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Ed Byrne: Psychobabble Gilded Balloon 52 Emotional Baggage Cambridge l-‘ootlights 45

The index lists every Festival show appearing in this week's List alphabetically, by title. Where the title of a show includes the artist's name, this is also listed alphabetically by first name. The page number(s) opposite indicate where the show is covered.


A La Barry Norman Cameo 85 Artisan Edinburgh lntemational

Conference Centre 84 Dalziel And Scullion National Gallery

Of Modern Art 84 The Elvis Experience Holiday Inn Crowne

Maw 85 Ernst Giselbrecht The Matthew Architecture Gallery 84 House Works [Edward Fellows- 85 Integration Demarco [European Art

Foundation 84 Jack Vettriano Dundas Street Gallery 85 A Mad God’s Dream City Art Centre 85 A New Look At '47 Talbot Rice Gallery 84 Pissaro In Venezuela City Art Centre 84 The Portrait Of A Lady Sargent and Lady

Agnew 85 Raebum Royal Scottish Academy 84 Reading Room Edinburgh (‘ollcge ()I‘ Art 84 Stars And Bars (‘olleetive Gallery 84

Surrealism And After National Gallery ()I' Modem Art 11, 84 Theories Of The Decorative Royal Botanic Gardens 84


Addicted To Naomi Jenni Calder and Isobel

Murray 75 Between Two Worlds Janette Turner llosprtal. Guy Vanderhaeghe and Rory Macl-ean 79

Carol Shields with Lil. Lochhead Cutting Edge Cyberspace Douglas Rusllkoll and Melanie McGrath 76

75. 76

Doris Lessing Post (Nice 'lheatre 75, 78 From Pot To E: Drugs And Society In

The 19905 Howard Marks. Kevin

Williamson and Mathew Collin 11, 21, 75 From The Clocktower Duncan McLean 22, 75 Gillian Slovo with Hilda Bernstein 75, 78 Iain Banks Post orr‘ree Theatre 75 Meera Syal ESPC Sltrdio Theatre 78


Mika Assembly Rooms 69 Septet (iandini Juggling Protect 43

Manga La Belle Angele 92 Pure's Seventh Birthday The Venue 86 Sex Mex Tex Mex 92

The Summer Of Love Dance Party Ross Theatre

Adam Bloom Pleasance 11, 44 Adam Hills Stand Up And Deliver 'l‘he Honeycomb 38 Alibis For Life Sean Hughes 58 Al Murry The Pub Landlord - The King Of Beers Pleasancc 52

The Angie Le Mar Show Gilded Balloon I! 55 Barbys, Bulls And HaggiszThe Comedy

Feast .\!.r:-eos 58 Bill Bailey (ieorge Square Theatre 16. 64 Boothby Graffoe Pleasance 52 Chicks With Flicks Jackie ('lune 69 Charlie Chuck Pleasance 43 Cluub Zarathustra - Attention Scum

Plcasancc 68 The Comedy Zone Pleasance 67 The Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award

Final Palladium 33 David Baddiel Palladium 55 Die On Stage, Loud American Bastard

Steven Alan Green 71 Dylan Moran - Gurgling For Money

Pleasance 50

4THELIST22—28 Aug r997

An Evening With Jack Dee Playhouse 49, 50 Frankie Boyle And Ruby Slippers In

Scots Pished Gilded Balloon 55 Frans Ruhl Presents Amsterdam Comedy Explosion Gilded Balloon 68 Glub Glubl Yllana 32 Graham Norton Asembly Rooms 69 Greg Proops Pleasarree 12, 14 In Love 2 Janie Anderson and Gregg Meet 39 Jason Freeman Pleasance 54 Jenny Eclair Palladium 8 Jerry Sadowitz Assembly Rooms 29 John Shuttleworth's Open House

Pleasance 8 The Johnny Vegas Show Gilded Balloon 11. 66 Junior Simpson Pleasance 50 Kit And The Widow's New Show

Cale Royal 39 Koyo Yamamoto in ’Made In Japan’ Japan Experience 59 Mark Little: Psychobubble

Assembly Rooms 50 Mark Maier Pleasance 68 Mark Thomas Queen‘s ilall 8 Max Maven: Thinking In Person Assembly Rooms 67 Milton Jones: Joyrider Pleasance 52 Mothers Unleashed Present Perineum Intact-A (iildc‘d Balloon 40 Ole Assembly Rooms 68 Omid Djalili ls Ethnic Fringe Club 50 Parsons And Naylor The Merry Onions

Of Dorking Pleasanee 58 Paul Zenon Spiegeltent 11, 66, 71 The Rich Fulcher Show Pleasarree 38 Rich Hall’s Louisiana Hayride

