CLASSIFIED i saw you

V I saw you Scottish boy. looking nonchalant and aloof. while I was being a gmmp. 18/7/97. Sorry for taking a tantrum: you know 1 love you lots. Forgive me? . . . Pl"H. Box No U/313/1.

V We saw each other Golf Tavern. Tuesday 5/8/97. You at bar. tne in sofa. Someone elsewhere put me out of bounds. Back in play now though. Fancy a round together“! Box No U/313/2.

0 You saw me Left a note on my bike. 1 was in London that Sunday night. returned to discover a note from a lover? Me: guy with the sexy hair? You: girl with the legs so fair! Contact me. and then we can see what will be will be. Box No 1.1/313/3.

V I saw you sweaty boy. Cafe Graffiti. 2/8/97. Your dancing got me hot and bothered. Just how old are you. anyway? See you around! Box No L'/313/-l. V I saw you leaving my room. 16/7/97. You. stoic and sensible. not lingering. left fora taxi. Me: helpless. speechless. useless. Please come back soon —- 1 miss you. Box No U/3l3/5.

V I saw you leaving on 2/8/97. Come back for cartwheels. car keys on the grass. scratches. salsa. the Traverse bar. lifts to the Pear Tree and morning dreams. Before Poland!! Box No U/313/6.

V I saw you on Sunday 10 August on the number 5 bus to Victoria Road. We smiled a lot but didn‘t speak. Speak tome now . . . Box No U/313/7.

V I saw you behind the bar Alex? You have nice hands and a breathtaking smile. Happy Birthday xxx. Box No 1.1/313/8. V I saw you Fettes Row about 1am after New Town bar on Saturday 9 August. I asked directions as I was lost btit thought 1 had found you. Read this. lets find each other. Box No L1/3 l 3/9.



V I saw you GB on 5/8. when you moved my alarm. 1 was interested in more than your technical skills. You. Me? Please get in touch. Box No U/3 l 3/10.

V I saw you before you leave me. We must balti more often. Will miss you. staggering. Box No U/313/1l.

V I saw you Gaylet'.’) working in CC's on Thursdays. You took my breath away. Too shy to talk

: or even smile! Noticed the ring

anyway . . why did 1 ever come AND came back? Box No L‘l313/12.

V I saw you entering building

on St Colme Street. carrying huge dog suit. 12/7. You: tall. Buddy Holly glasses. Me: tanned. great six pack. Call me Andre or Peter. just call me. Box No U/313/l3.

V 1 Saw You slamming tequila at Love Boutique. Let me teach you a new way to drink - Sauza and lemonade - a long. smooth and refreshing way of savoun'ng the flavour. Challenge the concept of drinking tequila. This is not all 1 could teach you to savour! Box No U/313/50.

V I saw you in Ann Summers. Glasgow. You dirty bird. I will be your toy of joy if you will be my ear of cool. Let's hit that minty highway. Box No 11/313/14.

V I saw you Brougth Ferry. big. butch. beautiful. dressed in black. Saturdays. Woolworths. Let‘s share the rest of the summer. This woman says hello. tnejeans. leatherjacket. get 111 touch. let's meet. Box No 1.‘/.3 13/15.

V I saw you Coach. lidinbnrgh lnverness. 4/8/97. You: short dark hair with your motherl?) Me: one row in front. glasses. backpacker. green jacket. We spoke some words. Would like to meet you again. Box No

L1/3 1 3/16.

V I saw you bearded man with curly hair. lunchtime swimmer at Kirkintilloch. Missing you lately perhaps you could ‘escort' me or maybe share the contents of your lunchbox. You hirsute hunk. Box No U/313/17.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE



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V I saw you Dec 96. You promised me the pudding of a lifetime. Where is it? I've got the bowl ifyou've got the time doll. Box No U/3l3/l8.

V I saw you at Bennets. 3/8/97. You David (barman). Me Stephen in with Jane

(barmaid). She asked if you

were single. you said yes. Get in touch. tell me more. Box No 1.1/313/19.

