8pm —lOpm FESTIVA

THEATRE REer‘r.’ The Pigsty


Knee-deep rn uoo-doo, father and sOn shovel but ketloads of the stuff wrth Protestant work ethrr-lrke devotron to (tuty They lrve and dre by the stuff, stoffrno turds by the bow ful and st'xrllrnq rt down wrth a flatten of therr own prss Ideoloortal opposrtes, the father (lrnos to old trrne lylarxrsrn while the son's Messrah frxatron leaves hrrn lrterally on the (erlrno. Keyrn \.'\'rllrarns's play rnrnes the purgatory of

Set kettland rt’s (all a spade a shovel QUKK-hte worrip ay rnurh more than verbal diarrhoea \Vrth Junchlrnes to poo your pants too, thrs dras deeper rnto the rnrre than rnost Chut k Berry would love rt tNerl Cooper,r

I The Pigsty Whine) Red Sox, C (Venue 126/ 225 5705, until 30 Aug

8 55pm, [5 50/01 50;


CC'l‘.“.EC‘t’ REVIEW

The Angie Le Mar Show

tr - «'r Here she s, fine (ornedrar‘. :lestr*l:-ed as a ternae Lenny H'ertry A loaded iabel, .lar‘ s‘.-.'rpe.s at rat ral stereotypes, tnen (rurses our: kly on to talk boys and bra sr/es Hrttrttt} the funny bone as she does, she never shrinks from reality

{mi HUG-v-1“

(,onfessrrjriar ar‘d t'orthrrnht, Le rylar doesn't (go for quick thrills This :s no easy (iratrrbe artarnst men or rat rsrn, rn(:re ::::se.".atro"al hurnour the etruuette (37' _:;assrnn yarnd '.'.;fh a nex‘; buoy/friend, a"d tl‘e pros and zons of (lrtt ban-t; a man '.'.ho's {heated on you Sharp and

There are "‘rzt'rrer‘ts

t3“? 55"”! ‘lcilllitms tr: be rr: ?‘

to "n t s,

.-.lw the i. "w loses ert-r;e Susanna Fri": ." 3.! 7": A' 3/0 :1) 735/ Show /' ’zr;l> f} Ha" I' ‘/e" .e ?t’:/ 226 2 757 on! :‘C fart; " 328 (' 37,0", {.7 55’ Y!" )3}

~ r ~ Unrnrssable

: u x a Very good

i v * “."Vorti seerng

'- Below average

" YOU've been warned

The Pigsty: no bullshit

COMEDY RE‘v’lEK‘.’ David Baddiel


Knob Jokes, football, and the Sprce Girls Davrd Baddiel es tryrriq to lose hrs laddrsh unaoe, but not that hard Why (hanqe a rnat< h-yyrrtrtrnq formula7 And tyhy worry about mrS- armed drrye-by l‘.e( klrnn when the worst brrckbats you". e re: eryed have come from your one. mother? The man rs‘ honest enough to satrrrse pornooraphy by 'eferertze To l‘rs awn (ol|e( tron, (onfessrrmal enounh about hrs love-lzfe to make an Oprah audrence blush, and m: Ked enough to tell tales on former flatmate Frank Skrnner A partrtular treat rs nrs l6th (entury Premrer eaftue of (arises of fatalrtres rn London Three Lions rs stri! .shrt, though tszlner Evans

l Oat/rd Badd/e/ (Fr/roe) Dar/d Badrfle’, The Pa/la::'.r;."7‘ "/errzre 26» 557 2100, untr/ 23 Aug, {Pr/n, [70 ([8)

COMEDY REVIEt‘r Frankie Boyle And Ruby Slippers In Scots Pished

it * * Thrs show ronsrsts (2‘ two orstrnct 'turns' Ruby Slippers are a iernale duo who do (om: s::"r;s and ;:::-erns frlled \yrth (heerf'ul ar‘d d(: It better than most Loyle is a." acrornplrshed Sta":l-t:t? we seems to have lrttle rnate'a, but as nonetheless extremely funny, and rr'rnro‘uses with (gleeful abanzttr"

Both a: ts” were "wore adept Ta" “1081(it‘.‘.(?T|K;'if;<l\77‘dhff'-I3'.‘.(1, but as the hoe. prearesseti, bot" not

illf FONSI'XL‘,’ \tlf,{,(.‘, . U c-' t'

\,.,$,\( “In;

ou'etness e" the wad-erre, we Boyle

pefuar‘tfy f-nrs"e:: f"e s"<:.*. tuxent‘ r'tr.'"t.tes ear'y T‘ey're \.\.o't’i see-""3 ’. ft“ s t.r‘;:ro‘essrov‘a;rs"~ :7: : a's an audren-tes s“t::r‘:: ::errx‘:":: ’f"-'>' rrzorrey iflii‘k £1: or Harry e [ix/Fe Stots Prs/fed lf‘r.c<;e/ Eli/foot: d/e/r/e 39; 226 2 7 ‘3 ', :z'sz’ {A (it,

t, Abe/rt, [e :0 L: k

may 8 :rers l'.

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