(iilded Balloon 11, 66 Rodney Bewes: Three Men In A Boat

Assembly Rooms 38 Scott Capurro i’leasancc 69 Sean Lock Pleasanee 11, 49, 58 Stand-Up For Scotland The Venue 8 Star Of German Comedy!!! liar! ()km 14 Stephen Frost's lmpro All Stars la Belle Angele 46 Stewart Lee - King Dong vs Moby Dick Pleasance 59 The Three Canadians In Ben Hur -

The Epic (iilded Balloon 44 Tina c In Rhinestone Cowgirl

Gilded Balloon 67 Tommy Tiernan And Jason Byrne . (illtlc‘tl Balloon 49 The Topp Twins Assentny Rooms 64 Un Vento Impetuoso La (‘anapia 40

Vice And Verse: The Poetry Of

Murray Lachlan Young Assemth Rooms 54 Vladimir McTavish In 101 Great Moments

In Scottish Sport Gilded Balloon 69

Acrobat Assembly Rooms 66, 71 Aki Sato Solo Dance Performance

Randolph Studio 30 De Morochas. Pelandrunas Y

Abacanadas Teatro. Dan/a Y Tango 35

Etoko Dance Company Japan I-Isperrenee 43 Hommage A Mary Wigmaanhe Wedding

('ompagnie Yvette lio/srk 37 Shakti In Tibetan ook Of The Dead

(ir'al'liti 69 Stung Momentary liusion 37 Tears Of Laughter Neder'lands Dans

'l‘heatr‘ ill 9, 41 Will Gaines - Jazz Hoofer Guitar 40

ABC 2 Amsterdam Global Village (‘ameo i 74 Best Of Mirrorball i‘illnlrouse 2 73 Best Of The Fest Cameo dc lfilmhouse 11, 72, 73 Detour i:IlllIlltltl\C 2 73 Devil’s Island I-‘ilmlrouse I 74 East Palace, West Palace (‘arneo I 46, 74 Every Little Thing l-‘lirrrhouse 2 73 Gala Shorts Mix i'llmhouse i 73

Gala Mix 4: Highland Toffees l-‘iIrnhotrse l 72

The Ice Storm Cameo l 72, 73 I Went Down Cameo l 74 Junk Mail Cameo 2 73 The Man Who Would Be King ()deon l 9, 11, 72 New Works Filmhousc 8 Nil By Mouth Cameo I 73 People On Sunday Filmhouse 2 72 Perfect Circle Canreo I 74 Pusher Cameo .l 72 Rosebud Shorts Mix Filmhouse 2 73 Shooting Fish Cameo l 72 Sick: The Life And Death Of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist l-‘ilmhouse 2 72, 73 The Sweet Hereafter Cameo I 72 Topless Women Talk About Their Live Flimhouse l 73 Under The Skin i-‘ilmhouse l 73 La Vie De Jesus (‘ameo 3 73 Wilde Dominion 11, 72

Yuri Norstein Retrospective Flimhousc 2 73

The Refreshing Room Spiegellent 31

Acid Brass Jat'r'a Cake 11, 81 Arab Strap Cas Rock 81 Barra MacNeiIs Famous (ir'ousc House 81 East Coast Project All-Nighter

Jalla Cake 82, 92 Heaven 17 Julia Cake 81 Jock Scot (‘as Rock 81 The Leopards (‘as Rock 81 Mr McFall's Chamber Orchestra Grar'i‘iti 83 Richard Wood i:'.IITltltI\ (irouse House 81 Ruby Fruit Jungle Spicgelten! 81,83 Sensitive New Age Cowpersons

Spiegeltent 83 Sola Fringe (‘lub 81 Stu Ritchie's Catford Devils

'llie Honeycomb 82 Whose Solo Is It Anyway? Famous-

(irouse House 14


King Stag ()pera Circus 38 Shameless! ()per'a Circus 38 Die Walkure Act III RS.\'() 81


70 Hill Lane Improbable Theatre 49 Andy And Edie i-‘irer'arser's ‘lhealre Co 69 Anna Weiss ’l‘r'as‘ersc Theatre 41 Antony And Cleopatra Northern

Broadstdes 33 Aphra Behn And Nell Gwyn - 17th

Century Career Girls Theater 'l‘en Ten 66 BeckettLand Action Theatre 71 Beyond Ecstasy \‘errus Productions 68

Big Word Performance Poetry Southside 46 The Bloody Chamber (irid iron 'l‘healr‘e (‘o 71

