ART LISTINGS continued with mild house. garage and club

classics. John Lyons in Room One playing mellow hip hop. swingbeat and classic soul.

I Wired at Strathclyde University Student Union (Level 8). I()pm—3am. £2 (£1.50). Dance. indie and 60s. Open all summer. Drinks promos.

I Where It's At The l3th Note. Spin—midnight. Free. DJ Paul Watt

I Pure's Seventh Birthday at The Arches. l0.30pm-3.30am. £15 (£12.99 in advance plus booking fee. Available from 23rd Precinct. Arches. Rub-A-Dub. Bomba. Tower and Virgin). 23 Aug only. Huge line-up for the Glasgow side of the celebrations. featuring Green Velvet. Speedy J and .Iake Slazenger live plus DJs Chez Damier. Getnini. DJ Rush. playing a selection of worldwide sounds: Twitch. Brainstorm and The Bill. See Hit dancefloorjazz. rare grooves. soul

list. classics and hot Latin tunes.

I Reds I lpm—3am. £6 (£5). A packed I Wild at Lime. I lpm—3am. £6 (£4 night specialising in mainstream dance. students). Funky dance with DJ Ray. funk. rap and house. Intimate. smart and Drinks promos.


I Relax at The l3th Note (basement). I 4th Dimension at The Baby Grand.

8pm—midnight. Free. Hip hop andjungle

with Romeo. Lazy B and Michael. 9pm—midnight. Free. Andy Young plays jazz. Brazilian. soul. fusion and funk.

I Solar Funk at R.G.'s. 8pm—midnight.

Free. DJ Kev and monthly guests for Drinks romos. Pre-club. I 8 Mi e High Club at Jet.

space disco house. Pre-club. l().3()pm—2.30am. £5. Bobby Bluebell

I Su Culture at Sub Club.

10.30pm—5am. £8. Harri and Dominic take to the decks for their own special genre busting mix of tunes. Drinks

lord it over this legendary night of nice promos.

‘n‘ groovy. hard hittin'. funky house in

the radically changed Sub Club. As busy I Aquaplanet at Sub Club. llpm—3am. £4 (£3). A damn fine night of hard dance

as ever with a happy family of friendly music and mixed-up genres with Mark

faces. Ryal and Twitch every week in the

I Tonka at Jet. llpm-3.I5am. Price £6

(£5). The legendary Tonka returns after a spanking new Subbie. 24 Aug Claude Young guests. See Hit list.

briefabsence. fired up and ready to party.

Features resident Tonka DJ Colin Walker

of New York Alliance fame (Sugarcube I Bar Miro 9—l lpm. Free. Richard

Records) plus monthly guests. Howie with a deep. jazzy Sunday

I Trash l lpm—3am. (£7) £5. House in session.

Room One with DJ Matt. funk in Room I Bill 8: Ben's Flowerpot Men at The

Two from Paul N‘Jie. plus eclectic beats Garage (upstairs). llpm—3am. £2 (£l). DJs John and Gavin with indie classics. Drinks promos.

by lnnes in Room Three. I Brown Sugar at Tin Pan Alley (floor

I Triumph at The Tunnel.

I0.30pm—3am. £6 (£4). A huge night of three). llpm--3am. £3 (£2). MC Tony with an R&B and hip hop night. Drinks

ltalian and UK house at one of the

country‘s best looking venues. Colin

Tevendale and Steven McCreery take on promos.

the main room while Kevin McFarlane I Bubblelicious at Reds. l lpm-3am. £5 offers up a different vibe with a wide mix (£3). Club classics and a touch of soul

of soul. funk and dance classics in Room plus drinks promos.

Two. I B.O.P. at Fury Murry's. I lpm—3am. £3 I Velvet Rooms lOpm—late. £7 (£6. £4 (£2). Music your mother would know before llpm). DJ Skud in Rootn Two from DJs Desperate Dave and Weird

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Phil. Drinks promos.

I Club Jamaica at The Venue. l0.45pm-3am. £2 (£1). Reggae night from Sweet T playing dub to soul. all with a reggae tinge. Drinks promos.

I Club Mouth at The 13th Note (ground floor). 8pm—midnight. Free. Indie with Mark. Pre-club.

I Club Zebra at Nice 'n‘ Sleazy (upstairs). 8pm—midnight. Free. ()rbitally. Sneaker Pimpsy sort of night.

I Code 99 at The Brewery Tap. 7.30pm—midnight. Free. Dub techno pre- club from Andrew Taylor. Richard Nolan. Alan Atkins and Paul.

I Contact High at Nice 'n’ Sleazy. 8.30pm—midnight. Free. 31 Aug and fortnightly. Northern soul. garage. funk. ska and soundtrax.

I Divine at Brel. 8.30—1 lpm. Andrew and Alan Divine (Glasgow School Of Art) play you the stuff they play for themselves at home. Retro soul. Bobby Gentry. movie themes. etc. Pre-club. 23 Aug. Divine‘s seventh birthday.

I Feel The Buzz at Bennets. lI.3()pm—3am. £2.50 l .25 ). IIp-tempo high energy. Drinks promos.

I First Contact at The 13th Note. Xptti—ttiidnight. Free. Taking over from Lube. Rob G and Kemal play the latest sounds front the drum 'n‘ bass scene. plus a few cheeky wee dub plates they‘ve put to tether themselves.

