Arabella Weir

Arabella Weir has three claims to fame. She was in a rock ’n' roll tribute band with Adam Ant. In 1980 she had a very, very small part in The French Lieutenant’s Woman alongside Jeremy Irons. And she is a stalwart member of those crazy cookies from TV's The Fast Show.

Weir's debut book has Sprung from the comic loins of the latter. It is titled Does My Bum Look Big In This? a Fast Show 'catchphrase for generic paranoia’, as the writer defines it. Weir's literary creation is 33-year-old Jaqueline M. Payne, proud owner of self-help thigh books, a largish backside and enormous insecurity. And jolly entertaining she is too.

Just don’t call this book the new Bridget Jones Diary, okay? 'Oh no,’ sighs Weir. 'I do like Bridget Jones but she's very urbane, cool and obsessed with getting a boyfriend, while Jaqueline is more like Adrian Mole’s older sister.

'Jaqueline’s just insecure about her thighs and life in general and therefore more likely to appeal to women and men in downtown Neasden, Melrose or Auchtermuchty,’

So is there any semblance between Weir and Payne? ’l did spend many younger years feeling insecure,’

Arabella Weir

confesses Weir. ’Then I learnt Elizabeth Taylor thinks she has stubby fingers and Michelle Pfeiffer used to think she was ugly, so I realised the rest of the world felt insecure, and not just me.’ The Fast lady is currently working on her second novel, with the prospective title Shagging Boys And Taking Drugs. Not a whiff of insecurity dogging her nowadays, then? (Ann Donald) l Laugh Yourself Silly (Book Festival) Arabella Weir, Susie Maguire and David Jackson-Young, International Cafe, 220 3990, Thu 27 Aug, 6.30pm, £4 (£2.50).

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