Blue Heart (hit ()I' Joint/Royal (‘outt 9 Boy's Life (irea! Jones Theatre Company 32 Bye Bye Blackbird MPS (itiy Masterson Productions 29 Caliban lionrto And (’ornpri 47 Californian Poppy I).\IG Produerrons/Ilyre lilCJll'C 45 Candides (‘it'tpic Baroque 43 Casa Denise Sloklos 32 Cegada De Amor l.a (‘uharra 11,49 The Cherry Orchard Sal/burg l-‘estiral Productions 9, 41 C'mon Black Grant 'I'rIIy 31 The Coat ('retlo Theatre 11, 41 The Cocktail Party Royal Lyceum

(\nnpany 43 The Converse Is Also True Bristol old

Vic Theatre School 35 Cracked Y 'l‘our'ing Theatre Company 31 Cruising Crallus "Theatre Company 40 Daylight Robbery (‘at A Theatre Company 44 Dead On The Ground Hoipolloi Theatre 39

The Designated Mourner Tarragon Theatre 31 Diriamba! Nistayoleros/lheatre Workshop 38 Disco Pigs (‘orcador'ca 11, 49 Dusty FfUit RL‘IL‘L‘IS Revenge 29

East Palace. West Palace Gateway Theatre 46

Elephant Wake Catalyst Theatre 41, 46 Elsa Edgar Boh Kingdom 29 Fall Of The House Of Usherettes Forkbeard

Fantasy 34 fecund Theatre‘s 27 Theatre Workshop 37 Fool House Trestle Theatre Company 11, 37 Get A Life Hourglass Productions 64

The Gogmagogsgigagain The Gogmagogs 66 The Handwriting, The Soup And The

Hats Annex Theatre 54 Have You Seen This Girl? NYT 38 Heavy Breathing Crazy Horse 45 Hellcab Tamarind Theatre 37 Here I Paint Myself, Frida Kahlo Cora-Ion

Productions 71 The Imaginary Invalid Theatre 0! Eternal

Values 47

I'm OK You're OK PMT Theatre Company 34 Inside The Island KCS Theatre Company 32

Jump! Crying In Public Places 43 Jump To Cow Heaven Big Fish Productions 47 Knives In Hens Traverse Theatre 45 Life And Death In Milton Keynes

Chris Dull-y 29 A Life In The Theatre Menagerie Theatre Co 38 Life With Idiots ART-VIC 46 Lush White Rabbit Cowboys 54

Mad Grassmarket Project 32, 34 Marriage Of Convenience Theatr Y Byd 31 The MC Of A Striptease Act Doesn't

Give Up Dialogue Productions 33 The Merchant 0f Venice Prime Productions 34 Les Miserables Red Shit! Theatre Company 39 The Museum Of Contemporary Art

(irea! Jones Theatre Company 32 Naked Wedding Foursight Theatre 45 Opium Eater Australian National Theatre Co 54 Oz - King Of Clubs ()Imosis Pmduetions 50 The Paradox Of Insanity! I Mean

Humanityll Seventh Son Productions 64 The Pigsty Red Sox 55 Playing Burton MPS Guy Masterson Productions 35 Preacherman Theatrum Botanicum 11, 49. 50 The Prince Of West End Avenue

Kerry Shale 37, 4O Prufrock: Live! Empty Space 41 Puckerlips Limb 41 The Pugilist Awarehaus Theatre 30 Red Zone Derevo 11, 25, 66 Shooting An Elephant I!!! Productions 38 Slavs! iiUTC 71 Sleeping Dogs Wake Bowhouse Project 31 Smart Women, Stupid Choices

Nancy Hartman 68 Soldier On A Monday (‘omplete

Productions 35 Stages Think Twice Theatre Company 46 Sub-Post Office Of Death Spontaneous Combustion 45 The Suicide Communicado 29 Surfing The Red Room 44 Swan Lake - The Ballet Of Clowns

Latvia Youth Theatre 39 Swan Song Rebecca Front 58 Talking To The Wall Sugar'loal 37, 41 Ten Days A-Maze The Cherth Company 58 Think No Evil Of Us . . . My Life With

Kenneth Wiliams David Benson 29 Thyestes Conspiracy Theatre 32, 33 Timeless Suspect Culture 27, 40

Tomorrow Is A Lovely Day Only

Human Theatre Company 35 Trilogy Of Sorrow Tamar Theatre Company 47 The Triumphant Sausage Blow Up

'lheatre (iroup 13 Undine A-Brt-()l'-Rough Theatre Company 69 Up The Duff AHA? Sister City Sisters me

Dunedin. New Zealand 64 Vagabond John Theatre or The Heart 39 Valium ()ptimism 30 Walking 3nd Nature 47 Walking On The Roof Msi-‘its 46 WASP By Steve Martin Third Stage

Productions 40 Weepie Limb 41 Wumpa . . . An Adventure full figure

theatre company 45 You Are My Mother Backchal Theatre 31 Zero Frantic Assembly 43