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Preacher Man lidinburgh-based director Toby Gough sttiiis them under the stars with this outdoor extravaganza based on the life ot‘ l9th century explorer David Livingstone. Fringe. Royal Botanic (inn/ens. until 24 slug, 8.30pm.

Cegada De Amor (Blinded By Love) Loud. era/.y. l,atin and never quite what it seems. [.a Cubana's technicolour dreamboat of a show is a ticket so hot it should come with a tire warning. International Festival. Iii/in/nireli International Conference Centre. until 23‘ Aug. Spin.

Disco Pigs l—ast-paced urban poetry served tip by the slice. in Corcadorca’s tale ol two Cork teenagers on a birthday bender to remember. Fri/tee. 'I'nii‘erse Tlietitre. until .i‘tl .-’luu Inin .llon) (1.45pm. Fool House If. like us. you tliotight masks were something kids wore at Halloween. it's titne to pay a Visit to Trestle Theatre Company. The Dutch

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Local hero: Sean Connery and Michael Caine in the Film Festival's closing gala The Man Who Would Be King

masters ol‘ mask arid mime return with a grown-up tale ol‘ love and eyeryday disaster using their trademark eerie and expressive style. Fringe. 'l'lie l’leustt/u'e. until 31) Aug (not 2/); .i’. lfipin.

Red Zone Think you'ye seen it all. Well you haven't. All the w ay from Russia. anti-clowns Derevo will territy you with grotesque imagery. tantalise you with metaphysics and make your ears hurt with very loud noises. Prepare to be surprised. Fringe. 'I'lie I’letiui/ire. until 27,-lut'. //..\‘I)pin.

The Coat An unexpected hit from Bulgaria's Credo Theatre w ho make the most of minimal props in an exquisite. dream-like \ersion ol’ (iogol's famous tale The ()i'ert‘init. Looks like another triumph for that self-styled Fringe impresario Ricky Demarco. l-rinee. [)(’III(1I'('() linrr'l’eun .-\rt l-Tniiu/ution. until 2.? slug. 7.45pm.


Sean Lock The 70s throwback wings it oti a w ide-collared shirt of slightly surreal stories mixed with sharply observed stint that's anything btit retro. Fringe. 'I'lte I’letisunt'e. until .i’().-lue (not 20; 9,25pni.

Rich Hall’s Louisiana Hayride The shaggy-luiired. craggy-laced CS humorist returns with more oi the sharp-wilted surreal btit smart crack that’s won him newspaper columns. T\' slots and acclaim by the hay bale. Fri/lee. (ii/(lei! Balloon. until .1‘().'lue Inut 24) /()/nn.

The Johnny Vegas Show He‘s i‘ai. he's hitter. he's twisted. And boy does he want us to know it. The portly Northern comedian so talked about his ears are allame. cruises into the final straight of a Festival that sees him tipped l'or big-time slugging at the tiny water awards. Fringe. until .i’() slug (not 28/ /().45/nn. Paul Zenon l’aul Daniels he‘s not. Brilliant he is. .‘ylaryel as he demonstrates yogic flying two-leet in front of your face. Take cover as he explodes a /.it all over the trout row. Breathe a sigh of

Johnny Vegas: Mr Big

relief when the patter in between is funny and not cheesy in the least. Fringe. .S'pit'gelteiit. until 30 Aug (not 28) /0pm. Adam Bloom The baby-faced. nice Jewish boy of a stand-up flowers on just his second visit to the Fringe. with a largely improvised. conversational show you could take home to your mother. Fringe. 'I’lie l’leusunee. unti/ 30.4w (not 26) 6.45pm.


Tears Of Laughter The ‘mature' branch of the world-renowned three-pronged dance company. Nederlands Dans Theater lll. makes its Scottish premiere with a typical awesome programme ol‘ live works by choreographer .liri Kylizin. Believe us. middle-age will never look the same again. Interiiutiminl Festival. lit/inlnirg/i Play/muse. 28—.i()xlut'. 7.30pm.

Acrobat High-octane kamikaze energy meets S ‘n' M punk rock in adult acrobat antics with this Aussie troupe who live life on the high wire. They also drink their own urine —- but it‘s a health thing y' know. Fringe. .‘l.\'.\'t’lll/il\' It’mnnx. until 25 Aug. /()/ini.


Acid Brass It‘s wild. it‘s crazy. it's completely parping mad. Acid house raises its hands iii appreciation of the line British tradition of brass bands. as the \\"illiams-l-‘airey Band get their lips round club classics by the likes of KM". A Guy Called Gerald and 808 State. What can we say‘.’ Fringe. Jtll/tlt'tlkt’. 2.? :lug, 8pm.


Surrealism And After The big cheeses ot' surrealism —- Duchamp. Magritte. Dali and Max lirnst are displayed in all their brightly-coloured glory w ith the tirst public showing of the Keiller Collection. .Vtttiiittttl (itlllt‘l'i‘ ()/ .th/t'l’lt .rll‘l. until 9 Nut: Mun—Nut Harm—Spin; Sun l/—«5pni.


Best Of The Fest if you feel like spending one day at the Film Festival. stock up on the popcorn and make it this one. For this is the day filled with the critics‘ raves. the audience faves. and a few so beloved by the programmers they‘ve snuck them in again. Film Festival. Cameo and F din/muse. 24 Aug, various times.

Wilde Stephen Fry gives a stunning performance as master wit Oscar Wilde iii this moving biopic. Film Festival, Cameo, /6 Aug. 5.30pm.

The Man Who Would Be King The Film Festival goes out with a bang with this closing gala screening of John Huston's epic adventure based on the Kipling story. and starring the man who would be King of Scotland. Sean Connery. Film I-‘esuml. (Mean, 24 Aug. 6pm & 9.30pm.


From Pot To E Former drug baron Howard Marks. Rebel lnc editor Kevin Williamson and writer on dance culture Matthew Collin talk drugs in this debate on the highs and lows of illegal substances. Book Festival. International Cafe. 22 Aug, 6pm.


The Summer Of Love Dance Party Forget the shows in sweaty venues this aftemoon. and head for Princes Street Gardens where a sweetie-shop selection of some of Edinburgh‘s wildest and sweatiest gay. mixed and straight club nights will indulge in eight hours solid of partying. Participating are DJs from Tackno. Fun Times. Tribal Funktion, Burger Queen. Taste. Luvely. Sublime and Joy. All profits go to local AIDS charities. Ross Theatre. Princes Street (inn/ens. 24 Aug. noon—8pm.

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Adam Bloom: flower power

22—28 Aug 1997 rususm