CLASSIFIED recruitment

Want to be an Art Director? A We want to meet you.

5 , right person “hen \\(‘ see them. I So who are we looking lor? \ou toultl be a college lt‘lht'l', or unnbe \ou'rc' got a couple of years experience in graphu (it-sign or ;t(l\t'rtistng

You‘ve got a mind that s bubbling \\llll c'i‘t'atixt- ltlt‘ih - and .l lxk‘t‘il etc lor the

We don‘t have any lixetl ideas about “here the next member oi our rapitlb-


growing creative department “iii conu- lrom. But \\t‘ knoxx \\ ell recognisi- the

. . . _ good ones. You're as (‘tHlllHl’lilhlt‘ tit-signing \\illl pen .lll(l paper ll.\ \ou are with The List IS looking for someone bright, able and '

. . . . . . Quark and illustrator. \‘ou l\ll()\\ the tlillt-rt-nt't- bemet-n 2 )(iti and bad n a mi 7hr enthusrastic to 10m our Sales & Marketing team in 34 . l Us l .

.'\l1(l)‘()tl know detail is \ital - \xlit-tht-r you‘re laying out an Application lorm or :tl'l


. . . (lirc't'ting ;t photoshoot Applicants should have an interest in the arts and ' . media, a confident te|eph0ne manner and a full driving \ou ll \xork across ;t rungt- ol disciplines such ii\ press. direct mail and |‘\I on licence, Previous relevant experience is also an clients as “hie-ranging .ts \tollislt \\ iti()\\\. 'l't'nnc-nts and \ht-Itt-r St'otlantl. .\s advantage. well as assisting our senior .trt titrt't‘tors. tou'll be responsible lor progressing The Sales team is based in our Edinburgh office. We are 3”” “‘V” I"“’i““-‘ “34'” “‘“m 1"“ W”- offering an attradiVe salary package including a bonus This is ;t real opportuuio lor lllt‘ right llltll\l(lll.ll to (it-\t-lop and lt‘;lt'tl in “heme Scotland's higgt'st direct marketing agency Salary will be lll llllt' \xith experience - If YOU have the initiative we are looking for, apply in so ii ,Vou‘rt- interested. \\ me to Allan Fisher. (.reative Director. enclosing your writing With a CV Monday 1 september to: (:V and copies oi )HUI’ lx'sl tltt‘t‘t‘ pit‘t t's ()l \\'( it'lx Personnel, The List, Mac operator wanted too!

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 lTE.

Interviews will take place mid September. (Please state when you would be available to start work).

\Vc'kl also like an L‘\])L‘l‘l(‘ll("t‘(i _\l;ic operator to join our bus) stutlio \ou‘ll need at least _% years under your belt and be Pl'tllit'it‘lll lll Quark Xl’i't'ss. illustrator (or l’recllancl) zintl l’hotoshop. Your \xork \\lil be lust and accurate. and \ou'll

have ;t gootl c'_\t' liot‘ type illl(l layout lntt'rt'stt'cl? \\ritt'. enclosing your (.\'_ to

(Zameron Fraser. Studio Manager.

\X/WAV Rapp Collins Scotland

I6 Melville Street, Edinburgh EH3 7NS

. Please contact HR Dept

Re—Advertisement -T€ChnlClan Ercc Ltd 6 U 6 n t 18 Are \otl llexible. tnnoratn'e. The EXChanfic

r . \ WA N F D a team player \\liil excellent communication MWF'W" Sm“

EXPERIEXC 1.; I) AIMHVISTR \TUR skills and initiatiVe'.’ \ ott \mnltl be partgol~ a Edinburgh EH3 8EP' . . , team 01‘ six at the lilt‘t‘. responsible tor tel: (“131)309'3lmo to ’01“ 1‘ Inburgh S ne‘VCSti discussing. planning and implementing erents C'ma'l: hrauu'm'm‘ ' . ~ _ . . for details and an most dynannc eventg tea,“ to meet and exceed the technical requirements I. . f e . . a Icatton ot‘m. ol clients. Minimum ol three rears experience Pp , l / ,./ ' ) / l / , , ' (losing date / /’/’ 1/ ll 1/ .7 t l' (UN «' JUN (’//c’/‘ (I 2011/ in a conlcrence ot‘ related environment is . .. i . . , , , . , I 4 September 1997. first ‘l/Wum,” m RIF/m”)Amy/[tn [mp/l, essential. /\ VZII'lCiV ol techmca. skills are intcn‘icws “i” he

required \\i1h an emphasis on sound held “wk commencing

engineering and dealing direth \\llil clients 15 September 1997_

(2/ l’r‘mnp/ [CW/IA!

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I,td aims to exceed the changing expectations ol its customers, both internal and external, Within a Profeadimzal Recital,“ ()l'alorv, {HUM}, context ol‘liqttal Opportunities. \\'C are committed to the continued

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vaesron m peopte Customer l )eli ght should apply.

114 THE usr 22-28 Aug 1997