Scottish International at The Famous Grouse House

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“Unforgettable... /" hasthe' " audience


Independent on Sunday


From 14 to 28 August at “the new Fringe supervenue"

- Music (most/y cell/r: lll assor:/.'rtirm wrlh Cor/a Music Shops) - The Folk Drvas. The M(:(Iahnans. Muehael Marla. Deal Shepherd. The Big Spree. The Wugley Srsters. Seelyhoo. Jock lamson's Banns. Clusholm and Drover. Jackre Levon. Sgathaeh. l Ila Int/gerald - a Tuhute. Millllll Sunpson. Free aeoustre sessrons m lherralehal -

° Theatre (Stroll/sh am/International) (quouser and Curronser (Hong Kong) (Iollumerlle (Se), the Story ol the Fallen Hero (Norway/Italy). Burns to: llreaklast (Se). Mad (Se). l rsh tales (Se). l.Ile and Death Ill Milton Keynes (l uglandl. Sleepmg Dogs Wake (So). In Vru Smlple (Engd). The Pugrlrst (Se).

\ lhe Merehant ol Vemee (Se). Tales hom a Traveller (Nl ). (Ialrlouuan Poppy (Set (qusmg (Sc). lhe Tragedon Man (Hung). Smart Women Stuprd (Ihorees (USA). lhe (laulen' (Poland). Sen/er” (Se) (mm/(ed In The (Ir/ad. outdoor

V" 'r ‘I.u7ul. II)

"Who says Sclence and Art don't mix?" The Big Issue

- Dance Theatre llommage a Mary Wrgman. The Weddmg (Yvette Bo/srk) [I hung] by Nicola Baldwin ' Comedy Bruce Morton. Whose Solo rs It Anyway? Smart Women. ¢ t I _' . Sluprd Chorees

‘K i .. .. . . . ,. , ° Late Night and Ceilidhs (III/ICU your socks o/I all night - Mystery Jurrze.

. Mad Puddmg. Buraeh. The Marwreks. The Young Hoods. The Yak Hunters. The Bella MaeNahs

- The Scotsman Cultural Debates - settrng the cultural agenda for a new nahun .

° For Kids t Balmshka & the Bear. SoundsSensational. SSSHHHHl. Crazy (Iaulhoard Workshops. Secrets ot the Theatre Explamecl!

- Cale Stramash ~ Food. dunk. exhrhlhon. atmosphere - 9.30am until 3.00am! Wednesday - Sunday Flee acoustic music sessions.

° City Centre Location - just off South Budge. 5 mmutes trom Prmces Street/Waverley Statron

visit us on: http.//www. famousgrouse.com/grousehouse/

The Famous Grouse House. venue 34. 5 Chambers St. Edinburgh

' See listings for details! 1/ " Edmbmgh I I I.‘ I T Free brochure from usual outlets or tel 0737 220 5606

London , - -. -. -: a Free Bottles of Whisky! Fi// in our Questionnaire fora Chance '~ " ' " " ' "‘ to win a FREE bolt/e of The Famous Grouse Finest Scotch Whisky

80% Scottish, 1 00% International!

The wencomc Tm“ _ ' ' _ _ . r. , the lanterns (noose House rs operated by (wallus Theatre (.ompany Ltd. ' 'r-' -'r.':a'.'r‘r'.',‘.".' ;' ‘2' .' 4 .' H . . \ , .

. .- ' ' ' v (.hanlv SUV/Mil l/a Scottish Inlemahonal !

28 THE usr 22—28 Aug 1997