DANCE REVIEW De Morochas, Pelandrunas Y Abacanadas


De Morochas: you know when you've been tangoed

Tango, as we all know, is first and foremost a sequin—clad favourite from Come Dancing, and, second, a fizzy drink But that, as this Sultry little show from Argentina's Teatro, Danza Y Tango proves, is not even the half of it Crammed onto the tiny stage of Gilded Balloon II, this passion wagon

I of a troupe uses full-on, raw bar-

roOIn cabaret to tell tango’s flirty, seinetimes dirty and often subversive Story. Non-Spanish speakers \Nlll need their programme notes to do mOre than drown in the Piaf-like tones of

i the singing narrator. But hang on to

those, and you’ll know you’ve been genuinely tangoed. (Ellie Carr)

l De Morochas, Pe/andrunas Y Ahacanadas (Fringe) Teatro, Danza Y Tango, Gilded Balloon // (Venue 36) 226 2757, until 30 Aug, 7pm, [6 ([5).

THEATRE REVIEW The Converse Is Also True Hut

The relativistic suggestion of the title phrase, which is repeated throughout this one-man (John Ficarra) per- formance, tells us a great deal about Hank Schwemmer’s play, which has been performed in various American cities before arriving at the Fringe.

Much is quite comically said about the absurdities of language in the piece, as well as about Newtonian and subsequent physics, all in the format of a paranOId Beckettian-clown style of performance.

Yes, folks, this one is about post- modernism, and its self-reflexwe narratives may be more suited to campus rather than Fringe presentation, but It is intelligently presented, and contains some striking slapstick in places. (Steve Cramer)

I The Converse ls Also True (Fringe) Bristol Old Vic Theatre School The Honeycomb (Venue 739) 226 2 757, until 30 Aug, 7 30pm, [5 ([3).

THEATRE REVIEW Soldier On A Monday


Two gay lovers encounter religIOLis intolerance and end up embrOIIed in a child custody battle while at the same time fighting Aids.

The cast excel in demanding roles, while the play refuses to sidestep difficult ISSUES Clare, the gymslip mum, gains our sympathy deSpite rather than because of her parenting skills The two gay lovers Doug and Nick are Judged for their irresponSIbility even if the play llldgC‘S others more harshly for their bigotry.

Soldier Is an angry and moVIng

g rebuke to those who View HIV as a i death sentence. Don't be put off by

the SUbJGCI matter, this is funny, touching, and well worth a Visit. (Stephen Naysmith)

Soldier On A Monday: an angry and moving rebuke to Aids bigotry

1pm—3pm FESTIVAL

I Soldier On A Monday (Fringe) Complete Productions, Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2 75 7, until 30 Aug (not 25) 2.30pm, £6 (£4).

THEATRE REVIEW Tomorrow Is A Lovely Day 9: *‘k

Despite a penchant for dropping bits of personal biog into his creative endeavours, versatile TV playwright Dennis Potter still remains something of an enigma. Set in the 605, before his artistic heyday, this portrait finds him doing BBC documentaries and standing as a Parliamentary candidate for Labour. But, suffering increasingly from ill health, he starts losing the plot, and wild hallucinations lead to a blurring between reality and imagination.

With the adoption of some of Potter’s stylistic deVIces, and preoccupations with class, religion and sex, we’re drawn into the writer's tormented yet idealistic mindscape With an authentic touch. While some of the narrative manipulations don‘t transport comfortably to the stage it is nevertheless a worthwhile homage. (Claire Prentice)

I Tomorrow Is A Love/y Day (Fringe) Only Human Theatre Company, The P/easance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 30 Aug (not 27, 26, 28) 2pm, f6/f7 (£5lf6)

THEATRE REVIEW Playing Burton **t*

This majestic one-man show describes how bilingual Richard Jenkins, twelfth of thirteen offspring of a drunkard Welsh miner, metamorphosed into Hollywood star Richard Burton.

Apart from a midway dip, Josh Richards' magnetic performance as the colossal Burton gripped the audience for 90 minutes, rollercoastering every emotion from cavernous despair to soaring desire. Mark Jenkins’ shimmering script twitched from Shakespeare to Dylan Thomas to personable shaggy dog stories that aroused spontaneous applause. Witty epigrams, dreadful puns, cracking one- liners: they all deflated any hint of pomposity.

Even those to whom Burton meant nothing will be drawn into this extraordinary portrayal of an extraordinary man’s extraordinary life. (Gabe Stewart)

I Playing Burton (Fringe) MP5 Guy Masterson Productions, Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, until 30 Aug, 2pm, USO/£8.50 (£6.50/E750).

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