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A heist going wrong is always a good start to a movie and when the villains have to hole up somewhere then that’s usually a good middle for a movie and then when the sheriff . . . nah, I'm not going to spill the beans on the end. Suffice to say that if you like your films gritty then Alb/no All/gator will probably be up your alley.

Now Albino Alligator is supported by Southern Comfort who have provided us with all manner of goodies to give to you. Much as it pains us to give this stuff away rather than keeping it all to ourselves, we promised Alliance / Electric, who are behind the whole affair, to hand it over - so . . . We’ve got five bottles of Southern Comfort, five CD s0undtracks, keyrings and

ottle openers which will go to the clever clogs who can answer this: :-

Who directed Albino All/gator? = i r u n t 0 n T H E A T R E C O M P A N Y

Answers on a postcard by Fri 12 Sep. Mark them: ALBINO COMP, The List, M u s s c L a u I! c H

with relevant voucher.)

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m "—4 D C o U m E < 2 _l .1 < o E m _l <

14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. i

Fahrenheit _

Calling all couch potatoes and fitness fanatics alike, i ;BRAM S this is your chance to get tanned, toned and iThe Brunton Theatre are offering ten pairs of tickets beautified for nothing With a year‘s free membership I ito see Bram Stoker’s Dracula on Saturday 6 to Fahrenheit, Edinburgh’s premier fitness and . September at 7.30pm to the first ten readers to turn tanning studio in Tollcrosg If you didn't already ; Sup at the Box Office with this copy of The List from know, Fahrenheit's recently opened fitness studio 10-300”) 0” the day Of the DCFIOFmBnCe-

offers a host of classes such as step aerobics, line dancrng, boxercise and, for those who like something ; a little bit different, Afro-Caribbean is the way to go? - i

To mark the launch of the studio, The List has teamed up With Fahrenheit to offer five lucky readers a year's free membership, worth fThe Arches, Glasgow are Offering ten pairs £325, entitling the holder to unlimited fitness classes, half-price sunbeds and 25% off all fof tickets to the first ten readers to arrive at beauty treatments. Not only this but we have 50 runner-up vouchers for a free class and :the BOX Office from 6pm on Friday 5 September limited edition T—shirt. All you have to do is answer the following question: jto see Company Theatre Productionis performance

What country did line-dancmg originate in? iof Simon Macallum's Shadow Boxing. Answers on a postcard by Fri 12 Sep. Mark them FAHRENHEIT COMP, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. ; "k‘a'MAwUflMn‘ ,. '1”, i V Dead Man i e , "'.'l'cU'.”U moron [AREN‘V . . Dead Man ' , 3 Thanks to lovely Electric, we have five copies of Dead Man to {SCOTTISH TENNIS I 1; CHAMPIONSHIPS .

give away. Starring the swoonsome Johnny Depp and iscomsrr TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS

featuring cameos from Gabriel Byrne, Iggy Pop and Robert

Mitchum, Dead Man finds William Blake, an accountant rather 'The Scottish Tennis Championships are offering t\-.o 3 I II( kets for the price of one to see the semi-finals and

than the poet, taking a wrong turn and ending up in some finals of the tournament at Craioloc‘khart Tennis

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God-forsaken, one horse, hell hole in the Wild west. As tends to happen in these places, a brutal chance encounter ends With Blake bumping off a baddy and havrng to head for the hills With a murderous pack of the baddy's buddies hot on his trail and keen to try out their new mule-skinning knives on his hide. Anyway, it's fabtastic and five readers can get a copy if they can answer this:

with relevant voucher.)

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Who is responsible for the musical score of Dead Man7

Answers on a postcard by Fri 12 Sep. Mark them DEAD COMP, The List, 14 High Street, (“We 0” SdIdedy 6 «'"id SU'KIiiY 7 SODICmDOF Edinburgh, EH1 115, respectively Take along this copy of The List to the "--*-‘ lower entrance ticket desk on Colinton Road,

Latin American Film Festival

Running 12—18 September, the annual Latin American Film Festival at the OFT in Glasgow cOFFERS; Cut out the coupon or take along the

Th“ II 50D Milk “W” accepted by The List for prizes which cannot be LATIN COMP: The “St. .y obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To 14 High Street: Edinburgh. obtain a list of winners, please send a SAE to The Em 175. List Competition Winners, stating which issue(s)

results you require. |

: IOOkS SCI 10 iDJOCI a SDOI of salsa Spit'C into the darkening aUILiiiiiitiI gloom Aiiitiiv] the I whole magazine and present it to the [elevant a i films on show are two new corkers: Deep Crimson is a dark, lilac k comedy by leadinri box office or cash desk, All offers are subject to -5 . MeXican film-maker Arturo Ripstein which is based on the infamous Lonely Hearts murder availability and managements reserve the right 3 : case. Also of note is Between Marx Ant/A Naked Woman Only the fourth feature lenoth ' to refuse admission > 1 film to ever come out of Ecuador, it chronic les the country in the 60s during a period of COMPE‘nnons; 0n|y one entry per person per 3 c : upheaval competition. If you are entering more than one i i Now we've got four Latin American Film Festival T-shirts to dive away as well as four ' competition, you need use on|y one enue|ope, but i 33 pairs of tickets to see any film at the festival To net the doodies answer this please make sure that your name, address and I Q . . a. What famous rnarrnalade-running hear was reputed to come from Peru7 “mm” are flawed 30 EACH entryr compem'o')‘ . E are open to all UK resrdents (over the age of 18 in i 8 M E T R o T A n T A N AIM/NS 0” <3 WW MI W alcohol-related offers). No responsibility can be i l

[it/7! ffm/ba/r

Mr flirt/M

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