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p I S e The people without whom the Fringe wouldn’t be the Fringe. t h ,

Those backhanders in full. Nam? Ea" 0““ s O m m BRIBES, PLEASE WAS in a somewhat sorry spew?“ Half WW “3” "umPet- _ t _ g state after last week's flurry of cake related eh? His specrality lS transforming his mouth into a, selection of brass Greg Proops is a comedian who is bribery. Following on from the seven days l“Strurnerlts. Some we",known for his caring and of feasting, it looked as though seven days 9909"? film“ 't '5 Fhe considerate nature. In fact. some of quite unpleasant fasting was on the resultof a genetic have even gone so far as to say cards. Goodwill seemed to have dried up expenmem '“VOIVmg a that when God was handing out

like laughter at a funeral and the W'”d SeCt'On- the milk of human kindness, cupboards were bare. Sob. Any other Proops must have been at the front Salvation came in the form of a rather distinguishing of the queue. Others say he is the welcome bottle of Famous Grouse whisky featureg Three-piece most sarcastic beast ever to walk and two packs of Tunnocks tea cakes, an SUil. Cfavat and 5035- the earth. Whatever. We gave him unusual but nonetheless tasty He'll be enjoying this five stars. combination, especially when taken as a weather then . . . Oh , mid-morning stiffener. The goodies and his barnet has a What have you 9°t '" 3'9” mam“? arrived bearing a large sign which read parting Moses would be PO'O m'msr eyedlopsl SW'lChb'ade al‘d 'BRIBE’ just in case we were in any doubt proud of. a wombat bOOkmalk- as to why it had turned up. There are no Activities .. i mean, Square sausage or round sausage? prizes for guessing the provenance of the apart from the Sorry? scotch so we'll raise a large glass and say trumpet thing; praying When was the last time you broke ‘Slainte bha’ to Scottish International at guitar and piano the law? The Famous Grouse House” Since The. beaUtifuuy' Singing jazz Last night at ten o'clock but there were Famous Grouse also sponsored The List’s and bossa nova songs no Witnesses. Festival Eating Guide, we'll raise another withgmusing lyrics, What do you like most about brimming tumbler and WlSh good lUCk IO poutmg provocatively at yourself.) the Famous Grouse House and all who female audience ' sail in her. members. I have a sense Of humour. Completely coincidentally and in no way Hers a sex Symbo' too, What dlcflglo" diS'ike "1051 about connected to the aforementioned bevvy, the"? SO he assures US YOUTSE -

Howl look and sound.

What's your favourite heckle? Your Jokes are derivative of ancient comedians

If you could time travel anywhere, where would you go?

Bribes, please would like to recommend a show called ’Whose Solo Is It Anyway', a kind of iazz/folk/pop game show which takes place at, you guessed it, The Famous Grouse House.

While keen not to mix our drinks, Bribes, please would also like to offer a

No spring chicken though. surely? Same age as the Festival as it happens

Habitat: At this time of year you’ll invariably

Is there a case for shooting jugglers

deSkS to d'e' one PR Woman who had I thought Germans had no sense of humour? Maybe but they're on sight?

abstained from the bottle gaily remarked - .

l n r m n . that everybody seemed a little ginger. pama to a brass' St U 9 t And “Tim? ("T1919 How we laughed through the tears. Which critic would you most like to see boiled in oil?

l None They are all very perceptive.

l _._-.,. _. _ ._._. - i A h z I Greg Proops re t l (Fringe) The P/easantje ' related? '

(Venue 33) 556 6550, Here at The List's Front of House

somewhat bleaweyw .Cheers!, to the find him in Edinburgh. 53" 0W": pare teChniCian To New York in the. l920s to see the Guardian and Gordon.S Gm who threw He's been coming to the Giants and the Yankees. , their annual gin holocaust bash at the Fr'nge for fifteen years What song WOU'd YOU have Played at Spiegeitem recently. The liquid backbone Wow! That's longer than Macbeth himself! Well, Earl reckons he‘s your funeral? of the Raj flowed like the Firth of Forth performed here mOre than anyone 9'56 Accidents Will Happen, I with the inevitable result that many So what does he do the rest of the year? The London comedy Circuit. Are white socks ever acceptabie past revellers had to be poured out at the end He’s appeared at major venues too, and with some big names. the age of sixteen? l of the night. The next morning, arts desks Such as? Stephane Grappelli, Cleo Laine, Van Morrison, Paul McCartney . If you sell ice-cream. l across the Central Belt fell silent as still , , oh, and he's very big in Germany these days. What's your poison? l pisse‘j had“ fa'led to Struggle into Work Germany? That’s why his main show this year is called Star Of German Absmthp l and those that d'd curled up Under the” Comedy. He’s even doing a gig over there during the Festival. ' l

l uriti/ 30 Aug (not ! 28) 7.30pm (25

section, or, to give it its tethn.(a| AgQ/ogfiFJ/lll l term, the Odds And Sods Whit h "/[U 30 ([7/f750)

We Can't Fit In Elsewhere settion, we are old hands at dran'xiitii irieanintiless links between completely separate entities This time we have surprised even our Jaded selves On the ieft, we have a character called Martin Bigpio who is appearing at the Cafe Royal until the end of Autiust On the right, we have the King of Hearts who, apparently, is also known as the Suicide King They have never been seen in the same room at the same time Funny that.

Greg Proops: again

14 THE lIST 22—28 Aug 1997