Lost Highway (18) (David Lynch. US. 1996) Bill Pullman. Patricia Arquette. Robert Loggia. 135 mins. Further out than even the celluloid version of Twin Peaks: Fire Walks With Me. Lynch's latest radicalisation of the film noir traditions concerns jazz saxman Pullman. his wife (Arquette). a mystery man (Robert Blake). a garage mechanic (Balthazar Getty) and a crime kingpin (Loggia) but in typically Lynchian non-linear pIotIines that exist within the logic of dreams. Haunting. provocative. and a genuinely personal undertaking. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Cameo.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (PG) (Steven Spielberg. US. 1997) Jeff Goldblum. Julianne Moore. Pete PostIethwaite. 129 mins. Goldblum and Co drop onto a second dinosaur-filled island. which is disrupted by a mixed bunch of capitalists and safari hunters. sending the carnavores on a rampage. The story is far better than Jttrus‘sit‘ Park. making for a thrilling adventure with impeccible effects that renders the original as good as extinct. Watch out for the certificate though: sustained scenes of terror suggest it should have been a ‘12'. General release.

Ma Vie Sexuelle (15) (Arnaud DespIechin. France. 1996) Mathieu Amalric. Emmanuelle Devos. Emmanuel Salinger. 180 mins. Philosophy lecturer Paul (Amalric) is stuck in a rut with both his doctorate thesis and his love life. which is over—complicated by his desires for this best friend's girlfriend. There is strength in the ensemble around him. but entire scenes could rest on the cutting-room floor and we wouldn't miss them. It has an air of self- importance that comes from its extended. dialogue-heavy running time. but we know that size doesn't matter. See review. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Men In Black (PG) (Barry Sonnenfeld. US. 1997) Tommy Lee Jones. Will Smith. Vincent D‘Onofrio. 95 mins. Smith and Jones are two cryptically named ‘cosmic G- mcn‘ who monitor extraterrestrial aliens living on Earth. while stopping the nastier breed of space baddie from colonising the planet. Jones's seen-it-all straight man is the perfect foil for Smith‘s wide-eyed new kid on the block. while Sonnenfeld‘s skilful integration of the visual effects proves that eye-popping spectacle and coherent storytelling need not necessarily be diametrically opposed. General release. Mighty Aphrodite (15) (Woody Allen. US. 1995) Woody Allen. Mira Sorvino. Helena Bonham Carter. 95 mins. Sports writer Lenny (Allen) and his busy art dealer wife (Bonham Carter) adopt a baby. but when the kid starts to show unusually high intelligence. dad goes searching for the real mother a none-too-bright hooker and porn actress (Sorvino). Oscar-winning Sorvino is the best thing in the movie. even if her role is rather dubious. but Woody‘s a bit long in the tooth for his part. Funny. but a little tired. Glasgow: GET.

Murder At 1600 ( 15) (Dwight Little. US. 1997) Wesley Snipes. Diane Lane. Alan Alda. 107 mins. With the tone of a Sunday Sport headline and the credibility of the kind of story you'd find underneath. this Presidential thriller tells of the brutal murder of a pretty secretary in the White House and the profound implications this has fora beleaguered President. Not so much a whodunit then as a ‘who cares who done it'.". with Snipes and Lane as the typically ‘mismatched' couple and more red herrings than a defective kipper factory. Irvine: Magnum.

One Fine Day (PG) (Michael Hoffman. US. 1996) Michelle Pfeiffer. George Clooney. Charles Durning. 109 mins. An ambitious architect/single mother and a wisecracking nesvspaper coluimiist/every- other-weekend father spend a hectic day together when their kids miss their school's field trip ferry cruise. Despite modern trappings like cellular phones. One Fine Day is a defiantly old-fashioned film. but Clooney's cocky charm and Pfciffer's comic skills are so beguiling that it will charm all but the most cynical of viewers. Glasgow: ()deons. Showcase. Iidinburgh: ABC Wester Hailes. liast Kilbride: UCI. Galashiels: Pavilion. Irvine: Magnum. Paisley: Showcase.

Portraits Chinois (15) (Martine Dugowson.

France/UK. 1996) Helena Bonham Carter. Jean-Philippe Ecoffey. Elsa Zylberstein. 116 mins. Dugowson‘s follow-up to the rather marvellous Mina Tannenlmmn paints a broad canvas of thirtysomething Parisian life and romance. Bonham Carter (in not unimpressive French) gets the nominal lead as a couture assistant going through a double-crisis at work and at home. while the director's insight into her lovers and liars remains wise and humane. Glasgow: GI-‘l‘. Regarde Les Hommes Tomber See How They Fall (15) (Jacques Audiard. France. 1993) Mattieu Kassovitz. Jean-Louis Trintignant. Jean Yanne. 100 mins. The arresting first feature by writer-director Audiard (A Self-Made Hero) follows an unscrupulous card-sharp and his simple- minded pal as they trudge through France‘s seedy underworld. An even tricksier time- sequence than Reservoir Dogs and inventive. often disorientating direction give the film a very particular flavour. Glasgow: (ii-T.

