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Smart Women, Stupid Choices

loin .‘J.‘i":,‘~1arfrr‘.arts sen‘nnar as she shows ,7“; "Hi to st’rev: up your lrfe, by exp‘avvrtr; how she screwed up hers

....s a t'eat a prx,:lut .rori

.‘.’,il'.‘{"l‘. .r'rflerstarirl where you've bee" norm; ‘.‘.'l(‘t".f2 all t iese years, nien unaberstartd ‘.'.r::.'rren

Attornpanzed by her brother 'Ray,’

roped in to help out at short notice, Nancy never lets the pace drop. All the stuff of comedy is here, married men, American neuroses and the boneless wafer

It isn’t hilarious Ray steals most of the laughs but it is solrdly entertaining and engagingly different (Stephen Naysmith: I Smart l’r’onren, Stupid Clio/(es lF/llth‘l Nancy Hartman, Famous Grouse House llenue 34/ 220 5606, until 30 Aug (no? 26' 70 0pm, £6 ([4!

COMEDY RE‘.’!E‘.'.’

Cluub Zarathustra - Attention Scum

it A

l.laso( hists wotde love this shots; ushere you pay to be 'nsulted for an hour by an arroziant ?.ttle tunerp who once glant ed at the ;o‘ve' of Niet/st he's Beyond Good And Evr/ And that's more or less it

Occasionally, other thar'at ters pop up on stage to feed the tune-rp's superiority mmle but unfortunately these :nt >riudes are al‘ to“ beef l:e‘<:re the audzerxe is Stillji“; ted ti) yet more ranting T:: be fair, s::rne at tzs arrrus'nfi, some :>f rt e.'e.'i ;‘e.'er, yet

mostly it's rust ".‘.'~Z‘dll"f} Thzs would

have made a ';o;;:l ten-rii'nute sket< h rather than a piss-poor hour Ltzng shot; «Jonathan Tres.

I er'ut l) Zarathustra Attentron St‘urn LFr/neei Pleasance l‘v/{WUO 33/ 556 6550, until 30 Aug, 70 05;:rr;,

[ff/[8 5017/17 55?



'Best pills sinte '89" lLra'is Saul, but what does he know" As s'ster Zee points out, he hasn't been rreck'nr; Es that long The Rushmore-s are self-styled natural born (hillers, mad-for-rt tmns whose patter is peppered ‘.'.’llll ’Witked's' and hire one's' Eanttl, that is, Paul meets Jo and things go a bit Delmonte-shaped for all (onterned Forget all the pre-Festival press huilabaloo, Beyond E< stasy rs a striking love story ‘.‘./ll|(ll deals in (hernrral (unihappiness, twentysorriething blues, and spiritual healing The final element

' ,. 2foronevenian§i news Ire evljs from the Ediqu ' 9 48 ° tgggliiie’scvoiluble afiequest

The Palladium, Broughton Place, E inbur h venue 6

68 riicusr 22 28 Aug 1997

5 COMEDY PREVIEW Frans Ruhl Presents Amsterdam Comedy Explosion

Amsterdam comedy is being showcased in the last week of the Fringe with a group of top Netherlanders proving that you

l don’t need a headful of dope to

laugh along with the Dutch. So, just who have put the flat country on the comedy map?

f Well, they were responsible for the original stooge the boy who stuck his finger in the dyke, allegedly to prevent flooding, but

l clearly as part of some wider joke.

During the war, Anne Frank became famous for a long-drawn out routine which involved various shenanigans behind a bookcase.

r She died of typhus, but Van Gogh was one of a long line of comedians to top himself. Alarmed at the failure of his set which included giving away all his possessions and lopping his lug off the colourful funnyman shot himself in a field.

Holland also boasts some famous comedy venues. John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged their Bed-In

Iaughathon at Amsterdam's Hilton, spending a whole weekend kipping Vincent Van Gogh: Had a good ear for a for ’world peace.’ punchl'm’

Yet while the Amsterdam Comedy Explosion hits Edinburgh, Glasgow is currently waiting for some killer one-liners from Celtic's new boss, the hirsute Dutchman Wim Jansen - though being a double for Nigel from EastEnders and Eddie Large is surely hilarious enough. (Stephen Naysmith) I Frans Ruhl Presents Amsterdam Comedy Explosion (Fringe) Frans Ruhl, Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2 75 I, 27—30 Aug, 77.30pm, £7 ([6).

With an audience of loyal enthusmsts, the charismatic nutter ~ who admits to not being Spanish himself ~- and his four genuine -- Spaniards poke fun at '[7 all the pride and sentimentalism of FldlthlitO (ulture. More farce than spectacle, this is lightweight comedy at its silliest Be prepared for audience participation invoIVing flying eggs and SeVille oranges (Tanya Stephan)

I O/e’ (Fringe) Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, unt/l 30 Aug (not : 28) [7 50/[8 50 ([6 50/[7 50).

-s perhaps somewhat o.err:-layed, but this is a ntrnor grourh lRodger Evansl I Beyond Er stasy .Fr/ngey tenus Prodzlr trons, Pleasaer'e “.lerrue 3

, lo ~Orrrrr,

COMEDY RE‘."lE'.‘.' Ole!


Billed as a (elebration of Flamenco, there is pret ious little Flament o to be

seen in P ul l.1oro:to'srnusi'al (orned‘

ict Tlit r; s )lent of st llllilltt ( n / STAR RATINGS

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, l / k l * * t i * Unmissable '

the troupes guitars though, which is 1. * t * Very God? i

the butt of most of the gags as are the t at * Wort seeing ! ; Spaniards and their equivalent of * * Be'QW aVerage

, y, \ it You ve been warned S(,()lldlt(. s tartan trade

Olet: Strum like it hot