybbuk Wierszalin Teatr Earthquake Weather Starving Artists Eclipse Harrogate Flying Theatre Elsa Edgar Bob Kingdom

Enemy: Project Ibsen Aurora Falstaff Breakwith Productions

The Fire Poet Philip Wells

Fool House Trestle Theatre Company Flor De Obsessao Pia Fraus Theatre Company

Fugue Bars

The Garden Teatr Snow

Garland Jtrdy With Love

Grace Jade Theatre Company

The Hanging Tree LookOut Theatre Hellcab Tamarind Theatre Hummingbirds Cambridge ADC


33, 60 38 76 39 49 38 58 45, 48 75 11, 45

40 46 70 75 40 51 11, 45 40

Hysterical Studs Waxen Patience Theatre 78

Incarnate Cambridge University ADC It's Uncanny The Weird Sisters Jock Scot Gilded Balloon II

82 37 68

A Kind Heart And A Big Donger Pulse 52 The Last Vegas Lounge Act The Ghost

Road Company Latin! by Stephen Fry Counterweight Productions


39. 43

Lemon Sisters Tire Icelandic Takeaway


Massage Steven Berkoff

The MC Of A Striptease Act Doesn’t Give Up Gilded Balloon II

Measure For Measure Nottingham Playhouse

Miss Julie 20to 'I‘HEATRF.

The Naked Guest Animus

Nine Lives, Ten Tales Lippy

The Pit And The Pendulum Shattered Windscreen Theatre Company Protrait Game Plate IV Theatre

The Prince Of West End Avenue Kerry Shale

Red Zone Derevo

Re-Tune To Murder Punchline Productions

The Ripple Effect Revelations

Seizer Boilerhotrse 11,

43 37


S1, 55 13 58 40

78 38

13 11,77

43 46 77, 80

Shadowboxing Axis Theatre Company 49

Shadow Boxing In Company Shopping And Fucking Out Of Joint/ Royal Court Theatre

Still Game Gilded Balloon Ii

The Story Of The Fallen Hero Guandaline Sagliocco

The Suicide (‘ommunicado

A Tainted Dawn Tarnasha Theatre Think No Evil Of Us . . . My Life With Kenneth Williams David Benson

The Tie Tagtrs

Timon IiUTC

Truckstop Goddess Spellbound Productions

Unidentified Human Remains And


58 55

52 33 52

33 43 52


The True Nature Of Love Gilded Balloon 43

Urban Minefields Oscar McLennan Vivien: The Other Side Of Gone With The Wind Festival Theatre l'SC—USA Witches Abroad Wotjacallem Players Wounds To The Face The Wrestling School


8 40

45, 48