The Bristol Travelling Theatre THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH

earth ’5 first work of fiction


From the ancient Sumerians, a people whose origins remain a mystery a culture so advanced some say they were influenced by extra-terrestrials - the tale of King Gilagamesh, his shadow brother, the wild man and their heroic journey to the dark forest to defeat fear and seek eternal life. Dreams, dance and stunning music. Ideal fun culture for all ages.

Greyfriars Kirk House Venue 28 11 23 Aug. (exc. Sun.) 16.40 Tickets: 0131 225 3626 £4

Stephen Rappaport’s

The Museum of Contemporary Art

“Hilarious...undeniably brilliant...don't miss it."


"The dreamiest, sexiest, scariest date that never happened."

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“Shth by a level of crattseldom seen on American stages"


The Pleasance AUG 6-30 1:45PM 0131-556-6550

70 THE lIST 22-~28 Aug 1997

(0131) 555 1891

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The Pulitzer-nominated comedy about three American men toying with adu/thood ...whi/e trying to get laid.

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“Powerful, powerful acting on the Fringe. ft is so refreshing to come across a company like this.” MORRIS l’AY'mN. BBC Scotland

Assembly Rooms Am; 8-50 2:55PM ()151-226-2428