When should you start educating kids about drugs?

HM As early as possible.

KW It should be a gradual process from when they first go to school. developing as they get older.

If you had a twelve-year-old kid who was taking drugs, what would you do?

HM Take the same drugs and talk to them.

KW Tell them to steer clear of the opiates and learn as much about drugs as they can.

Are drugs a class issue?

HM Yes. If working class kids take drugs it is criminal. if upper class kids take them it is decadence.

KW Some drugs are. I think the depressant drugs tend to be used in working class. run-down areas.

What is more important to you about drugs: pleasure or profit?

HM Pleasure.

KW Pleasure.

Heroin: Proscription or prescription?

HM We should prescribe it. it should be available to people who want it.

KW Pharmaceutical heroin should be prescribed to all registered addicts. We wouldn‘t have the problem we have now because prices would become depressed.

If you could spike one person, who, with what and why?

HM I‘d give Jack Straw. the Home Office Minister in charge of prisons and drugs. Ecstasy to help him communicate.

KW I wouldn‘t spike anyone. I think they should all come to it through their own volition.

You've died and gone to heaven. What has God got in the stash?

HM Everything.

KW The Soma from Aldous Huxley‘s Brave New World.

You’ve died and gone to hell. What has the devil got in the stash?

HM Fuck all.

KW McEtvan‘s lager in cans.

Have you ever been addicted to anything?

HM Tobacco. KW Caffeine.

Do you have any regrets about your association with drugs and the drugs culture? HM I regret being caught. but that is not because of my association. that‘s because of a clumsy dealer. KW No. For me it has been an interesting experience.

Have you ever had a communal drug expefience?

HM Willi my family and taking acid in the (i()s. KW Yeah. every Friday night in a club.

Mr Nice by Howard Marks is published by Minerva, £5.99.

Drugs And The Party Line is published by Rebel Inc in October, £5.99. From Pot To E: Drugs And Society In The 19905 (Book Festival)

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