Stand-up For Scotland

Scottish residents can ’laugh all the way to a YES/YES vote’ at this one-off consciousness- raiser for the forthcoming home-rule referendum. The gig is organised by Edinburgh comedy outfit The Stand wrth Scotland Forward, the official campaign for a YES vote. A range of Scottish comics are appearing, including Bruce Morton (pictured), John Gillick, Vladimir McTavish and Frankie Boyle - plus Englishwoman Donna McPhail. In an assertion of independence, The Stand’s directors Jane Mackay and Tommy Sheppard are billing this as ’NOT part of the Edinburgh Festival, when the London comedy circuit colonises North Britain'. A laugh's a laugh, for a’ that.

Stand-Up For Scotland, The Venue {Venue 758) Edinburgh, 27 Aug, 8pm, £75 (£70). Tickets on the door or from Forward Scotland, 0870 050 7999.

Massive Attack

The Bristol~based triumvirate of trip hop are back in Edinburgh this week Rumour has it that the boys Will turn up for one or both of two Film Festival Mirrorba/l screenings Walter Stern’s Video for their current single ’Risingson'; and the world premiere of Kevrn Reynolds's new featuie film 787, On which they contributed to the SOundtracl; Originally due to appear at Arthrob, before that ambitious protect fell apart, Massive Attack are expected to attend a private, post-show party on Friday, .i'vleed, it seems Mushroom wrll put in a spot on the turntables Unfortunately, it’s a private party, so obwously there's no knowrng where or when it might happen ’Risrngson’ screens as part of New Work (Film Festival) Ti/mhouse, 27 Aug, 9pm, f6 (f4). 787 (Fr/m Festiva/J ABC cinema, 22 Aug, 6 {Op/n, [6 fall.

8 THE LIST 22—28 Aug 199/

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Jenny Eclair, Mark Thomas and John Shuttleworth

We're not saying comedians are promiscuous, right, but some of them do come to Edinburgh With a one— night-stand in mind. Among those unWilling to commit to even a week-long Fringe fling are Mark Thomas :who's getting a bit of a reputation for this sort of th:ng, franklyl, Jenny Eclair (who has declared herself a bit of a slappei, and is dorng it tWice in one night) and John ShuttleWOith, who's giVing it away for free. We at The List aren’t ones for claiming the moral high ground, We JUSI hope they're being careful, that’s all. jenny Eclair (Fringe) The Pa//adium Wenue 26) 557

2 700, 24 Aug, 9pm 87 midnight, [70 (f8).

Mark Thomas (Fringe) Queen's Ha// (Venue 72) 668 2079, 24 Aug, 7.30pm, [70.

John Shutt/mvorth’s Open House (Fringe) Pleasance BBC Radio 4 il/enue 33) 556 6550, 26 Aug, 6pm, Free.