V I saw you Mark Latkowski. outside Cleopatra‘s. Friday 1/8/97. We‘re both Scorpios. Let's meet again and see if what they say about out star sign is true! I reckon we could have fun! Box No U/3l3/20.

. V I saw you Ryan in Archaos. a few Sundays ago with your

sister. Wanted to talk more but

. didn‘t get the chance. PS. 1 wasn't the Fonz. 1 was Paul. in § with female friend. Box No


i V I saw you in Safeway's. St ; Andrews. 4.30ish. 6/8/97. doing

shop 'n‘ go with another woman. You: alluring. cool. sleek in black pants and white T. Me: red v-neck T. black jeans. shades. reading NME. desiring. Box No U/3I3/22.

V 1 saw you Wednesday. 6th August. Did 1 shock you with what 1 said? Thanks for being there. Let‘s make a date for after the 30111 Jan to get our rings. I'll even go first. Box No U/3l3/23. V We saw you eating yoghurt. defrosting fridge. hands in pants. having a hypo. It's Tequila time again. Sheenie. Box No U/3l3/24.


V I saw you at ‘1.a Didone'. Tramway. Tuesday and Thursday behind a camera. You: gorgeous (gay?) female with short. reddish hair. If you're available and want to go out sometime. get in touch. Box No U/313/25.

V I see you tnost lunchtimes. a. Silvagni‘s Edinburgh. You're beautiful. but I‘m too shy and clumsy to ask you for anything but the soup. Would you let me cook for you? Box No

U/3 13/26.

V I saw you Edinburgh girl.

Shamrock Pub. Playa de las

Americas. mid July. You were with your brother and thought you knew who 1 was. You didn't. You still might. Box No L'/313/27.

V I saw you 14th or July. ‘Chez Jules'. we sang ‘1.a Marseillaise' together. you ‘mon petit Girafon‘. what have you done to my heart? Come back soon to cheer up ‘ta petite lidelweiss'. ‘()n ne vit qu'une fois' . . . ‘rien n'est impossible‘. be 'llexible' please! Box No 1.1/313/28.


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V I saw you from the call box outside the Filmhouse. Aug 95. You smiled and made me dream. Can 1 see you 28 Aug 97. Maybe dinner on Friday? Or breakfast . . .? Box No U/313/29.

V I saw you being orang-you- bear. behind the Castle in Edinburgh at sunset. Will you be mine? Box No U/313/30.

V I saw you cool. dark and handsome. baggy clothes and slightly broken glasses. nicking Jaffa Cakes from the bar at the King‘s Theatre. then disappearing in a taxi. Are you free? Box No U/313/31.

V I saw you we met at Gl-T. (16/08/97. Gavin. We discussed Warhol. Whorf and Winnie The Pooh. Can think of no one else since that afternoon! Let‘s do Tao (and more 1!!) Get in touch. Box No U/3l3/32.

V I saw you again. bus stop boy. Monday am. 18/8. Physical contact already but we haven't spoken. yet. Surely a bit forward. Box No [1/313/33.

V I saw you in Ryan's then weeks later in Shawlands C.C. You know who 1 am! I thought I'd said sorry? Hoped you‘d be in touch. Let‘s be friends. Sxx. Box No U/3IZ/5.

V I saw you Gary Gilday. let‘s meet up in Rogano like old times. . . You set a time. I‘ll be there. Freaky. eh? Box No

U/3 12/6.

O 1 Saw You then heard you ordering a Sauza and lemonade at the bar - love your voice love your drink - love you! Box No U/313/51.

V I saw you young Asian woman leaving Bruntsfield Links for Spottiswoode Street. Friday 1 August. You: blue T- shirt. Me: light blue shirt. fair hair and cupid‘s arrow through my heart. U/312/7.

V I saw you Meredith (DC/LA). We tnet. 1 left. when 1 came back you were away. Sure to meet again but these words just in case. Got the tickets for Animation festival. David. U/312/8.

V You saw me left a note on my bike. 1 was in London that Sunday night returned to discover a note from a lover? Me: guy with the sexy hair? You: girl with the legs so fair! Contact me. and then we can see what will be will be. Box No 312/9.

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