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All you need is love

It’s not Ibiza, but it’s your chance to eat, drink and dance in the sunshine. It’s The Summer Of Love Dance Party.


It may be 1997, not 1967 or even 1988 - but the original 605 peace, love and happiness vibe lives on.

The Summer Of Love Dance Party is your chance to spend a Sunday afternoon in the sun, eating, drinking, dancing and Spreading some love to your fellow (wo)man.

The event in Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens is organised by Alan Nicholls, DJ and promoter of Joy, Scotland’s longest-running gay club. The aim is to raise funds for two organisations: AIDS trust Waverley Care which runs SOLAS, an Edinburgh support centre for people infected and affected by HIV; and the city’s Milestone House, Scotland’s only AIDS hospice.

The eight hour afternoon session sees some of Edinburgh’s finest gay, mixed and straight clubs on the same bill for the first time. Taking part are 015 from Tackno (noon-1pm), Fun Times (1—2pm), Tribal Funktion (2—3pm), Burger Queen (3—4pm), Taste (4—5pm),

Luver (5-6pm), Sublime (6-7pm) and Joy (7—8pm).

’Because it’s for a good cause, everyone’s doing it for nothing,‘ explains Nicholls. ’It's just our way of showing we all care about people who are affected by HIV.’

The Ross Theatre has a capacity of 1500 and if all the tickets are sold, the event stands to raise £8000 for Waverley Care. Other attractions include beer and wine tents, a full bar, food stalls and stands with information on safer sex, HIV support services and safer drug use. A pass-out system will be in operation so people can come and go as they please throughout the afternoon. And

Ready for a summer of love: Huggy Burger Queen


Pure's Seventh Birthday

few Scottish clubs toi'imand the level ot local, national and international respett that Pure does Every Friday for seven years more than 3‘50 nights l'é‘Slti‘f‘lllS Tymit:h Es- Brainstoiiii have been found at The Venue, Edinburgh Re<‘~’?i‘.tly, the tluh has made monthly t.‘*.ZlI"l(tli‘) inti: Glasgow, Aberdeen. aiid loiidon, v/ith Dundee and Dublin dates on the Batked by is oa'ent company Renettarie, the Pine Illiltll‘l‘stilitill also intoi'pt'lrates three retord labels Tvyitt'h's Pi lietoidintis, Brainstorms Sili)](‘(.il‘/O and the l()lllliV—fllll TXrB Vinyl Releases are planned for all three Pure has a hasit tomiiutinent to quality lllllS|(,, from garage and house to techno and drum ’n' bass That


don't worry if it rains - the dancing and drinking are

’l'm just hoping that all the different clubs will come together,‘ says Nicholls, ’and that all the different punters from the different clubs will come together, and we'll all be able to have a natter and a fab time. All the money goes to a good cause.’ Jim Byres I The Summer Of Love Dance Party, Ross Theatre, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Sun 24 Aug, noon —8pm Tickets are available from The Fringe Office at f 7 ([6). Cal/ 0 737 226 5257 for information.

weather the Winds of thange that sweep through Clubland

Most of house and techno's greatest figures have played at Pure 'Hig'nlinhts are. too many to mention, but Green Velvet, Speedy I and Clie/ Dainier all stand out,’ says Brainstorm

Cher banner is due it: guest ".‘Jllii Andrew \N’eatliei'.'iil at the Edinburgh birthday party on Friday 2.2 The celebrations move to Giasg‘ow the following night With Green Velvet, Speedy J, Gemini, Jake Slaxentier, Damier and DI Rush otiestinti

Pure is one of those truly spet ial clubs where the trowd's spirit and the iiiusrt‘ are overwhelmingly strong. Many Edinburgh people got their first taste of real clubbing at Pure They may have moved on, but the (fill) remains as Vital today as it was seven years ago I Pure's‘ 7th Birthday, The Venue ('a// three floors) Edinburgh, Fri 2.? and The

clubs Edinburgh venues

I Big at the Jaffacakc. l()pm-5am. £3 before midnight; £4 after. Mainstream chart sounds. with excellent booze pro- mos. fret: bouncy rides. guzzlc guns and plenty of drinking-related fun.

I Big Beat at La Belle Angelo. Next date in September.

I Boogie Mo’ Dynamo at The Shooting Gallery. Next date 2‘) Aug. Then back to Cafe Graffiti in Sep.

I Cavendish 9pm—3am. £5. Over 25s only. Smart dress. Nojcans. no trainers. Live bands every week. Sixties and 70s music. Ground floor only.

I Cathouse at The Rocking Horse. llpm—3ain. £3 (£2 with llycr). Price includes entry to Katch and Voodoo C‘hilc. Extremely popular night featuring post grun vc-likc rock sounds.

I C. C. B ooms llpm—3am. Free. Free disco downstairs at this gay pub. seven times a week. playing a party mix of commercial dance and lit-energy house. Full to bursting at weekends.

I Century 2000 llpm—3am. £5. Over 18s. Commercial dance music under the tnost expensive lights in Scotland. No ripped cans. stccl toe-caps or trainers.

I Ch 't at Wilkic House. Next date in September. Monthly. For more info. call (I410 775 9795 or 0468 915 001.

I Club Graffiti at Cafe Graffiti.

I lpm—Sain. £6 (£5). 22 Aug. A vibing mix of live music and DJs in this excellent venue. Willi an older crowd and a non-house music policy.

I Club Latino at the Assembly Rooms. Midnight—3.30ain. £5 (£4); £4 (£3). 22 Aug. Latino continues in its fourth year at the Assembly Rooms. Expect a lively mix of Festival types and Latino regulars all enjoying the best in salsas. mercngucs. batucadas and jazz. Latino also runs on Sat 23 and Sun 24 Aug. as well as for the rust of the Festival. Cuban live act Sonora l.a (‘allc play live following their star performance at the Latino club last year. Arrive early or cvcn buy a ticket in advance. because it's sure to be mobbed. I Daft Phunk at The Gallery. Next date in September. Fortnightly.

I Decadence at The Venue. Next date 2‘) Aug. Fortnightly.

I Divrne Diva's at The Venue. Next date in September. Monthly on the second Friday of every month.

I Electriscity at Club Mercado.

I l.3()pm—5am. £5 before midnight; £7 after. 22 Aug. Fortnightly. A new night of electrifying high quality dance music. lcaturing DJs T—J Crosslay. Stylcr X (Solcftision) and the kick-ass freestyle housc sound of Donnie Allan (Bitch. Manchester).

I Evol at the Liquid Room. li).3()pm—-5am. £4. One of Edinburgh's busiest and longest-running indic. alternative and pop clubs at this impressively rc-stylctl vcnuc. look out for those tasty ncw llycrs. This lot nican bttsittcss by the look of things.

I Fetish at La Belle Angle. Next date l‘) Sop. Monthly.

I Grease at Moray llousc. “Milli-5111". £5 (£4). Seventies. 80s and 90s disco. lixccllcnt drinks promos. Grcasc also runs every Saturday in August.

I Havana Bop at Cafe Graffiti. Next date in September. Monthly.

I High Rollin' at Ncgociants. 9piii~3ain Frcc. Various funky sounds in the

Negociants basement bar-club. I Independance at Wilkic llousc. Ncst date in Septcmbcr. Monthly. 1

Andrew Weatherall: part of an impressive line-up for ' Pure's Seventh Birthday

toiuiuitmerit has been its lifeline it's an ethos whith has seen the tlub

Arches, Glasgow Sat 23. See t/ub /istings, pages 92 and I I I

15-21 Aut] 1997 THE llST91