I Fu drukkers at Cleopatra's. l().3()pm—2.3()am. £3 (£2 with ticket). Disco. pop and 60s party vibes.

I Funkadelica at The Cathouse. ll).3()pm—3am. £2 (£l ). Classic funk. new funk. funk rock and rap. offering an interesting alternative to ‘Get Sorted’ at the same venue on the same night. Drinks promos.

I Get Sorted at The Cathouse. l().30pm—3am. £2 (£l.5(); free before ll.3()pm). Indie/alternative vibe in the new Cathouse with drinks promos.

I Ground Control at Bar it). ()pm—midnight. Free. Heavy dub and drtun ‘n' bass from the inimitable duo.

I Guidance at The Arches. l().3()pm—3.3()am. £6. 2-1 Aug only. Manchester's Guidance. the biggest drum 'n' bass night outside London. hosts this extra special night at The Arches featuring resident DJs Jamac and Marcus. plus featured guest Doc Scott and his MC Justice. See Hit list.

I Jack Cul De Sac Bar. ‘J—l lpm. Free. DJ Simon Coulson with weekending underground dance. Drinks promos.

I Pub Mystic at King Tut‘s Walt Walt Hut. 6pm—midnight. Free. New outing for the Mystic Collective. who hat e been making a name for themselves with their recent successes at the Sub Club. Triple deck DJing from Dribbler. (iotxlhand and A-Train. playing ‘sounds from under the fridge and down the back of the sofa‘. Hap y hour 7--8pm.

I S irley's Temple at Archaos. llpm—3am. £5 (£3). A trippy mix of camp theatricals and hard house soundtrack from the radiant Ms Alston.

joined every week by the force that is

Maggie from Joy. Drinks promos.

I Sunday Hang Suite at Trash. llpm—3am. £5 (£3). Building on the success of the Sunday Soul Session. the night combines garage. soul and mellow house in two rooms.

I Sunday Skool at R.(i.‘s. Rpm—midnight. Free. Kenny and Scott playing acid funk. Munchy stuff menu 6pm—midnight. Drinks promos. l’re-club. I Tunnel Sundae at The Tunnel. llpm—3am. £5. The Shy Brothers change the name of their pumping house night for legal reasons. but keep pushing the boundaries of the weekend.

I Velvet Rooms llpm—~3am. £5. Alan Ronald in Room Two with an open mix from classic house to soul and Martin Ilesketh in Room ()ne playing mellow hip hop, swingheat and classic soul. Drinks promos.


I Bounce at Tin Pan Alley. llpm -3am. £3 (£2). DJs Stella and Domenic spinning a selection of ‘Jlls club tunes for a mixed

DJ Top 5


Andrew Divine and Hush Puppy are the resident 015 at Divine, which celebrates its seventh birthday at Glasgow School OfArt this week. They specialise in blending 605 pop, northern soul, wah-wah funk and breakbeats of the chemical variety in a unique melting pot of styles. And it’s not an indie night. OK? Ennio Morricone - ‘Allegretto Per Signora' (Colosseum CD)

Scorching porno Hammond groove, recently covered by Beck!?

Le Robin Orchestra - 'Sex Machine‘ (Acme Funk)

Unrecognisable French JB cover cuts the cheese —- c’est chic, tres chic, super chic! The Quik - ’Bert's Apple Crumble' (Deram 7in)

Storming garage punk instrumental floorquaker par excellence.

Sensateria 'Give Me My Auger Back' (Southern Fried 12in promo)

Searing Hammond inferno collides with monster breakbeat - treakbeat funk, we call it.

Jackie Wilson - ‘I Get The Sweetest Feeling' (Brunswick)

Absolute classic northern soul a Divine end-of-night anthem.

crowd. Drinks promos.

I Jet Lagged at Jet. llpm—2. 15am. £3 (£2). DJ Norman with a decentlyjump- about set of disco. funk and rare groove tunes. Drinks promos.

I Salsa Dance Club at Porters.

6pm midnight. Highly popular salsa for beginners. No partner required. Pre-club. I Speedracer at The Garage. l().3()pm—3am. £3 (£2). Steven mixes up a few indie-dance classics and retro tunes for a busy. up-for-it crowd in the main room. Drinks promos.


I Betty Woo at Betty‘s Mayonnaise.

I Ipm-—3am. £2. I-louse night with DJ Vance. Drinks promos.

I Boudoir Present Jackpot at Yo Yo. Rpm-close. Free. The Boudoir Boys with another night of listening that is easy. quiz time and cheap beer.

I Eden at The Velvet Rooms. llpm---3am. £3 (£2). Alan Ronald playing Britpop in Room ()ne and Scott Mckay with mellow house in Rootn Two. Drinks promos.

I Jo Jo at Tin Pan Alley. £3. I Ipm—3am. Busy mixed night featuring DJ Stella. and handbags nailed to the wall. Drinks pt'otttos.

I Salsa Dance Club at Porters. 6.30pm- midnight. Intermediate and advanced session. (ireat to watch orjoin in. Pre-club.

I Shooting Stars at The Garage.

llptn -3am. £3 (£2). Insane. drunken shenanigans eased along nicely by the charty choons of (‘ierry and Iain in the tnain room. Staggering (you will be) drink promos.