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At first glance. a 99-year-old socialist dedicated her life to writing and

i blazed the path of Scotland‘s

who celebrates her centenary in November.

5 Words: Lila Rawlings

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As Scottish writer Naomi Mitchison celebrates her centenary, biographer JENNI CALDER salutes a

I woman with an . insatiable appetite for


feminist who has campaigning would seem to have little in common with the young male shock-jocks who have

much hyped new literary scene. Writer Jenni Calder disagrees. She has spent the past five years researching and writing The Nine Lives Of Naomi i'l’liit'liiso/i. a biography of the Scottish writer

For Calder. Mitchison and the likes of Irvine Welsh would not be stuck for a good blether should their paths happen to

; cross in Charlotte Square over the next few days.

‘She has always been unorthodox in every aspect of

her life.‘ says (‘alder of her formidable subject. ‘She

was experimenting with and sexual relationships over 7() years ago.‘

Born into the wealth and privilege of the Scots


aristocracy. Naomi Mitchison

was an exceptionally bright

on bright. capable women.

child who didn‘t take long to realise the restrictions [idwardian society exercised

Married young to lawyer Dick Mitchison. she wrote her first novel The ('onqru’n'rl in l‘)23. She was not yet 26 and already had three children. The book was a success and her literary career launched in style.

Within seven years. her family had doubled and she had become involved in campaigning politics. predominately around the issues of birth control. This ability to live a number of different lives mother. campaigner. socialist. novelist and feminist -— is something that fascinated (‘alder and provides the structure to her book.

‘I admired Naomi’s courage. her commitment and determination and the fact that she has lived so many lives.' she says.

liarly on in the book. (Talder describes an inscription on a cheap trinket that appealed to

Mitchison and became her template for life. It read:

‘Adventure for the adventurous‘. This adage she applied both to her personal life she took eight

lovers with the blessing of her husband -r— and her

’Naomi Mitchison has always been unorthodox. She was experimenting with drugs and sexual relationships over 70 years ago.’ Jenni Calder

Naomi Mitchison: more radge than Irvine Welsh

professional life. in which she travelled the world adopting causes in aid of persecuted peoples. particularly in Botswana.

Given the zeal with which she has approached her life. together with the sheer quantity and quality of her writing (she wrote over 70 books). it seems remarkable how little acclaim she has attracted. particularly in recent years.

Calder explains that after Mitehison’s initial success as a writer in the 20s and 305. she fell out of favour with the male-dominated socialist intellectuals with whom she associated and who were intimidated both by her intellectual and sexual precociousness. and by her background.

In a way her career never really recovered. but she continued writing and campaigning regardless. More recently. the publisher Virago has done much to make her books more widely available. but there are still few in print.

(Talder hopes her book will help remedy this and that Mitchison‘s books will soon appear on the Scottish schools‘ curriculum. Although this biography is a little dense in places. it is well worth the effort. And even for those who have not read Mitchison‘s books. her life is an inspiration. Read. digest and go have an adventure.

The Nine Lives Of Naomi Mitchison by Jenni Calder is published by Virago at £20. Addicted To Naomi (Book Festival) Jenni Calder and Isobel Murray, ESPC Studio Theatre, Fri 22 Aug, 7.30pm, £3 (£2).

3990, Mon 25 Au


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