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To p b i l | i n 9 Last year he (almost) won the Perrier. This year he’s TV’s Bill

Bailey. Is there no stopping the hairiest man in comedy?

Bill Bailey is unwell. ‘l've got an ear infection and my balance has been thrown out,’ he states in serious mode. ‘If you have a cold and you go on a plane the fluid stays in your head because the pressure doesn't equalise properly. It's called Barrow Trauma. It’s not like an irrational fear of barrows,’ states Bailey in less serious mode. 'That would be horrible down the garden centre.’ At least Bill Bailey will experience no Perrier Trauma, having had his sole stab last year. 'That was just a sideline,’ recalls the wizened one. 'It just came up once I got there but you can't think about it, there’s so much to do during a three-week run in Edinburgh. There’s less pressure if no one’s around nudging you going "wooh, wooh, eh? Wooahhhh, eh?


To everyone's amazement, including that of winner Dylan Moran, hot tip Bailey failed to scoop the prize despite across-the-board approval for his inspired sonic and literary trip through the ages in search of the perfect gag and most bizarre musical collaborations. The sequel will have a character- led emphasis though don't expect much in the way of 'topical comedy.‘ In particular the topic of aliens. Don’t be faxed by his appearance - both his own and on Channel 4’s Space Cadets - he is more of a Scully than a Mulder.

'My only extraterrestrial experiences were on mushrooms,’ confesses the co-star of the new sci-fi quiz. 'People are more interested in the next episode of the X-Files than what's happening on Mars. We have the

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Bill Bailey: the hair bear returns

sight of 30 nerds with beards sitting in a room going 'woooheyyyyl' in front of computer consoles - we've been seeing that for years. You know, "cut to bearded blokes in front of computers going 'woooheyyyyl'" People look and go “So what. Oh great, Mars. It's red with dust on it and stones. Where's David Duchovny?" That's what people are shouting.’ What we need now is a grand theory. 'I think what’ll happen is the CIA will stage a pretend landing like a reverse Capricorn One and make out aliens have landed in Wales.’ (Brian Donaldson)

I Bill Bailey (Fringe) Bill Bailey, George Square Theatre (Venue 37) 6502007, 78—29 Aug, 9.45pm, £9 (£8). See Free/oaders, pages 5 8i 7.

Mon) 9.45pm, £8 (£5).

David Baddiel: backstage pass


David Baddiel Q 8: A

He ’5 fitba crazy. He '5 fitba mad. But will Fantasy Football’s David Baddiel pass on the questions that really matter about eleven men and a ball?

Is Kenny Dalglish God?

No, God has never made a move as mysterious as leaVing Blackburn at the height of their success. Also, God's more comprehensible to Englishmen. Worst refereeing decision?

Clive Thomas's deCision to make a Welsh sheep-based joke halfway through his last appearance on Fantasy Football.

If Kenny Dalglish were one of lesus's disciples, which one would he be? Morris. He's the one the New Testament doesn't mention much, who keeps leaVing the other disciples to go and play golf.

Best/worst Scottish ground visited?

I've only ever been to Ibrox and Tynecastle. Obvrously, Ibrox was the worst and Tynecastle was the best. This answer has nothing to do With the fact that I have to live in Edinburgh for ten days.

Elton John was chairman of Watford - which pop stars should control Celtic and Rangers?

I preSUme Bono's a Catholic and Jan Akkerman (ex-Focus) is a Protestant, so there you are.

Which football song has made you want to go on a mass killing spree?

I'm not sure if this question is a veiled dig. If so, may I draw your attention to Ally MacLeod and co’s I978 effort '00 Lee 00 Lay, 00 Lee 00 La, We’re GOing To Bring Back The World Cup Back From Over Tha.’

(InterView: Brian Donaldson)

I David Baddiel (Fringe) The Palladium

(Venue 26) 557 2 700, 75—23 Aug, 9pm, £70 (£8).

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Bill Bailey The long-haired lover of daft comedy ditties returns with a character-led slant to his unflinchingly funny sets. See preview, left and Free/oaders, pages 5 8i 7.

David Baddiel The sardonic star of Fantasy Football proves he’s not too scared to visit Scotland . . . wearing a bullet-proof vest. See preview, left. Umbilical Brothers Prepare for your gob to be well and truly smacked as I the masters of physical comedy return with their original and best l show. See review on following ; pages and Freeloaders, pages 5 8i 7. Don’t Explain (Fringe) Umbilical i Brothers, George Square Theatre 3 (Venue 37) 650 2007, until 77 Aug, i £8.50 (£7.50).

15—21 Aug i997 TIlEllSTB‘l