Romy 8: Michele's High School Reunion (12) (David Mirkin. US. 1997) Mira Sorvino. Lisa Kudrow. Janeane Garofalo. 91 mins. It's been ten years since California‘s prettiest. most vacant airheads left Middle America. but when they decide to return for their high-school reunion. old romantic Iongings might be given a belated second- chance. Terrific stuff from the two gals throughout and fun support from former teen iibergeek Alan Cumming. Looks like mainstream US movie comedy has a future after all. Glasgow: ()deon Quay. Showcase. UCI Clydebank. Virgin. Edinburgh: ABC Wester Hailes. UCl. iiast Kilbride: UCI. Paisley: Showcase.

Roseanna‘s Grave (12) (Paul Wetland. US/UK. 1997) Jean Reno. Mercedes Ruhl. Polly Walker. 98 mins. A sublimer moving. deliciously un-PC tale of love taken to the extreme. French actor Jean Reno stars as a devoted husband goes to extreme lengths to ensure that his ailing wife will be buried alongside their beloved daughter in the small local cemetery when the time comes. Moments of sweet-natured farce sit comfortably alongside heady romance and black humour. Glasgow: City Centre ()deon. Edinburgh: ()deon.

Rumble In The Bronx ( 15) (Stanley 'l‘ong. Hong Kong. 1990) Jackie Chan. Anita Mui. Francoise Yip. 90 mins. I’or his latest attempt to crack Hollywood. Chan has maintained the kind of control he exercises over films in his native llong Kong - and it works. He throws himself with gusto into an adventure that has him defending his uncle's Chinese supermarket in New York against a variety of street toughs. Violent macho tosh balanced by a sweet nature and a sincere. if clunky. moral. Glasgow: UCI Clydcbank. Le Samourai (PG) (Jean-Pierre Melville. France/Italy. 1967) Alain l)elon. lirancois Perier. Nathalie l)elon. 105 mins. The classic I‘rcnch film noir. i'c-issued with subtitles rather than the appallineg dubbed version that did the rounds years ago. l)elon is Jeff Costello. an enigmatic hired killer who becomes obsessed with the beautiful pianist who w itncsscd a IIII but refuses to testify against him. Minimalist dialogue and perfect attention to detail make this the director‘s masterpiece. Glasgow: GI’II Scottish Screen Edinburgh International

Paris match: Jean-Philippe. Ecotfey and Helena Bonham Carter in Portraits Chinois

Film Festival This year‘s l‘ilm I’cstival spreads out from its twin bases at the Filmhouse and Cameo with a daily programme at the Glasgow I‘ilm Theatre and special gala screenings at Edinburgh's two ABCs. Dominion. ()deon and UCl. See Festival Film review section on pages 72—74. Scream (18) (Wes Craven. US. 1996) Neve Campbell. Courteney Cos. Drew Barrymore. 1 I linins.'1he teenagers of Woodsboro know they‘re typical stalker fodder. so when a killer hits town. they gather in an enormous house to watch horror movies as the real bad guy gets closer. Selt- conscious references are good fun. the opening sequence is genuine white-knuckle material. and if you know the rules you'll find it perfectly scary and funny. lidinburgh: UCl.

Space Jam (LI) (Joe I’ytka. 1'8. 19%) Michael Jordan. Bugs Bunny. Wayne Knight. S7 mins. Nasty alien cartoons have captured Bugs Bunny and are going to enslave the Looney Tunes in their amusement park on Moron Mountain. but Bugs has the brainwave of challenging them to a basketball game and enlisting the talents

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of Michael Jordan for his team. Lacking the class of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and the pace of a real basketball game. Space Jam should divert the kids on Saturday mornings. Glasgow: Showcase. Edinburgh: Odeon. Largs: Barrfields. Paisley: Showcase.

Speed 2: Cruise Control (I2) (Jan De Bont. US. 1997) Sandra Bullock. Jason Patric. Willem Dafoe. 121 mins. This sequel to the 1994 hit fails to play on the vehicle- out-of-control idea in the same creative way. Bullock returns as Annie on vacation with her cop boyfriend (Patric) when their ship is hijacked by computer genius and nutter Willem Dafoe. who tampers with the controls of the liner. sending it speeding towards the shore. Pattic‘s unmemorable screen presence comes nowhere near the charisma of Keanu. but De Bont's action skills make the move tense and spectacular. General release.

The Spirit Of The Beehive (15) (Victor lirice. Spain. 1973) Fernando Fernan Gomez. Teresa Gimpera. Ana Torrent. 98 mins. In rural Spain after the Civil War. the people's resigned apathy is thrown into contrast with the frenzied activity of bees. Meanwhile. a young girl is alone in dreaming of liberation. through the gentle giant figure of Frankenstein's monster. whom she identifies with a young but doomed soldier. Moody and haunting. Price's debut is a calmly moving masterpiece. Glasgow: GT’T.

The Swan Princess (U) (Richard Rich. US. 1995) With the voices of John Cleese. Jack Palance. Steven Wright. 94 mins. Swan Lake in its fairytale form. with all the expected ingredients that modern children‘s animated features contain talking animals. bland but cute heroes. musical routines. An evil magician casts a spell on a princess. turning her into a swan. And any film that features Palance doing a song called ‘No More Mr Nice Guy' has to be worth a visit. Glasgow: Show case. Paisley: Showcase.

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“Shines like a beacon .through the gloom

of this cinematically lackluster summer"

“This is real cinema... Wittily scripted.

Bonham Carter... the best performance of her career" Jonathon Coe new SlAlESMAN






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