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THEATRE PREVIEW Sleeping Dogs Wake

Adolescence stinks. But it’s far too easy to brush aside the positive in favour of sensationalism The unemployed youngsters on the lottery-funded Bowhouse proiect were adamant not to feed the burgeoning stereotype of the drunk, drugged and dispossessed. A mismatched bunch of friends and family gather in a funeral parlour to party the night away in memonl of a mate who committed Surcide. But rather than the obligatory post- mortem or rose-tinted trawl down

AUG, 000/7, [5 ([3). I C'inon Black (Fringe) Grant Tilly; Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 215],

until 30 Aug, 72 (15pm, [6 ([5l

does get the message across, that anyone can crack. (Claire Prentice) I Cracked (Fringe) Y Touring Theatre

Thursday 28 Aug 9.00pm-12.00pm

memory lane over beer and sarnies, : m the emphasis is firmly on redemption. » 3 'You get to an age, in your teens, J - Friday 22 Aug

when you start thinking about life and death and where you’re at in the 9.00pm-12.00pm world,' believes director Jim Twaddale. > 86 Mmer Street 'We wanted to look at the issues involved in that but in a way that was Glasgow positive and not patronrsrng.’ Maybe

I there's hope for Thatcher's children Fan and idol: both end up cracked

after all (Claire Prentice)

. l Sleeping Dogs Wake (Fringe) wrll come out confirmed in the belief l sugar-coats the issue somewhat with a

i Bowliouse Pri_)/'ect, The Famous Grouse that they are the best in the world, caring, sharing health service and . House (Venue 34) 220 5606, until 30 (Stephen Naysmith) . happy ending obligatory That said, it




i _

é Cimon Black , Company, Hill Street Theatre (Venue 31 t

a , . THEATRE REVIEW ; 4i; 226 6522, until 30 Aug (not24) Queen 5 '9‘“

W” - - - 70m {3057) eras ow - Marriage 0f Convenience <’ I 9

Grant Tilly plays Dickie Hart, a middle-

I aged New Zealand tourist With limited *** , HEALTH EVENT experience of life, set loose in South The Welsh, like the Scottish, have a The Refreshing Room Africa I rich heritage worth celebrating, and as i Hart is on a guest. His goal is to see 5 'underdogs' they have always had to l Flaggmg7 A riiorning Visit to the the All-Blacks wrn the rugby world Cup l shout that little bit harder l/lai'iiage O Spiegeltent could lift your spirits. And I m

Convenience explores issues of identity, i don‘t mean an early hair of the dog. both cultural and personal, by for USllV) Infamous for its evening alcohol-

ancl nothing else matters much Except that during this fun hour, the real

Thursday 28 Aug 8.00pm-1 1.00pm } 2/4 Hope Street

world keeps intruding and Hart gains 3 on a \l‘Velsh-speaking native youngster i fuelled party atmosphere, from 10am, more than expected from his trip It's a slight tale, and an interest in Rugby might help, but the comedy is ' are further compounded by a well-observed, and Scots sports fans

gomg through the mangle of puberty l the tent hums as clairvoyants, Reiki

This nameless boy’s feelings of isolation 1 healers and masseurs set about

cleansing the Joint With their karmic

tyrannical pig of a stepfather Respite is - l‘ylélllQOhlS.

offered by the hills of the surrounding Jeannie Cranfield who runs the Prana

landscape as he tries to carve his own event, specialises in the anCIent

place in the world. ; Tibetan healing art of Reiki, which Actor Gareth Potter conveys the helps boost indiViduals' immune

frustrations, anguish and ideaiism of systems And there are two

the outSIder in hormonal flux Movrng claiiyciyaiits available, who also

and humorous, the focus wanders at adiriinistei healing, chanting, dream

times, but it is an evocative and well- therapy, distance healing, meditation



Friday 29 Aug 9.00pm-1 2.00pm

, ; observed piece. iClaiie Prentic ei and stress management. 2 I Marriage Of Convenience ’Ffi'll(}(.’l ' There’s reflexology, massage which > Renfield Sire“ 5 Theatr y Byd, Harry Younger Hall ; treats the foot as a macrocosm of the G'asgow ; I (Venue 73) 226 51 8, until 23 Aug, ! body, and a clothed and seated On l l2. 75pm, f5 ([4) -. Site Mt‘lssage, used in America to l i 3 revrtalise deskbound employees at their 'i . THEATRE REVIEW 6 desks ; Cracked ; But the proof of the Prana is in the

healing A Festival-goer who tried Out Reiki for the first time to relieve her It could never happen to you, right7 in stiff shoulders found it helped. All the



‘._< P. u‘fi VG“ :D 1... E’i .I ‘1 Pl ‘31 ‘a'. THE LONG E ST DRINK IN THE WORLD-

, an attempt to show you don't have to better to face another Festival day . ;_ -' B I have a third eye to suffer mental ; (Gabe Stewart) E : illness, this play, with funding from the I The Refreshing Room (Fringe) Prana, s,- I Wellcome Trust charity, presents your The Spiege/tent (Venue 87,) 558 8070, .I l average girl next door. Like lie' pop 2 until 50 Aug, 10am -5/)I7i, free entry, ; l l idol she appears to be a pit ture of price of consultations vary l I l Success hut underneath it all she's '- f I l i reached breaking punt 1 STAR RATINGS i | Trying to escape the woi‘thv-but—dull ::* \L/Jgrglggaofle E ! tag by injecting a bit of ISllOVi/lll/ . ! * t 3' Worth seeing 9 : glamour, Cracked does at times (0th i . at * Below average 5 Grant Tilly in C'mon Black I on like a do-gooding sermon and l it You’ve been warned

22--28 Aug 1997 THE lIST 51